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  1. I agree with the previous person you have got to try them out but i had a mid 1990's Sheraton and i though it was really nice i ended up trading it in for a Fender Coronado which was a cool guitar too
  2. Well hope you enjoy it mate i enjoyed looking at it
  3. The Noel Gallagher Union Jack Guitar is a mid to late 60's (if i remember correctly a 67) original Epiphone Sheraton with the mini Hums and the frequencer tail piece It was originally Tobacco sunburst and his ex wife had it re-painted in Denmark Street It is not the same as the Sheraton II (Which is still a very nice guitar) and nothing like a Supernova By the looks of it and i hope this doesnt cause offence its a home made job How does it play?
  4. very nice I have a natural Elitist and i absolutely love it. its made me want to get another as a backup and i have looked at the 61'RI The Royal tan looks amazing but i cant help but feel disappointed that it hasnt got a Bigsby B7 instead of the Epi made Tremolo bar and why has it not got Nickle/Chrome P90 covers Please dont make me swap the Rik 330 for a Vintage Sunburst Elitist ......
  5. Thanks amazing thanks very much for the info!!!
  6. Hi thanks for your input it's so hard as they have changed the spec so many times! I would prefer the solid top if I could get one as I think it would propably resonate better when using it as just an acoustic What j45 did you end up with I like in the UK and very close to a Gibson dealer and I have tried the standard j45 and couldn't get on with it !
  7. I am after a j160e (Gibson) and have found I a mine field of different specs from the "beatles" original if yours has the p90 not the p100 what model / year is it? And is it a laminated top or solid? Thanks Ash
  8. Hi I am really interested in getting a j160e but have found it more or less impossible to find to play I am a massive beatles fan and this IS the beatles acoustic Is there a major difference between a 60's model and a current model I recently missed out on one that was only 1400 and I have been told by some decent shops that that is about the going rate second hand Hopefully someone can help me out ! Thanks Ashley
  9. No England ! Pretty much the other side of the world I bought mine second hand on eBay for about £60 so if I can get that for it I'll be pleased
  10. Haha I know what you meant I just meant there is nothing that much wrong with the sound of the pedal sorry I never explained myself properly It's too heavy for my tone yeah but it's a cool pedal tho !
  11. There is honestly nothing wrong with it it's good much better than a boss bd2 but I would just prefer a RI ts808 just personal taste as I can get a slightly less heavy tone out of the ts808 than I can the blackstar
  12. I'm on eBay look out at the moment for a ts808, boss space echo and a danelectro reel to reel delay I'm also about to list a blackstar over drive a boss od2 and a blues driver as well as one or two others I may dig out
  13. I just tried one of them out in a shop and hated it! I just sold my ac30 cc2x as it's just too loud even at small venues! I dragged mine a lot and it's a back breaker! Go for a ac 15 hw series or a single speaker fender amp deluxe or a boutique blackface knock off if you got the money!
  14. Yeah I think I will end up with a deluxe reverb but I'd really would like the Imperial it's much more like the black face original deluxe reverb! I have set them up side by side with my Rick 330 (2001) and a Gibson es335 (Kalamazoo made 1981) and the quality is second to none better than the new 335's IMO which are slap dash It was nicer than the rick and IMO had a better neck than the 335 nicer to play
  15. Hi I have just signed up to the forum after being a voyeur for some time. I just bought an elitist casino 1965 and can't get over the amazing sound and build quality of this model I have had a lot of guitars over years and spent thousands on guitars but this one by far is the best! The neck is so fast and smooth it's so easy to play. The sound is straight away that beatles tone or with a bit of OD classic Weller I have been selling a few of my guitars and only gave £100 for it with a trade in which I thought was a great deal and bit there hand off! I traded a Fender Coronad
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