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  1. I do that. I have a Hiscox classical case that fits all the LG’s like it was made for them.
  2. Dave F

    Music Room

    Another update The small wall was too small for the small bodies. Had to use one stand. '42 LG1, L1 F-hole, 1932 L00 RI, LG2 Banner RI, Nick Lucas Mystic RW, LC Century of Progress RI, CJ165 RW, Custom Zeiler L00 Peach. Some miscellaneous ones the tree. There's 5 more guitars plus the Uke's and Mando's I need to think about. '64 Teisco, off brand U of L, 1966 Gretsch CG 1970 Ovation, Gretsch Chet Atkins Roundup RI Eastwood Posey Mando Guitar, Gibson LP Std w/Bigsby, Fender Tele Select
  3. Dave F


    I had a J200 Standard that was ordered from my local dealer that had a bad neck angle and I returned it. The replacement was perfect. They both had Ellipse Aura. I have a J200 Custom RW, it came with an Ellipse Aura. I have a J 200 Custom Koa. It came with a very basic piezo. I seldom plug in so I do not have any opinion on the quality of the pick ups. The only pickup system I have that impresses me is the Trance system that came with the Jackson Browne.
  4. They can exist in harmony
  5. Sorry to hear Dan. I'll keep you in my prayers. Dave
  6. Dave F

    Music Room

    A couple updates. Switched the Gibson wall a little and added the F5L. Still room for something in the corner. Got the Martins off the tree and gave then their wall. Next is a wall of small bodies then a few electrics.
  7. Dave F

    1963 J45

    The bridge and plate were warped so there weren’t many options. Jamonn has made a few bridges for me. They all look good.
  8. Dave F

    1963 J45

    Yep. If you google it you’ll find a lot of info.
  9. Dave F

    1963 J45

    Locally for sale asking $3500 The luthier I use fixed this up for one of his customers and they want to sale it. He took off the warped plastic bridge, made a new one and put a new maple bridge plate https://www.zeilerknightrepairs.com/?fbclid=IwAR2YnGqd12BW1nDe1J_4xY5cRdUEVe1WV7mvXCuuTWVF-yeOhnaSSRwfIeg Jamonn Zeiler does great work. He's currently in business with Ben Knight who is also doing great work. Both are working performers. Ben is the son of Chris Knight
  10. Dave F

    Music Room

    No tremors in this area. I'll keep a watch for the dust. We've only been in this house for about a year.
  11. Dave F

    Music Room

    Locally on Facebook Marketplace
  12. Dave F

    Music Room

    I have some concerns also. If I designed it correctly an L00 thru a Super 400 should cradle without hitting the tail pin. I covered the bottom planks and top rack with 1/4" thick felt. I'm planning on keeping a close eye on the bottoms and add some cushioning if needed. The tree stands and wall hangers are all covered with cloth or felt. The pew I used had a good back but the seat was plywood. The back was cut into 3 planks and the center support was lowered. The upper end of the back had a nice rounded edge so it was used for the top piece. I changed a couple things on the fly.
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