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  1. My essentials: Maxon Overdrive OD808 Cry Baby Wah Peavey Delta Stomp for Delay, Phase, Flange and Tremelo That being said, I almost always have my Fender Spring Reverb on 2.
  2. I love my ES330L. I have played 50 years and it is the sound I always go to and go back to and to which I look forward. Grant Green, Martin Barre, B.B. King et al have squeezed the sound out of this one. I love 'em through a Fender.
  3. Wow! out loud. That rig has an extremely cool look. I'm imagining a very brown sound.
  4. That is absolutely gorgeous. Very professional. Thank you for sharing the inspiration.
  5. The musical legacy of Hubert Sumlin is alive and well. Thank you Hubert.
  6. Great topic. My project is a 3x10 cab to match my Bandmaster head. The original Bandmasters had 3 10's--in case you are wondering why 3.
  7. This is a great topic. I am very pick aware when I play. Many years ago I used only tortoise, but I'm not that picky any more. I used Fender Extra Heavy regular sized picks exclusively, until very recently. On a tip from an Eric Johnson video--(Eric tells his students to use a very small pick)--I started using the littlest, black, Gibson Heavy picks. Noticeable difference in agility. Now the regular size picks feel clumsy.
  8. Fender claims they matched guitars to amps. Gibson guitars are unique. Why doesn't Gibson develop a great tube amp to match P-90's and give the competition a run for their money. No guitar sounds like a Gibson. Why not an amp that can claim the same?
  9. Check out John McCarthy's House of Blues course. Lesson book and 4 CD's. It's featured right here on this Gibson site with a free lesson by John: http://www.gibson.com/en-us/Lifestyle/Lessons/Full-Courses/House%20of%20Blues%20Blues%20Guitar%20Le/
  10. There are some great pictures on the net of ES-330 players. Martin Barre is standing with his first guitar, with chrome pu covers. And there are several great shots of Brian Jones on stage with the Stones.
  11. I had a Super Medalist. It went to 12, Nigel. I wish I had kept every amp I owned, regrets. The Falcon was extremely cool.
  12. I have the ES330L reissue. Bernadette is about a year old now. The finish has hardened a lot but the neck is still a bit sticky. I had her set up with a plek machine to round off the square edges on the frets and with medium action. She is beautifully resonant and everything I want in a guitar for the blues. I love this guitar and find myself playing her for hours every day. Bernadette is one in the holy grail collection for delta blues.
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