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  1. Don't listen to these people with their foolish talk of trade or setting in the sun. Those won't really work. The best solution is to send the case to me with guitar in it (works better this way) and all your problems will be gone. Just trying to help.
  2. Wow! 60 bucks for guitar and amp? Even if both were a POS, you still did good!
  3. I have both and I can tell that they are both very nice guitars. While they are indeed very similar, they are also very distinctly different in sound and playability - both to the good. From the Wildkat, I get a raspy raw kinda sound with a certain degree of "honk." While the neck is listed as slim taper (Gibson 60's) it is actually round and fat but not as much as the Gibson 50's profiles. For me, this is comfortable to play where I can't even begin to play the Gibson 50's. My 339 came with Alnico Classic Pups which I didn't like at all, they were muddy as all get out. So I replaced them with Seymour Duncan P-Rails; the single coils are a bit mild but the it makes a great Humbucker. I get a real good clean crisp brighty sound from this guitar. I love both of these guitars and IMO, you can't go wrong with either one. Your playing style and sound perferences may dictate the choice. But also IMO, either can do most of what the other does. I guess maybe tremolo or no tremolo? Humbucker or P-93? Another recommendation, if you can swing it, get both! Both of them had a $100 price drop awhile back. Not sure if that is still in effect though. Good luck!
  4. Until I win one, I'm going to declare that nobody really wins these. So it shouldn't matter if you are not eligble. Now if I ever do actually win one, then I'll demand that you get to play too. Deal?
  5. fretter


    I don't know for a fact that they are exactly the same, but I can tell you that my Wildkat does fit very snuggly into my into my 339 case. I waited for 4 months for what I thought would be a Gibson 339 case. It turned out to be an Epiphone case. GC had it listed as "Gibson" but charged an Epiphonic price of $89.99. Actual Gibson cases usually run @ $200.
  6. The most obvious answer to why there are so many models of the same same guitar is so that we (myself included) will buy several. I mean, just how many Cherry burst R-8s would you buy? But you are more inclined to get a Standard then a Custom and then maybe a P-90 version of some sort to round out the collection. It's also reaching out to a broader market. If Gibson made nothing but Les Paul Customs in ebony, there are those few that buy it because it IS their perfect guitar. But there are so many more that won't becasue they don't want ebony or don't like those particular pickups and so forth.
  7. Ok, so when I got home from work I cranked the gain all the way up, pressed the overdrive button on my amp and turned up the master volume to 6 (I've never gone this high before) and did some really bad Jimi. My neighbors really love me now. Feedback wasn't too awful bad if I didn't get too close. It did flat out my highs on the deep bends though.
  8. Haven't had any as yet but I haven't really cranked up the gain all that much with this one. I'm getting a nice clean but kinda raspy sound when I play through the Tube O/D. Now, I'm gonna have turn up that gain and turn on the Amp's O/D button and try to get all Jimi widdit.
  9. The Southern California sun has been quite intense lately. Makes for some good pics but it's getting real hot too!
  10. I vote for getting the new Wildkat. I think this is best bang for the buck out there right now. I am very happy with my Wildkat, for $300, I'm getting $3000 sound! The p-93s fed through a tube O/D to my Marshall DX50 is just amazing. Screams like my wife whenever I bring home another guitar. The fit and finish is very good, playability is really good and you gets a Bigsby to boot. I just wish I knew what to do with the Bigsby. But that's a whole nother story.
  11. [quote What stock pups has she got? My 339 Pro came with Alnico classsics. I didn't like them so I put in a pair of Seymour Duncan P-Rails.
  12. Hi, Dan! Hey I didn't like the Alnico Classics that came with my 339 so I got some Seymour Duncan P-Rails plus Hotshot rings. I get a real good bright sound in the humbucker setting but I'm little disappointed with the single coils. The single coil and the rail don't sound all that bad but there's just too volume drop. Also I expected a P-90ish but it just wasn't like that. Overall I'm happy playing this guitar in the HB setting.
  13. Not sure I can qualify as "expert" but my opnion is that it is worth the difference. Don't get me wrong, I think the Studios are a great guitar especially if you are trying to keep the cost down. The only reason I don't have one is the thicker 50s neck; I have tried and tried but just don't like that feel. The Traditional Mahagony has a slim 60s neck and comes with 57 classics and an incredible sound. I guess you just have go out and play them both to really decide. Another option you may want to consider: Les Paul Studio 50s or 60s Tributes with P-90s. There is also a 50s Tribute with humbuckers. Not sure why there isn't a 60s with humbuckers though. But those three go $849. Again, a good option if you are trying to keep the cost down. I have the 60s with the P-90s and I just absolutely love it!
  14. Returned to Guitar Center. The kid working the guitar counter tried to convince me that it was supposed to be like that with the sharp edge on the binding. I told him to check all the other guitars on the wall, he wouldn't. Had to get the manager to intervene but I finally got them to order another one.
  15. That's great guitar! Those 57s rock and sing pretty too. I got one with a sharp edge on the binding so I sent it back and a replacement is due to arrive tomorrow. Can't wait!
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