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  1. The L6 Custom had a 6 position tone switch, configured as follows: 1- Both pups in series, in phase 2- Neck 3- Both pups parallel. in phase 4- Both pups parallel, out of phase 5- Bridge 6- Both pups in series, out of phase I bought an L6s in '75 from Sam Ash in NYC. I loved that guitar and it was my only electric for 8 years. It played great and I liked the versatility of the 6 way switch. The pickups were designed by Bill Lawrence and I paid $363.50 for it brand new with hard case. I was so happy to get it as I had been using a '60 Les Paul Special that was a real POS. Best of luck with yours.
  2. I do not recommend putting a Fender style tremolo bridge on an SG. You have to cut away too much wood. That would wreck the sustain. Also, I believe the string spacing is different between Fender and Gibson. So if you put a Fender style tremolo bridge on your Epiphone guitar, you would have to swap out the pickups for some that are Fender spaced. You can put a Bigsby tremolo bridge on your guitar. Gibson uses those on certain models. They are top mount and therefore do not need the cavity for the tremolo block or the rear springs cavity. A Bigsby will run you between $100 and $125 depending on the model and where you get it. Installation would be extra, if you cannot handle the job yourself. At least you would not need to swap out the pickups.
  3. Regrettably the actual Dunlop straplocks do not match. And neither do Schaller, Birkenstock boston, Ernie Ball or Warwic: their own angles are all too wide (by regarding 1 millimeters) to fit inside the small recessed circular flat region on the Ax' body. It might be possible to make use of these straplocks after all if you use a washer to fill the small dent/recession within the Ax' plastic situation where the base of the straplock button has to match. Gurus Roland if it was ok to get it done like this but they're not really answering my email messages about this. I guess they don't wan't to burn their fingertips giving advice in regards to a modification towards the Ax, even though you have to do something similar to this particular if you want to follow the guidance from their own manual to set up straplocks instead of the regular straps buttons.
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