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  1. But what kind of setup is this you have though, sorry for double posting. Are you tuned normally in E?
  2. You 're an angel. Much appreciated and a million thanks. I hope i can get this amazing guitar up and running now.
  3. Sorry for making a second thread, but i'm really desperate for help. I'm expierencing some problems with my beloved ZT3 and it will be a great help if someone could just post a close up picture of the preset level for the Jaw height, action and intonation levels on the TT3. Thank you very much in advance for your time.
  4. Hey everybody. I have a question concerning the Official Steinberger Doubleball Calibrated strings. I just got from a shop like 4-5 packages of them, when i open them, the package says "Non calibrated" when the outside package says "Calibrated". What should i believe?
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