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  1. So, here are my "two"... and yep one is a J45 custom with a Fishman NatII pickup.... got a good bit more "twang" than the JB. The JB was difficult for me to play when I first received it, but once I turned the neck and lowered the action to my liking, it too, plays well. I've never considered the possibility that it would play better with a fatter neck, but I can see how that would change the "geometry", especially "up the neck"... which ain't very far, given it's jointed at the 12th fret. The JB has a matrix infinity pickup installed... given the cost of the Amulet and the fact that my EQ/DI
  2. Actually, it's mahogany versus walnut as I now see upon closer examination. And, as pointed out, cosmetic differences too. But wonder what the tonal difference between the mahogany and walnut would be?
  3. Except for the color of the tuners and redwood versus walnut, appears to be the same guitar as the JB model A. What am I missing?
  4. Thanks for all the input folks, I've a good starting point at least; Epip Sheraton II Gretsch 6120 Gibson ES175 Eastman AR372CE All appear (at least on paper) to be candidates. I'll rule out the Tele. I've owned two G&L Teles (purchased from a friends music store) and they're not "my cup of tea" Again, thanks for taking the time to respond; two high end options, one mid range and one "entry level", price-wise. A good mix to consider.
  5. Fair enough; 1. I'm currently playing a Gibson J45 rosewood and a Gibson Jackson Browne... they couldn't be more different in the way they sound and feel. But that's why I like them. They compliment each other. Depending on.. 2. Whether I'm doing a Jackson Browne tune or country... or, said another way... mellow or twag. I have a Alvarez Yairi in the closet (with the amp), it's been there since the J45 arrived in 2005. I'll keep for sentimental reasons but I just can't seem to get excited about playing it. Lastly, it's a hobby, I only play for an audience if I'm playing for family o
  6. "Reasonable" for what I get... not trying to be a smart A$$, but I can see myself going either way; high end, with the intent to keep and pass down to the grand son(s), like my J45 and Jackson Browne or, just a kick around guitar. Or, I may continue to let the dust settle on the amp. Don't know yet... but, "high end" to me would be the price range I paid for my Gibsons.. and I had to "fall in love" to keep from choking on the price tag on those two, especially the JB!
  7. Been thinking about expanding a little. I have an electric amp collecting dust in the closet. What would be a good electric for an acoustic rhythm player? Gretsch Country Gentleman comes to mind as a possible candidate. What other's would y'all recommend?
  8. I'm no "pro" but based on my experience and, assuming a "good" neck/body joint, the neck should have a modest degree of relief... how much depends on what kind of shape your nut/frets/saddle are in. If all components are "right", then it's just a matter of truss rod adjustments.... never more than a 1/4 turn at a time/overnight set time. Measure results at the 12th fret until desired result is achieved. This is the advice I followed to adjust my JB Gibson and it worked perfectly. Totally happy with setup.... but then that's me... you may be more discerning........
  9. Ditto on 13's and tuning down 1/2 step... I do the same thing, love the 13's on my J45 rosewood. I use the Gibson master Built. I understand what some are saying about the tension choking the tone though, I dropped down to 12's on my Jackson Browne and it opened up the guitar noticeably, made it easier to play also.
  10. I'm a flat picker/strummer only.... the only time individual strings are plucked is travis picking.... in my younger days (much younger!) I was the drummer... when I took up the guitar the percussive tendency followed... hence light strings normally didn't work for me, which is why I was surprised they worked on the JB... maybe my "attack" is getting weaker in my "old age"?
  11. I've learned that trick too.... but I only tune down a half step... but it still makes a difference in ease of play and the vocals..
  12. From Gibson 56/13 to D'Addario coated 53/12..... on my J45 the 56/13 play like butter, but on the JB they were much harder/stiffer. I'm thrilled with the "shot in dark" experiment.... most of my experimenting does not yield this kind of improvement.
  13. I've used medium gauge strings for as long as I can remember, settled on them as the best option for me. But just for giggles I decided to try a set of light gauge on my Jackson Browne and WOW, it made a significant difference is ease of play without any change in tone or projection, sounded just as "meaty" as the medium gauges. This was not the case with my J45.
  14. Thanks for the update Dan, obviously a very "sensitive" pickup.... I wish they were more affordable.... for now I'll have to reconcile to what I have.... but it's good to know if I win the lottery tomorrow, the low cut filter does the job!
  15. Hey Dan, did you have the low cut filter engaged? Have you tried it both ways, and if so, what's your "take"... thanks...
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