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  1. One thing that surprised me was that the top braces are part of the carving, not glued on. Had a very nice maple sound.
  2. I found a closet queen Cremona that my luthier talked me out of. He slapped a pickup on it and uses it as one of his main stage guitars
  3. I repaired a Takamine using this method and it turned out okay but that wasn't nitro.
  4. I have an acoustic Super 400 and L5. From my experience they project their sound across the room and you do not get the full essence of the large maple f-holes while they're setting on your lap or if you put a mic in front of it.
  5. I've been having a little fun fixing up sets. Just last week, I took a set off a Regal that were pristine except for the buttons. I replaced the buttons and put them out on EBay. The owner of Kluson (WD Music Products -Larry Davis) contacted me and wound up buying them.
  6. I get that. Many a nice guitar I’ve sold because it didn’t do anything for me and the buyers were elated. I’ve had friends play my guitars and they sound great but I could not get that sound. And then you have players that can make anything sound good e.g. Greg Koch.
  7. Nothing. It sounds, looks and plays great. I guess I just have too many to chose from.
  8. Our list are somewhat close.The Dove was never on my wish list but one popped up locally and I worked out a trade for a DIF. I'm really like it. I think it will stay. I love my D41's, one has the baked top. I have a J185 Modern Vintage all hide glue. A very nice guitar but I don't find myself reaching for it very often so it's going on the block. I've had two HB's, they never stuck to me. Recently sold my Taylor 814CE. I have a '42 SJ on order. Like a parallel universe.
  9. The pandemic really has the guitar stores looking depressing around here in the Northern KY/ Greater Cincinnati area. I visited both local GC 's and their walls are almost empty with little selection.
  10. I’ve had a D41 Special for about 10 years that is my favorite guitar. A few months ago I got a CS-D41-15 nos that has the baked top.
  11. As a side note: I recently bought a Martin with the baked top and was impressed so I just ordered one of the new 1942 SJ to hear how the Gibson’s sound.
  12. This was out of the 2020 Price guide
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