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  1. What's nice is you can try the rethreading which is only a 30-45 minute job and if it doesn't work you can plug it and do the replacement.
  2. I would think it depends on the neck. This Super 400 has a very thin neck in that area and it seems okay.
  3. I had this done to a older Gibson I have but it was broke off right at the washer. It was taken about 1/2" deeper.
  4. I usually take some lessons in a totally different music style. The challenge intrigues me and usually improves my skills in the other styles.
  5. This is the kind of stuff I learn by listening to Tom B. , John T. and Willi.
  6. 1942 LG1 and it’s reissue are x-braced. 1942 introduced three LG models 1/2/3. All x- braced. Different tone woods and finishes. They made about 100 of each. After that they only made the LG2 until after the war. When the LG1 was reintroduced it was ladder braced.
  7. It's that dark. A '42-'43 no FON J45 The one to the right is a Legend.
  8. I've got a players grade version of that LG1 and it blows me away. My current favorite Gibson. John's looks to be in great condition. I bought the RI that John is comparing. It's a real nice guitar but when I compare it to the vintage one it falls a little short. Here's a friend of mine doing a demo of the same reissue John used and my '42 LG1. Note that they're considered 1942 models since they were all built in 1942 but shipped over the next couple years.
  9. I’ve had guitars that did not need truss rod adjustments so the nut was loose and the rod had no tension. Hopefully this is your case and it just needs a little tweak.
  10. This forum has not been getting much attention lately which is a shame. I think it may be a good idea to add ukuleles, lap steels and maybe some other instruments such as stand up bass and hawaiian guitar (maybe dobro covers this)to the Mandolins, Banjos and Dobros list. Or keep the Mandolin/Banjo/Dobro as a Bluegrass section and have another one for instruments no longer being produced. I'll start it off with my 1928 uke. I know some of the members in the acoustic forum have some real nice vintage ones.
  11. It would probably do me good. I’ve got the catch down pat. I’m having problems with the release.
  12. I grew up in Cincinnati so I did not hear about Woodstock until '79. Mark Twain quote about Cincinnati "When the end of the world comes, I want to be in Cincinnati because it's always 20 years behind the times."
  13. You and Sal should start a club where you keep a guitar for an agreed amount of time then ship it to the next club member and await your next guitar.
  14. I had a '68 Custom RI that I really liked the play and sound but sold because it was too heavy and I did not like the triburst. I sold it a few years ago. A couple of years ago I picked up this standard. A few pounds lighter and I prefer the desert burst. I did not like the Burstbuckers Pro that came with it. Too bright. I put a set of '57 Classic Plus in it and I had the sound I wanted. I also added a Bigsby.
  15. There's a pinned THREAD just for this discussion that should give you plenty of opinions Welcome to the forum
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