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  1. Outstanding guitar! Had mine set up with new EB Slinkys and could not be happier!
  2. Congrats on your NGD. I got my Tribute+ last year (with my tax refund) and have been enjoying it since, truly an outstanding guitar.
  3. That was the decision I was making when deciding to by my first Epi LP. I ended up going with the Tribute Plus (and loving it!) but would still like to get a Prophecy... but the EX. I like the idea of the EMG pickups and the guitar drop-tuned for those metal-riffic tones!
  4. The day I unpacked my new Tribute Plus:
  5. Mine didn't come with a pickguard... don't want one either.
  6. Flame top DOES look nice, especially Midnight Ebony... Like you said, though, personal preference is what it comes down to.. I don't think you'll be disappointed in either one. Cheers!
  7. Yeah, you will not be disappointed! I took mine to my local guitar shop and got it set up with a new set of EB Slinkys and it plays like a dream!
  8. Here's an oustanding MIC Epiphone... a Tribute Plus... flawless fit & finish and the '57 Classic humbuckers with coil tapping sound like a dream!
  9. I had another thread here about my Tribute Plus that I had bought from MF for $599.99 USD, with free shipping and the final cost after conversion, GST, Duty and UPS Bond Fee my final out of pocket cost was $693 CDN. Which was still way cheaper than the quotes my local music store or L & M offered.
  10. Just curious... how much is Long & McQuade charging? Cuz they're $599.99 USD at Musician's Friend, shipped to Canada (expecting to ship 27 Apr 12).
  11. Sent it to my local shop for set up and a new set of EB Slinkys and it sounds fantastic, couldn't be happier.
  12. I hadn't until just now... Hmmmmm...
  13. I am now an Epiphone owner and it is gorgeous! Fit and finish are flawless and initial check shows no buzzing but it does need tuning and I haven't plugged it in yet but WOW... just WOW!
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