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  1. Depending on the strap material it can mess with the finish on the guitar. I had a Martin Elvis D28 with the leather cover and Mr. Boak advised me not to leave it on the guitar because it would attack the finish. I’ve seen a few guitars listed for sale that had issues due to the strap being left on it in the case.
  2. From Gibson site, position: Both https://www.gibson.com/Gear/Humbucker-Pickups/IMDF-DB The pickup's overwound yet balanced coils feature adjustable pole pieces, which allows you to fine tune the output of each individual string. The Dirty Fingers also features shielded, four-conductor wiring for series, parallel or split coil operation and is fully wax potted to eliminate any chance of microphonic feedback. Output: 14 Position: Both Magnet: Ceramic Wiring: 4-Conductor Details Gibson's Dirty Fingers pickups are also grabbing attention of hi-def shredders everywhere! Unique sounds, uniquely Gibson
  3. Dave F


    Beautiful! Enjoy it! Congratulations! I've always felt that the Hummingbird was made for tulip tuners.
  4. I did notice that. I think my favorite performance was Carrie Underwood.
  5. Gibson does it's own programs. This one has the Ford stamp on it.
  6. Ditto on that. I should have had my ‘42 SJ by now but with the stuff going on, I figure it will get here when it does. I remember one of our Aussie members has been waiting far longer than me.
  7. The last time I needed warranty work I went through my dealer (Chicago Music Exchange). After sending them pictures they decided it was not something they wanted to fix and it should go back to the factory. They arrange everything and sent me the shipping label and kept track of it. A very pleasant experience with an excellent outcome that did not cost me anything.
  8. Those look like Teisco tuners. May explain why they're all in Japan. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Teisco-Greco-Univox-Domino-Guitar-Inline-Set-of-6-Tuners-for-Project/333658380049?hash=item4daf96d711:g:f2MAAOSwZSxfEkQu https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-70s-Teisco-Greco-Univox-Kawai-Japan-Guitar-Set-of-6-Tuners-for-Project/333610389855?hash=item4dacba915f:g:O68AAOSwBuVez9v8
  9. Here's a couple references http://legacy.gibson.com/Products/Acoustic-Instruments/2018/L-00-Standard.aspx https://images.gibson.com/Products/Acoustic-Guitars/2018/L-00-Standard-2018/Press/Documents/L00-Standard-One-Sheet.pdf
  10. Dave F

    1936 L-00

    Here's a reference I use but I did a search and looked at a lot of '36 L00 (there are a lot of them out there for sale) and the tuners repeated as four different styles . The three shown above plus one other. The one on the EBay showed up a few times so they may be original. https://umgf.com/chronology-of-kluson-tuners-used-from-late-1936-to-t197854.html
  11. Welcome to the forum! Finding the comfort and sound is challenging. Playing as many as you can get your hands on is the best way but that isn’t always possible. I’m not familiar with the songwriter series. As far as small body I have a 12 fret Nick Lucas that fills both requirements. I also have an L00 RI and a vintage LG1 that are very nice. Don’t know where you’re located but if you’re near me you would be welcome to play them and decide for yourself.
  12. Dave F

    1936 L-00

    That is a beauty. If I was in the market, I would be making an offer to see how low he would go. With his description and a 30 day return policy, I would have no concerns going for it. Do you think those are the original tuners? Bridge? I think the bridge looks too nice, but a good replacement. I would think the tuners would look like this but these were later '36.
  13. Dave F

    1936 L-00

    Here's one listed on EBay for a reference https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-1936-Gibson-L-00-Guitar-Rare-Players-Special-Mojo-Pre-war-Gibson/154073888951?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160908131621%26meid%3Df0633d2390084f389d3edddff35712dc%26pid%3D100678%26rk%3D4%26rkt%3D5%26mehot%3Dnone%26sd%3D193439930758%26itm%3D154073888951%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2380057%26brand%3DGibson&_trksid=p2380057.c100678.m3607&_trkparms=pageci%3A9349d0f5-f601-11ea-b1d8-74dbd1801464|parentrq%3A8934033e1740aca47516fad8ffffdf9a|iid%3A1
  14. I think you’re right. I get confused easily.😊
  15. Isn’t this the motto of Troll World? (my opinion)
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