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  1. Yeah Steve, they ain't cheap; it took me many years to acquire mine. Yes, it spends more time in the case than it does getting played these days, only because I don't want to risk damage to it. But, I did get it mainly for studio use; when the need arises, it will be there.
  2. Definintely a unique guitar FZ Fan, and not a lot of cats play 12 string (acoustic or electric), but for those of us who do, they are the greatest thing since sliced cheese. It's amazing how many situations arise to use one come up once you acquire one; I find myself playing more since I got mine, and doing stuff on the 12 string neck that I wouldn't do on a 6. As far as justification, Gibson has discontinued them, along with the V and Explorer; the prices are only going to go up from here. Cost wise, Gibson has single necked guitars that cost MUCH more; this being the case, the EDS-1275 is a bargain.
  3. Zlofengir


    Where are all the doubleneck guys? Am I the only one that is madly in love with this axe? Why isn't there a Custom Shop thread for these awesome instruments??
  4. After finding a video on YouTube showing the correct controls, I sent mine in for warranty service, and now everything is as it should be... Hands down, the best sounding guitar I own.
  5. I gotta say that I was one of those cats who would rip the 490R & 498T out of a Gibson for some Duncan's or Di Marzio's; and when I bought my 2005 Custom Shop EDS-1275, I was ready to replace them with Burstbuckers. After doing a bit of research, and finding out that these p'ups has Alnico II magnets, and were similar to PAF's, I figured I'd give them a fair shake. After all, if the Custom Shop uses them, they HAD to be decent. After a bit of tweaking, and comparisons to my '07 SG RI with '57 Classics, and my '12 L.P. Trad Pro II with the Super '57 and '57 Classic, I gotta say that the 490 & 498 are some badass p'ups. Granted it did take a while to find the sweet spot adjustment wise, now the 6 string neck simply smokes, and the 12 string is phenomenal; I am definitely leaving this axe STOCK. My Mesa Boogie Mk V likes it just as it IS.
  6. I recently purchased my Traditional Pro II, and was wondering if they all have Push/Push pots on the bridge pickup and Neck Tone/Preamp, and a Pull/Push pot for the neck pickup. The neck volume also seems to have a center notch position... It's not like there's any special info in the literature or owner's manual that tells you anything helpful. I sent a query to Gibson USA, and their response was "Sounds like the correct controls." That doesn't tell me anything. Aside from that, I absolutely LOVE everything about this axe! The tone is righteous in single coil or humbucking modes, and the fat '50's neck profile makes playing a joy!
  7. The rain falls mainly down my drain.


    #DaydreamBeliever has always been, and always be synonymous with Davy Jones. #StillABeliever #RIP #Davy


  9. Check out Sukiyaki Western Django on @hulu: http://t.co/B3hcPgr6 Don't expect Oscar performances... But get ready to laugh!

  10. Just finished watching @stephenfry in The Discovery Of Heaven... Wow, what a gripping flick!! I gotta find the DVD!! #Hulu rocks!

  11. Some people really need to keep their blinds CLOSED. http://t.co/moMOLslU

  12. So sad to hear about #DonCornelius; what a shame he chose to take his own life... He was a true television visionary. #RIP #PeaceLoveAndSoul

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