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  1. Take a deep breath, now exhale s-l-o-w-l-y ... there's still "Gibson Guitar Corporation" as part of Gibson Brands.
  2. Okay, I'll bite ... what do you suggest that sounds better for $5k?
  3. Nice. But not a 1914 Gibson. (Small body) Gibson flat tops arrived mid-20's ... this (large body) flat top, with large SB finish and fire-stripe PG looks more like a mid-to-late 30's L-00. Can't really tell from pix ... is this a 14-fretter? BTW, what FON is stamped on the block?
  4. I don't think Gibson produced and sold koa guitars in the 30's and 40's (unlike CF Martin)
  5. '57 Juniors are great ... whatever finish you have
  6. Right, think of all the guitars that Keith Richards was "going to buy but didn't" over the years ... Have always had a weakness for CF-100 models, I have a late (probably) 1950 model with FON 574x-32. With that FON 4687-27 the CF-100 in your pix is an early 1950 model ... not the earliest as those featured the decal logo and no crown on the headstock (only about 300 of them sent out).
  7. Not an L-5, L-12, L-10, L-7, or L-4. Must be an L-75. Back and sides made of mahogany, or maple?
  8. Fix it. Play it. Don't worry about it. It's a '66 ES-345, a very nice guitar for sure ... but not exactly a 'holy grail' collector-type guitar. Have it inspected by a well-known repair guy to determine exactly what's needed to get it back in good playing shape.
  9. Guessing your 70's hollowbody ES-150 already has humbuckers (if so, are they original?) and you're just curious about switching them out? Does the guitar not sound good? If you want to go vintage pickups ... why not install mid-60's PAT's? Otherwise, perhaps go with Lollar Imperials ... like those Colling's uses for their I-35's.
  10. based on your condition comments ... offer $1.5k tops you can find a clean original killer mid-50's SB junior, without a headstock break or post lean, for +/- $3k
  11. Period Gibson catalogs describe saddle as "bone" ... but the bridge pins and end pin are described simply as "white". My guess is "Bakelite" for pins.
  12. Looks like an L-3. Spann's book sez FON 8536 was made in 1926.
  13. Your CL ad for $3k is too high. If your black (and somewhat heavy) '78 Custom is all original, clean, and has the case, you might accept a $2k offer from an individual buyer ... but as you know a dealer won't pay that much. There are lots of LP's out there for sale.
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