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  1. I am considering trying out a set of GHS Electric Flatwound Pat Martino Custom (15-52) Light, Full Set (CU-martino light) on my CS-336. Wondering if any of you has tried a heavier light gauge on this guitar, and more importantly, is it safe to put strings this heavy on the CS-336? The gauges are as follows: 1st E Plain Steel .015 2nd B Plain Steel .017 3rd G Stainless Steel Flatwound .024 4th D Stainless Steel Flatwound .032 5th A Stainless Steel Flatwound .042 6th E Stainless Steel Flatwound .052 They won't damage the instrument, will they? Any advice would be greatly ap
  2. I love the looks of the new ES-390. However, I'm not so sure about the mini-humbuckers that it comes with. I get killer sound from the classic '57s on my CS-336. I don't know that I've ever sampled the mini-humbuckers, and have certainly not yet played an ES-390. Anyone have experience with any of the above and care to share?
  3. Gibson Taylor


    You got a steal Newbie. I've had mine a couple of years now and just love everything about it.
  4. I'm with Twang and the Rev. My CS 336 sounds, feels and looks fantastic. The only problem I've had is that the G string nut groove needs a little filing to help the string hold its tune better. I play it through a Mesa amp. The best sound I've ever gotten out of an electric guitar!
  5. Have you tried Southpaw Guitars in Houston, Texas?
  6. Are you buying or selling?
  7. I just recently purchased a CS 336. Just LOVE the guitar--big and fat tone, great action, etc. The only problem is that it won't stay in tune. It's especially noticeable on the G and B strings. I can't play more than a song or two without the strings slipping. Anyone know what could be causing this and how it can be fixed? Your constructive advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your post.
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