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  1. I ride an '01 Heritage Softail but it's in my shop ready for the springtime super clean. Didn't realize how filthy she was. Always remember the words my father gave me many yrs ago when I got my 1st bike, " If you ever think you know how to ride one, it' time to get rid of it " And I promised my mother {who was an RN} that I'd always wear a helmet. Not doing to bad, 65 and only been down once.{STUPID DEER] Right now it's 35 degrees and blowing snow, hurry spring!!! ps: nice looking bike cheez.
  2. I've got quite a lot of Carvin stuff, speakers, mics, mixers, monitors, amps, and wireless systems. IMO, their stuff was too good, would'nt break down so no replacement. I've got a 1960s mixer that is clear as a bell. One thing that I did find out tho, about 3 yrs ago I had a small hiss in one of my wireless systems, called them up about getting it fixed, was told that all their wireless stuff and mics were made by Nady and just rebadged for Carvin. TC
  3. I am really happy with being almost 65, I've done all that crap in my 20's & 30's. Now I play what I want, when I want TC ps: good on them.
  4. Will be 65 on Mar 8th 2018, if anybody would like to send more than good wishes, I will post preferences.
  5. Dear friends, wife's surgery went well. Got her out of hospital Sunday and both of us are resting comfortably at home. Will find out soon if she needs chemo, but with folks like you all we will get thru it just like the first time. Words cannot express what the heart holds for you all. Thank you so much and God bless you all. TC
  6. Wife's cancer is back, we go in next Thurs. for surgery then chemo after. Small spot,{lymph node} should hopefully be last time, this every 2 yrs crap is getting old. Would appreciate any & all prayers and good vibes. Thanks TC
  7. I've got a Carvin B-4 fret less bass w/ebony fret board, about 17 years old. Was a kit my wife got me for birthday. Went together beautifully and is a darn sight lighter than my Fender P- bass. have had PA, condenser mics, studio mics, cables, wireless set ups, amps, etc all bullet proof and rock solid. And for the most part made in the USA. Love their stuff. TC
  8. Thanks so much, brown speaker cloth TC
  9. I've got a GA 17 RVT scout amp with a number on the front 730975 could anyone help me with finding a wiring diagram and some info on year of mfg ? would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance. TC
  10. Have a sunburst Epi Broadway & a Gretsch G5120, love em both. TC
  11. Been riding for over 40yrs, only been down once when a deer walked out in front of me 10 mins from home. Road rash on left butt cheek, slight damage to bike.{rode it home}. When I got my first bike at 19, my Dad gave me some advice that I've always remembered, he told me "if you ever think you know how to ride a motorcycle.....it's time to get rid of it". 64 now and I still hear his voice telling me that everytime I get on my Harley. TC
  12. I've said it before, and I'll say it again... my fingers are calloused from playing bass, roundwound strings, flatwound strings and every other kind. And they cannot tell the difference between ebony, rosewood, maple, or baked maple. I own every type on all my 11 guitars. Fretboard material was never a selling point for me, the guitar as a whole was and is. TC
  13. I agree, I don't know 3/4 of the people posting. TC
  14. Yul Brenner didn't have hair and he was bada$$ and probably couldn't build a guitar You did great Rabs, especially how a guitar is an extension of the player. Makes me feel special watching you go from a door to beautiful works of art and interviews. You da man. And we still have to talk about sending that blue beauty across to Ohio Many good vibes on you. TC
  15. Dig me mate, I wish I could do the same thing. But my sausage is attached for good. family trait . So the beard covers the double chin, or in my case a triple. TC
  16. Leave it, I've had mine for over 40 yrs. weather doesn't bother me, and it covers the big sausage under my chin TC
  17. Dozen roses and dinner at Waffle House TC
  18. Has Eggs been visiting again ?? TC
  19. I float like a rock, so no swimming for me. TC
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