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  1. Don't you mean boys locker room?? Lol, though I don't remember the episode you're referring to, I'm pretty sure he's battin' for the other team.
  2. Haha, well I did record a clip, I just haven't uploaded it. I'll see what I can do tonight.
  3. We lucked out. It was fairly cool this past weekend there. Great weather, and yes, great BBQ!
  4. I got a Seagull acoustic for fairly cheap. But yeah, the place was nearly empty.
  5. I'll confirm for my LP tonight but would anyone on this forum really be shocked if Gibson made a change to their wiring without announcing it? I'll see how poorly a webcam video turns out, but maybe I'll record something.
  6. Ok great! Sorry for hijacking your thread.
  7. As the original poster to this query, let me step back in. The Gibson guy never mentioned that Bypass would override push/pull on Bridge volume. However, the Captain did say everything (including push/pull) would be overridden. I didn't finish the Anderton's video to see if they demo'd it. However, I think it's fair to say, judging from my experience and that of others that perhaps at some point this year Gibson has changed the wiring. I honestly wish I could post a video of my god-awful playing to demo the wiring (I doubt a webcam video would be worth posting). I'm not imagining it; there's a discernible difference when Bypassing and the Bridge Volume knob is either ON/OFF.
  8. No. We had some good brisket at Rendezvous though. Yeah, well, we tried to see them parade out. We got to the Peabody right at 11 and could barely see anything. Pretty neat tradition though!
  9. Actually, I was pleasantly surprised by how quaint that area of town was. Granted, I didn't venture TOO far off the beaten path but the touristy areas in downtown were nice. However, on my way to Martin Music, things got a little rough. Overall though, Midtown and Downtown have my stamp of approval. It might've been safer for Elvis week; cops were everywhere on Beale Street.
  10. My fiance surprised me this past weekend with a road trip to Memphis to celebrate our one year countdown to the wedding (8/17/13). She arranged the hotel and a few plans for the weekend. We went on a factory tour of Gibson Memphis, which was pretty cool. Unfortunately we went on a Saturday, which means that none of the builders were working. However, this allowed us to actually hear what the tour guide was saying. They forbade us from even having cell phones visible on belt clips let alone actually letting us taking pictures or video. The number of guitars on racks though was astonishing. However, the number of guitars that appeared finished but was on the "Scrap" rack was heartbreaking. After the tour we stumbled upon Martin Music (which I didn't realize was in Memphis), one of the largest PRS retailers. I could've spent a couple days checking out all the PRSi they had available. They let me demo a gorgeous used P22 and it was killer! Fantastic shop, I will be buying from them in the future! We also caught some live music as well as some good eats. It was a wonderful weekend despite the fees (2/3 the price of the actual room!) the hotel decided to charge us with upon checkout.
  11. I just checked out this guitar. Coming from a no-good, cork-sniffing, guitar snob, this Epi looks SICK!!! I'd have to agree, that's an incredible value. I'll check one out next time I'm in the music shop.
  12. I've been having the worst case of gas for a PVX double-cut kit for awhile now. Does anyone have any experience with these? They look fantastic.
  13. I made an audible gasp at work when I opened this thread. It looks killer! Congrats on the new guitar!
  14. I've never bought a CS model but I'd think a hardcase would be standard. Then again, it's a used guitar and who knows what the previous owner(s) may have done with it. Does it come with a COA?
  15. Every guitar I've bought has been what I'd call an impulse buy. I'm a sucker for a "deal". I've bought 5 guitars on impulse and have had 5 pretty good deals. A couple closing music store deals, some haggling, and a mid-year purchase of a previous year's model. All of the purchases have been without trying the instrument for more than 20 minutes or so.
  16. Does anyone have a suggestion as to what I should do?
  17. I was under the impression that the Bypass feature was supposed to bypass all switches, volumes, and push/pulls and just do a direct output to the bridge pickup. However, on my LP it seems my bypass is affected by my bridge volume push/pull. So I can get a fat humbucker bridge bypass or a thinner coil-tapped bypass depending on the position of the push/pull bridge volume knob. Is this normal?
  18. Just read this article. Not sure what to make of it. I'd have thought that Fender would net more than $19M. I'd like to see Gibson's numbers... http://marketday.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/07/09/12644060-riff-on-this-fenders-going-public?lite
  19. They could probably had for a few hundred less (maybe $2,200). Again, these are averages of my findings, so if you are vigilant in your efforts and check various sources you could probably find a used (albeit abused maybe) R8 VOS for less than $2,000. That would take some time and a LOT of searching. 2012s sell brand new for about $3,200.
  20. I browse Craigslist on a daily basis to see what Gibsons go for. $1,500 is probably on the low average side whereas the $2,500 is on the high average side.
  21. Devote yourself to eating cleaner (less processed foods) and counting your calories, both in and out. There are plenty of phone apps that will help you keep track. Good luck!
  22. Calories burned depends on your weight. It's going to take a heck of a lot more energy for a 300lb man to run for 30 minutes as it would a 170lb man. Results may vary.
  23. Most people choose to forget the reverse V...
  24. Now I don't know if this is the way it should be or not, but my observation was that the binding on the body doesn't match the color of the headstock binding. The headstock binding seems to be more aged than other areas. Also, I can't find the serial number format this guitar is following. That doesn't mean it's fake, it probably just means I'm being dumb
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