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  1. Hi. I just picked up what seems to be a 1990 MM (according to the ser #), however I thought they weren't making them in '90. Plus this looks exactly like the ferrari red Light of Day MMs. Except it has an odd pickguard with a red Gibson logo. Did they make MMs in '90?
  2. Can anyone tell me what pickups were in the "Light of Day" MMs made from 86-88? I know it's a humbucker, but wonder what kind. Thanks
  3. mystery solved. It's a Master Tune Vibrola. Made em only in 84 or something. Really a horrible design. I had the thing locked in place because it could hold tune worth a damn.
  4. Here you go! The arm is not on it right now.
  5. Hi all, In the '80s, I bought an Invader that came with a crazy floating tremolo bridge, big chunky thing set into the guitar, that the strings fed through and wound around. I've never seen another on any guitar. Has anyone ever seen another of these? The only guess a guy in NYC once had was it was a prototype, but it had the Gibson logo on it, which would be weird for a prototype, I think.
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