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  1. Same problem here. Someone have a solution. I can't use the trem ...
  2. It's not a real solution. seems that the trus-rod work only in one sense..... Hey steinberger any HELP?
  3. A possibile solution is.... Set more hight action (2,5 mm at e) and screw the torx of the truss-rod. The fingerboard has not the right curved shape but it sound good. It s not a solution but i can play the guitar. anyone can help me?
  4. About zt3 It s fantastic guitar but It's bad assembled. You need more time to set un. the fingerboard It's fantastic but you can béchamel mad to set up. The tt3 trem it s not so difficolta tuo set up. The electronics has good cable but not so good pots. Every screw in the guitar is unscrew. The pickup iniziale sound not good, i m word atout it....but. Altre one month and more more time adjusting the position and pole i fondo a killer sound. It a like a Les paul sound but more aggressive.... A vero good sound but it a vero difficult obtain it. After a week i but the guitar i order a new set of custom Made. They are fantastic but not so different to default pickup (gibson 490 set) It s a good guitar but need set up by professional.
  5. Hi i need helpo aboiut the trus-rod in my zt3. the guitar has very bad setting when i buy it. After 2 month i decided to set action and truss-rod. No problem to set tran-trem, action and other but when i take a look at the nek i can see that it's not right. The truss-rod need to be set. my guitar has a strange sound inside the neck like a slaming screw. I get the torx to regulate it and i can see that the truss-road screw is unscrew. ok no problem i screw the truss road slowly. the truss-road screw may appear screw and it appear little hard. Ok it work but i but i need the opposite correction, if i screw the nek is not crrectly set, the string are too near at 5/8 key. But if i unscrew the nek return in line and after a screw of the truss road come out in my hand!!!!!! SO it work if i screw but it not work in the opposite !!!!. The trans trem action is hight, i need some help about truss-rod!!! It's broken? there are an other way to regulate the cybrosonic? Is normale, if i unscrew i get out a screw in my hand.???? Please Steinberger need help!!
  6. Anyone tried the seymourd duncan SH-11 (custom custom) bridge and Seymour duncan Pearly Gate Neck?
  7. hi i own a ZT3 from 2 week. let me say it's a good guitar but o think steinberger has left something wrong. (1) setup and screw first. It's korean assembled......like the 80% guitar in the world, but it's not so good as it must be! many screw are loosen, the screw nek are not good mounted, the trust road is not as not setup, my input jack has a wire not solder... this are all think that i can solve in 15 minutes but, WEHRE is the glorious reputation of Steinberger? (2) Pickup they are gibson 490 set, it's not so bad. The sound it's good but the sustain it's not good... there is something wrong..... i'm very undecided to change them with other.... The electrical circuit it's not so bad, but not good for a steinberger. Jack out and pots are poor quality (hey man a bourn pot cost 2$!!!). The Zt3 can be a better guitar with 50$..... anyone has change the pot with bourn or cts and use a different capacitors like orange drop 0.47? i want to let a change at custom pickup.....
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