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  1. Do you have your sight on another one?
  2. I had the same thing with a new SJ. I loosened the strings to relieve the tension, back off the truss rod nut, put a drop or two of 3 in 1 oil on the threads and then tightened it back up. It took care of the issue.
  3. definitely looks like reaction to capo left on too long as mentioned on the other thread
  4. Maybe he left a strap in the case against the guitar for 3 years that caused the other issue.
  5. The more I look it the more I agree with the leaving a tuner on it. The lines are too straight and run off the edge to have been done by hand with a magic marker.
  6. I replaced the grovers on an HB I had with these. I just used one screw and had no issues. The Schaller M6 90 looks to be a replacement
  7. I’ll look later today but I think some schallers are drop in
  8. Gibson is very good at making things right. If they can’t fix it they’ll replace it. I’ve had a few dealings with them and was always pleased with the outcome.
  9. I agree. I had a newer one that was just starting to lift and opted to have my local luthier fix it rather than send it back to Gibson. He did a beautiful job, it's been a few years and I've had no issues. I've always try to baby my guitars as far as humidity the first few years. I think after they get a few years under their belt they're less sensitive to changes. Some of these old vintage ones have already dried out and seem immune to the elements. Get it fixed and take care of it for few years.
  10. I usually spray it down good then take a micro cloth and rub in them let it dry out a few days.
  11. I’ve used carpet cleaner made for pet stains in cases and had success
  12. Wish I had the skills. I did purchase some light tack stencil material for a Cricut cutter (my daughter has one). I need to make some files to try it out. I think I would need two layouts to get the pattern then one for the highlights. That's on the back burner. I don't know how fine a detail I can get with the cricut.
  13. From what I'm reading the laser print does not need a finish applied. I'll check that out on the test piece of wood. If it turns out to need a lacquer finish I'll apply it to the decal before it is cut out. Thanks, I'll get me some of that solution. From what I'm reading the laser print does not need a finish applied. It will be sized correctly before applied. The one shown is just printed on a mylar material for checking out. The guitar I'm going to try it on is a parlor size (smaller than the one shown) and this size may be correct.
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