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  1. Mine shipped out yesterday from Sweetwater. #471 Produced in Jan of 12. Can't post pix cuz ain't got it yet. Mine is a black back with Humbuckers, Had in on reserve for a while but they got them in 2 weeks expected. Chris at Sweetwater hand picked mine out of the 15 that they got the minute they came in and picked his fav for me. They still have 3 left as of this minute, so hurry if you want one, They had 12 go out in less than 24hrs. Mine is 7lbs 3ozs and my rep say it sounds like a vintage ES 355 acoustically. SWEET! I had a set of GENUINE (not the Russian repurposed ones) Vintage NOS Blac
  2. Anyone notice that the new Hyundai car commercials are now featuring some of the new crop of Epiphones as props to bolster their Rock and Roll image? I noticed a White ES 355 in one of them and a SG also.
  3. If you are looking for true overdrive not distortion, I would highly recommend the Ecstasy Drive from Wampler. After I got mine I got ride of 4 other dirtboxes. It's incredibly transparent and very versatile. This is unique, not like any other OD I have ever played. Here's a demo worth checking out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXTQYraLnV8&feature=player_embedded#!
  4. While this is true and works well for the most part, the company should not tout that as a feature and promote it as such in their promotions and descriptions and then not follow through with their claims. One of the primary selling point of this guitar is that they have already done many of the things that owners want to do as upgrades. i.e. 57 style pickups with a hotter bridge position, bridge with increased tonal properties, full size pots etc. Historically many owners have upgraded the pickups, bridges, electronics on these and many other Epi's. Their product promotion and descripti
  5. There is a bit of height as you mentioned. The smooth surface with recessed strings makes for extreme comfort while playing, if like me, you use the bridge for support and a rest/reference point. For palm muting all you need to do is slight move your entire hand forward just slightly palm muting is easily accomplished and controlled.
  6. Actually the bottom of the bridge has an adapter plate that is arched so the entire bottom of the bridge is in full contact with the body except for the small space under the 2 posts. However the posts are beefy and go nearly twice as deep into the center block. I will say though that the mass of the bridge is a major contributing factor and to top it all off it is aluminum so vibrations transmit much more freely than with the pot metal stock bridge. As a side note the bridge is extremely comfortable because it is smooth over the entire top and it works better than any other bridge I have pl
  7. Interesting. I'll let you know about mine when I pull them. Don't get me wrong I like Epiphone products and I think the ES 355 as received was a great guitar, but when the advertise that they are giving you special electronics/pickups and special hardware then that's what you should get. This is VERY Disturbing!!! I wonder if the Factory is pulling one over on the Epi company or if it is being done with their blessing? Do they really think that their customer base would not notice and then speak of it with the community? Curious what the thought are of this board. Maybe in another thread. Bot
  8. Hi all, Got some of the updates done on the 2nd ES 355 I got so I thought I'd share some Epi porn with ya'll. Just finished putting in the Elephant Ivory nut and Babicz Full Contact Hardware bridge. I've got several things to report for those interested. First off the nut install went off without a hitch. When installing the bridge I ran into a surprise. Even though the bridge came with mounting pegs for both USA and Metric installs the bridge for the 355 did not match either. The metric sleeve was too small and the USA was too large. I could not use the existing sleeve as the threaded peg
  9. At Mike Lull in Seattle he charges $235. Including consultation, a complete set up (intonation, neck adjust, nut inspection/adjustment) with new strings and hand finishing.
  10. I liked my last ES 355 so much I decided to get another one! Decided to take advantage of the free case offer. The one I currently have is about as perfect as a guitar can be but considering how good it is I have decided to hot rod the new one to see what kind of tone monster I can create. I already ordered all the mods so as the get installed I will post some pictures and some sound clips for evaluation. The mods that will be done are Pick-up swap- Gibson Vintage 57 neck coil tapped, Seymour Duncan 59 PAF bridge coil tapped. Vintage Holy Grail wiring harness with CTS 550k Audio taper super po
  11. Just wanted to pass this along to anyone who might be interested. This company makes custom straps for many famous guitarists including BB King. They are running a Christmas special for a Genuine Pit Viper and Garment leather guitar strap for only $75 shipped no tax. Great deal! I just ordered on of these for my self, they can be found at the bottom of the page at this link http://doubletreble.com/ I'm new here so I hope this isn't a problem sharing this. I am not affiliated with the company.
  12. Just in town for the show. I'm from Nirvana land down on Grays Harbor. Haven't lived in Seattle for 35 years. WAY Too expensive...
  13. Just thought I'd share with those interested. I saw Guns n Roses in Seattle Friday with a Band called Loaded as an opening act. Lots of Epiphones in use at the show. Here is a rundown. The lead guitarist for Loaded was sporting an ED 339 in black for the entire show. Not sure if it was the standard or the ultra. The current evolution of Guns n Roses only has Axle Rose from the original band so I am unfamiliar with the other members, They had 3 Guitarists a Keyboard player and a bassist. One of the guitarists was using Epiphone exclusively. His main guitar was a Black ES 345 with a custom rally
  14. Thanks! You are too kind. I did that on purpose to demonstrate the guitar's ability. Also you can see the evenness of the tone even on the unwound strings. It required zero effort for it to sustain like that BTW. Time to head home now as the Seahawks are playing on MNF. Yeah I'm a football junkie, have to be to be a fan of the hawks this year. LOL Cheers All
  15. I forgot to mention. This was done with no effects. Bridge Pickup, tone knob set at 6 using only the volume knob for tonal variation. The amp is a hand wired bluesbreaker clone built by me. Cabinet is also hand made with one 12" Celestion Alnico blue and one Celestion 12" Heritage. No turret boards just point to point wiring and NOS Sylvania tubes. Lava Clear connect cables. The 355 is bone stock with Pyramid .10-.48 strings. Recorded with a cheap all in one digital recorder at 5 feet.
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