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  1. Stewmac sent this out recently https://www.stewmac.com/Luthier_Tools/Types_of_Tools/Clamps/StewMac_Crack_Repair_Tools.html?lac_guid=08833ec2-d3fc-e911-80f5-ecb1d775572a&utm_campaign=M6270&utm_medium=email&utm_source=NPA&utm_content=M6270_B_20191102
  2. Mystic must had been the new catch phrase for highly figured rosewood stump in 2016. I have a 2016 NL Mystic RW.
  3. I’m not one for making videos. I do like the sound of maple. Here’s my acoustic maples. L5, F5, J185, Super400 CJ165, LC, L1 The CJ-165 is rosewood and shouldn’t be in with this group
  4. I have a Honky Tonk Deuce which is an SJ RW.
  5. I recently gave a friends Taylor a tune up. Thank God they use ebony. He plays out usually 4 nights a week. The guitar is just one year old. Besides the usual adjustments, I had to dress down the frets about .016”, fix the nut slots and make new shims for the neck. He loves it for playing out. At the pace he plays, he will need a refret in a year but at least the fret board will be good. I would get some more wear resistant frets in the future. Back when I played out, I wore out a couple rosewood boards before I got an ebony board. As much as I play nowadays a walnut board would work fine so your decision should be based on what you’re expecting out of the guitar. If you play hard it may be an issue.
  6. Played one at Sam Ash last week. Nice guitar for the buck but it did not blow me away. If that was my price range and I was looking for a new small body Gibson I would buy it. I'm not sure how the walnut fretboard will hold up.
  7. J200 works for me
  8. I saw that guitar last week too. In the glass case when you walk in. I have an '04. That price would be for a mint one. IMHO I would not go over $1800 This is one of those models where there's plenty mint ones.
  9. Lonnie Mack - Down in The Dumps.
  10. Chet’s one of my all time favorites. I’ve had 6 different models of his signature guitars, probably 40 CD’s and more than a few of his instructional book. A few years back there was a special tribute concert for him and Willie performed playing a CE model Chet gave him Waylon is off to the side out of sight
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