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  1. This is actually a Martin CEO 000-28-2020 Mockingbird
  2. Dave F

    Case Value

    Traded for 3500 value I'm no expert on cases either.
  3. Dave F

    Case Value

    No badges or tags. Every Lifton I've had had a badge. This guy was not very knowledgeable about guitars but he was a very nice talented guy that knows how to use them. A local artist a little older than myself. We had quite a few common friends. Wants me to do some setup work for him and he's wanting to buy a CJ165 I have.
  4. Yours looks identical to my 2014 model. I bought it because my '68 Custom RI was getting too heavy for me. I believe they have varying chambered versions, mine is just a little lighter. Weighing yours should tell you if it's chambered. I think the standards all have the slim necks but I'm not sure. Post this on the Gibson USA forum , there's a lot of experts up there.
  5. From the code I would guess LP=Les Paul STD+=Standard Plus upgrade of top wood DB= Desert Burst CH=Chrome Hardware 1=Right handed
  6. Dave F

    Case Value

    I did 35 w/case (trade value) no cash changed hands
  7. Dave F

    Case Value

    It has a slight taper, .060"
  8. Dave F

    Case Value

    Some case shots. I sprayed it and have it setting outside airing out
  9. Dave F

    Case Value

    Met up with the J45. The case was nothing special and I was willing to let him keep it but he let it go. Guitar was in decent shape. Some wear . One back crack that was cleated the rest of the guitar is crack free. A few loose braces. someone tried to drill/ream a thru hole in the endpin hole but broke off what looks like a reamer. looks like they were trying to install a UST. Someone put some clunky Grovers on it. Frets are original and only need dressed. Fretboard is in decent shape. Neck is dead straight but it needs a neck reset. Bridge looks like a replacement. This guitar was owned by a former neighbor of Lonnie Mack and he used to play it when he visited. I'm a big Lonnie Mack fan but even if this was documented I don't think it adds any value., just character. I worked a trade for a guitar and amp that I had $3500 invested. This is the 4th birth year guitar I'm trying. The others didn't cut it and moved on. Off to the luthier for neck reset, fret dress and braces glued. I'm estimating $500-$600. I already have some tuners for it. This luthier lives in Lonnie's old stomping ground and maybe he can verify the info. I have a 1940 Recording King I picked up the other day that also needs the neck reset that will be joining it. Otherwise it's a closet queen. Here's a couple pics
  10. Dave F

    Case Value

    Not exactly. I'm looking at at '52 J-45 and working on a trade. I have no interest in the case but the seller seems to be wanting to add some value to the trade via the case. I don't mind taking the case for a price such as Slim's mentioning but not more. I have plenty of cases. We plan on meeting this weekend.
  11. Here's one from Wildwood Serial Number: 10918003 Brand Gibson Model J-45 Vintage Type Round Shoulder Body Style Finish Color Vintage Sunburst Finish Type Nitrocellulose Lacquer - VOS - New Thin FInish Top Wood Thermally Aged Adirondack Red Spruce Bracing X-Bracing Back & Sides Wood Mahogany Neck Wood Mahogany Neck Joint Compound dovetail secured with hide glue at the 14th fret Neck Shape Vintage Round Neck Dimensions .880 1st - .940 9th Fretboard Material Indian Rosewood Fingerboard Inlays MOP Dots Scale Length 24-3/4" Width at Nut 1.725" Nut Material Bone Binding Multi-ply Top, Single Ply Back Rosette Multi-ply Single Ring Tuners Gotoh with White Button Bridge Rosewood Belly Up Saddle Bone Pickguard Tortoise Teardrop Case Hardshell Case
  12. Dave F

    Case Value

    We're talking trade. I haven't seen it yet but should this weekend.
  13. Dave F

    Case Value

    I’m looking at a local ‘52 that has the original case. The seller references on reverb the same year, condition and style case that’s asking 1800 which is not something I’m in to.
  14. For those that buy vintage J-45’s from the 49’s and 50’s, what value would you put on having the original Lifton case in good condition?
  15. I take the attitude that it’s wood, steel and plastic subjected to who knows what kind of conditions after it leaves the factory. Odds of it moving are pretty good. I have a few Gibson’s and Martins and the majority of them come high from the factory as a normal. I wish they had your problem where I needed a higher saddle. The higher saddle should produce a stronger sound. Find a guitar with a thicker top, longer aged wood and beefier bracing and maybe it will be more stable. I think Gibson and Martin tried this back in the ‘70’s. I think I’ve had a couple Gibson’s where I needed to raise the saddles. They’re great guitars with a higher saddle. Usually I’m trying to lower the saddle and running out of room. with the exception of one Martin, I usually have to adjust the truss rod every year or so to bring a guitar back in.
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