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  1. Just wondering how to sell my Gibson SJ200. I know there are new scams everyday and was hoping to get some advice and to avoid the local junkies from popping over and taking inventory while kicking tires they have no intention of buying.
  2. Sal do you still have your Hummingbird Vintage?
  3. I have Colosi bone saddles and pins and as far as making a huge sound difference to my ears, I would say no but aesthetically I think they look great!
  4. This is a very educational thread. The most important thing I've learned is that when it comes time for a neck reset I will be selling my guitar. DrathB - When you said "he missed the joint with the steam" I was under the impression that he was aiming for the pocket between the end of the dovetail and the neck block which to me looked like he hit perfectly. In any case Allie my condolences to you over this disaster of a guitar from start to finished Please keep us informed on the rest of the saga.
  5. Great tune! Nice job! Maybe a dumb question but how did you add the licks and harmony into the video Sal?
  6. You're welcome and thank you.
  7. Thanks guys. Still needs work, which it will probably never get on account of the tuning. It's on songs like this where every string gets tuned differently that I totally get the robotuners. I've had my Epi in this tuning for 2 days now. A guy on YouTube gave a lesson on it. The guy's name is James James I recommend looking him up, not only is he a great teacher but he has some nice Gibby acoustics!
  8. What are listening to? - Chris Stapleton
  9. Check out this lesson. I can't do those C shaped barre chords but he shows how to play it with a capo which is much easier.
  10. I'm learning this tune in some kind of open C tuning not sure exactly what the tuning is called but it really unlocks the sound I could never quite get in standard tuning. The tuning from low to high is C C C C G C. Only one string the A is tuned up and the rest tuned down. I think it was EA that said in a post last week that it takes about 30 times playing a song start to finish to be totally comfortable playing it in public. This is about my sixth time playing it start to finish but thought I would share it anyhow. I wish there were other songs in this tuning otherwise I don't think I will ever play it again unless I tell my wife I "NEED" a new guitar with robotuners. Wish me luck on that! My link
  11. Get him to send you a bottle of Woodford Reserve and a carton of sigritts! Lol!
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