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  1. Dave Grohl (for his drumming skills as well) Santana Jack White Jesus..........I'm sure he can shread too!
  2. Thank you for all the help guys! I went to the local Guitar Center and checked out the Traditional and liked it. They did not have many other LPs in that price range so I didn't have much to compare it to. For neck size reference i picked up an Epi Traditional Pro and it had a noticeably thicker neck which i liked, anyone know what style neck that one is? Could not find whether it was a 50's 60's etc. Either way found out my wife bought me the Gibson Traditional in worn brown as a surprise so hopefully I will like it....which i don't see how I couldn't lol.
  3. Thanks for the replies. My biggest concern is getting the most out of what i buy. I love the look of the Traditional Mahogany. I probably will have the same issue with any Gibson since it will be my first high end guitar. I currently have a Riviera P93 so would like a LP with humbuckers. How similar in neck profiles between the 60's style neck and my Riviera?
  4. Thanks for the info Gary. I did fail to mention the Traditional i was looking at was the Mahogany Traditional below. http://www.americanmusical.com/Item--i-GIB-LPTDM-WBCH1
  5. Hey all! Got really hooked on the guitar and ready to get a nice LP. I saw the LP Traditional and really love the look of the worn brown. That said aside from the banding what are the differences between the Studio worn series and the Traditional? Is it really worth $1000 more? I have tried a studio and liked it a lot and i do plan on playing a traditional but would like some expert opinions. Thanks!!
  6. Yeah, that is basically what i was thinking was that it seemed boring. I am more drawn to the type of learning that is exciting and keeps me going since i loose interest fast. Are there any DVDs or books you guys recommend me getting? I understand a private instructor is best but i would like to get as far as i can alone so that i can save some money. Thanks!
  7. Awesome, thank you so much. That Rottweiler pedal sounds great. Ever used the Metal Muff? Someone told me that would be a good one as well.
  8. Thank you for your help, any advice on pedals would be awesome. I am a bit on a budget so under $100 would be ideal for now. Thanks damian.
  9. Hey all, please excuse my ignorance but I am looking to get the metal/hard rock sound and could use some help. I have less than ideal equipment but i am just getting started. I have an Epi Riviera p93 and an Orange Crush PiX 35LDX. Cant seem to get the tones i am looking for from my setup and would like some advice. I am guessing i need a pedal but unsure which or what i need. Are pedals something that have settings that you can adjust for different types of sounds? Thanks!
  10. Hey all, just got my guitar and wanted to get some feedback on the Gibson guitar lesson pack. I wanted to see what you guys thought about it and if it was a worth while tool. I found it for about $89 so i thought i may give it a try if i could get some positive feedback on it. Thanks!
  11. Thank you for your help. I contacted the company where i bought it and they told me to take it to a luthier and have it checked out. They said they would most likely cover all costs to get it repaired, so i will bring it to a shop today and see what the issue is. I think the action is pretty high although i am am new to guitars. Ill check back in and report the findings as well as a picture.
  12. That was it. Should i send it back? Before i checked the truss rod i looked down the neck and it seemed a tiny bit bowed in. I turned the rod a bit just enough to get it to stop rattling but the whole time it never seemed loose.
  13. Have been playing my Riviera P93 for about a week now and am noticing some issues. Most important is that when the neck is tapped i hear something vibrate, like wood against wood, almost like the neck is loose. I picked up the same guitar at guitar center and tapped the neck and head stock and did not get that sound. Any idea as to what this is, is it normal? I called the Epiphone warranty shop and the person i talked to seemed more interested in selling me service then giving me an idea as to what this may be. Also when i play some notes on the E string, i am getting alot of fret buzz. Any advice is appreciated, Thanks!
  14. Thanks for the help and the great links! I dug a little deeper and tuned it from a sound board on the internet and it sounded right. I will check out the rattle suggestions but i think i will take it to a shop and have them go over it. Thanks again!
  15. Hey all, very new to the site and guitars. Just received my Riviera p93 and it looks awesome, but am having a couple problems. When tuning the guitar, via tuner on amp, it never sounds right.... any tips? Also i notice a slight buzz/rattle when strumming certain strings. Nothing obvious seems loosed on the guitar. Any help is appreciated, Thank you!
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