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  1. Thank you ever so kindly for your meaningful guidance. I couldn't have possibly known that this was the "What comes with a new EPIPHONE GUITAR" thread without you pointing that out to me. You are definitely wise beyond your years but you may have missed on the posibility that I posted that in COMPARISON Just saying.....
  2. Recently got a Gibson Les Paul Studio 60's Tribute, no swag whatsoever! Not even a truss rod wrench. I know that the Studio is near the bottom of the Les Paul line but at this cost, one would think it was worthy of some free goodies. Maybe a strap, a tee shirt or some picks anything. I did get a really nice gig bag that I won't use but that was listed. As far as I'm concerned that was part of the deal. I do wonder if there was some swag and I just didn't get it?
  3. Very well done! That is one classy looking guitar. Those gold tophat knobs really set it off.
  4. Great that you got such good service in relatively short time too! Dang, now you got me thinking I need to make something up about my guitar and get the treatment you got.
  5. I just wanted say thanks to Gibson/Epiphone Customer Service for addressing this forum and offering solutions. While I have no major problems with my LP Ultra, I'm very impressed that you took the time read and respond to problems that have been discussed here. Many other companies that offer forums don't pay any attention let alone respond. I guess this is why my "next guitar" seems to always be an Epiphone and will eventually be another Gibson. I have bought 6 Epiphones and 1 Gibson in the last 6 months and because of the way you do listen to the customer, I'm going to buy more.
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