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    Music, guitar, sailing.

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I am happily obsessed with guitars, guitar amps, and above all tone. I play in a band: blues mostly. I wish I could have kept every guitar I own, but dollars and space limit me to a Gibson Custom Shop ES-330L, a Fender Custom Shop '57 Strat, an old mint condition Guild steel string, an A. Dotras Cordoba classical (I picked up in Italy), and a Fender P-Bass. I have a strong preference for Fender tube amps, but carelessly put effects pedals in front of the in-put jack. I would love to build a tube amp someday.


My pickups have always and only been single coil, P-90's in Gibson's, and my Strat. My first electric was a 1961 Les Paul Jr, (P-90) which I sold to buy my 1954 Les Paul Gold top (P-90's). That guitar too, sadly, is gone. I will never sell my ES-330 (again, P-90's). I love P-90's. I have never owned a guitar with humbuckers in 50 years. Maybe that will change.


I am 57 years old, have played consistently since I was 7, and been in bands since 4th grade. At my first concert in 4th grade we played Help!, I Get Around, and Man from Uncle theme. The song that sent me to my room and made me into a lead player was Secret Agent Man. I saw, heard Johnny Rivers do it on the Ed Sullivan Show. I still play it in my band today.


My greatest influnces are Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Eric Johnson, Duane Allman and Martin Barre.

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