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  1. Hey guys, just thought I'd give the Epi forum a heads up that I'm selling my beloved Epi ES-335 Dot over in the Trading Post. It's unfortunate the circumstances that have led me to this, but it's got to go and I would rather it go to someone on this forum than by "other" means. Anyway, link to the post and pic :)
  2. I'm currently running an Avatar 2x12 cab with the Vintage 30/G12H30 combo that I absolutely love. It's an open back cab that I am running my Tweaker 15H through that creates a monster tone. Combining the mids of the 30 with the bass response and highs of the G12H30 I am able to get a ton of great tones with a lot of different amps. Now, if you are going for a VERY specific tone (ie. Vox through blues) it's not the best way to go.
  3. Wow, those natural casinos look great. I've never had a natural finish guitar, maybe it's time to change that... B)
  4. I think Epi should just make Pelham Blue a standard color for all the guitar lines
  5. Does anyone know if NG ever played the UJ through any other amp than the JCM900's that was recorded? It would be interesting to hear that guitar through another medium other than one of Marshall's amps that was not up to par with the majority of their other tone machines. I much prefer the tones he gets now with the 355 and custom made Hiwatts.
  6. Really liking the tones you are getting. Thanks for sharing!!
  7. Congrats! Those casinos are excellent, I've been VERY tempted to pull the trigger on one.
  8. I've got an 09 EE Ltd Dot that is one of the best guitars I have ever owned/played hands down. Even with the stock pickups it just sounds great, even compared to a couple Gibby 335's I have been playing extensively.
  9. Epi has already made some Reverse FB's over the years.. but they have NEVER made a NR Firebird 6 string, and it's time they did it.
  10. YES!!! The NR Firebird Studio above is exactly what I was talking about!! Epi are you paying attention??? DO IT!!
  11. Hello Epiphone, I would like to officially petition for the creation of an Epi version of the Non-Reverse Firebird, preferably with P-90s. Maybe something similar to the new Gibson NR Studio. Oh and available in Pelham blue for good measure :) Thank you. Please feel free to add nominations and ideas to this thread so we can finally get an affordable version of the Non-Reverse available.
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