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  1. Serial number looks like an Epiphone. Neck carve is no Gibson. It is cool looking, if it played good and was the right price it may be okay but I have a thing about guitars not being what they are labeled.
  2. I make my own nuts. If they hang up after I saw/file them I use these. https://www.stewmac.com/luthier-tools-and-supplies/mitchell-abrasive-cord.html .015" (.38mm), 200-grit, Mitchell's #60 Item # 6125 .018" (.46mm), 200-grit, Mitchell's #55 Item # 6126 .030" (.76mm), 200-grit, Mitchell's #54 Item # 6127 .055" (1.40mm), 150-grit, Mitchell's #52 Item # 6128 Mitchell Abrasive Cord, Set of 4 Item # 6129 Mitchell Abrasive Cord Guitar floss! After using your nut files, smooth the string notches with Mitchell Abrasive Cord. It helps keep the strings from binding in the slots, for more reliable tuning. Available in four versatile thicknesses, Mitchell Abrasive Cord also smooths the string notches in metal bridge saddles, to reduce string breakage. 12-foot roll (3.66 meters). Tough Mitchell Abrasive Cord is coated with durable silicon carbide and aluminum oxide microgrit. It's great for smoothing the string slots in archtop guitar, banjo, mandolin, violin and resonator guitar bridges, to help eliminate string buzz. • Cleans screw threads • Deburrs metal and plastic • Smooths fine edge details in sawn pearl inlays • Smooths bridge pin hole string slots •12-foot (3.66 meter) roll
  3. I really didn't even watch it before I posted it. Just thought it would get some conversation going.
  4. yea. I usually change them all at once except for the ones with floating bridges.
  5. If you really believed this you would had never purchased a new Gibson sight unseen. You would be playing the lottery. I've bought over 50 new Gibson guitars. Two had to be returned. One was replaced and one was repaired. Not a big deal to me when the company backs up it's product. Price wise, when Gibson advertises a J35 guitar at $5500 msrp and $4800 map, the street price should be around $3300 Collins J35 ranges $4900-$6000 depending on options. I don't know if or how much those prices can be negotiated but being a limited quantity with a small distribution network, I doubt you would get much off. I've only played one and it was a very nice guitar. Would I pay $2K more for it? I'd have to like it a lot. Small time local luthier built guitars can also be very nice ( I have a great L00 my local luthier made) but they are usually priced a little high and have a poor resale value. Good luck with your outcome.
  6. I tend to change them in the order they break
  7. I would really be surprised if final inspection looks inside the guitar for anything except the label. I would really be surprised if anyone except guitar geeks (me included) look inside their guitars for his kind of stuff. Maybe the pandemic era will be another Kalamazoo Gals era 70 years from now. JT should be keeping records to pass down to his great grandchildren so they can write a book in 2100. 😉
  8. That would be about $2580 USD. Here in the states I would expect to pay $1800-$1500 (£1400-£1150). But I don't know the supply and demand situation in your area. We have a few members across the pond that may chime in.
  9. I did a quick check of mine. All of them look to be 2-1/8" except the L00 RI is 2-3/8" and the '42 LG1 is 2-1/4"
  10. I usually try to make modifications reversible. If I wanted to try something like this, I would make a veneer with a decal and apply it like a pick guard. The ferrules and trc screws would help hold it down.
  11. I’m in the camp of getting reissues because I seldom see any vintage ones that are not overpriced and in need of repairs. As far as the Smecks, I had the JB walnut version and a hog and rw version of the Stage Deluxe. They all sounded great. I’ve had a couple walnut guitars ( JB and AJ) and did not care for them. They were so loud and bright it exposed my lack of talent. If I were a better player I would had kept them. I decided to downsize and only keep one of the SD and it didn’t matter which one so I put them both up for sale then after one sold I took the other one (RW) down.
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