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  1. I doubt if those pick guards lifted on the corners
  2. I had bought JT’s 2013 version he had bought to compare to his original. I was impressed with it and with John’s help found an original that didn’t need too much work. I recently sold the 2013
  3. I’ve had five SJ200’s and two Hummingbirds that I bought new with no P.G. issues. The Dove in Flight was acquired used and has a couple corners up but nothing serious. I’m wondering if a guitar isn’t taken care of temp/humidity wise the first few years or while hanging on a wall in a store, the wood will expand and retract and cause the P.G. edges to loosen.
  4. I've had two Hummingbirds. Nice guitars, never took to them. I'd like to get a nice vintage or one of the new thermal tops to see if it changes my mind. I like their looks. I especially like the dark sunburst ones. Lifting guards are a nuisance but as long as they're not too bad, I just push them down and keep on going. Would not keep me from buying the guitar. I never expect a guitar to be setup even close to what I want. I've had a couple but they were few and far between. As long as the neck angle looks good, I'm happy.
  5. I was not impressed. He was pushing to get the most out of the guitar but I was still not impressed. Plugged in didn't help. I would had liked if he compared it to the cooked top Banner version. Sal got one when they came out but I don't remember which one he had.
  6. Strange looking one here. Usually when I see that sides and back I think 50-60’ Kay.
  7. I've ordered from here http://www.terrapinguitars.com/index2_php.php?content=guitarContent#electric
  8. Or like this one http://legacy.gibson.com/Products/Acoustic-Instruments/2018/L1-F-Hole.aspx They used this same headstock on a J45 Custom a couple years ago I think the guitar is totally fake but the Flowerpot does look authentic.
  9. Hello! You will get more response posting this in the Gibson USA and Gibson Custom forums. All the Les Paul experts hangout there. Good Luck
  10. It would be some sort a custom. I've had three customs built so far and although very nice, they haven't hit the mark.
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