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  1. As stated above, the coated ones will last forever for occasional use. Some of my guitars sit for a year or so with the coated and they hold up. On the flip side, I was bragging about the coated strings to a friend of mine that plays out about 4 nights a week. The coated strings lasted about 3 weeks (versus his usual once a week changing) then the coating started flaking off so I don't think they'll hold up under extreme  playing conditions. I recently tried the nickel bronze strings and was blown away with their initial sound bu they lost their sizzle after a couple weeks, but they still sound okay. I have a large stash of SP's so they'll do for now.

  2. 2 minutes ago, 62burst said:

    Yes, and always good to put a little masking tape around the 1/16" drill bit just shy of the length of the body of the screw to use as a depth gauge.

    I never use an electric drill. Just hold the drill in a pin vise and use my fingers. With the tape as mentioned.

  3. The recent threads mentioning the Gospel got my interest so I started looking for one.

    EBay had one listed that caught my attention.  It was listed starting at 900 with make an offer.

    The pictures were rather evasive but the description was very specific. Here it is -

    Hi up for sale is a 1994 Gibson 100th Anniversary Gospel acoustic guitar. The guitar is absolutely mint with just the barest signs that it had been handled. I purchased it from the original owner who said to me he maybe strummed it lightly a few times. It's a true time-capsule piece..just as it came from the factory. 100th year foil label inside sound hole



    Looked nice enough and with the description I had the EBay guarantee

    Toward the end of the bidding I offered him a little less than his starting point.

    Just before it was over he accepted it.

    When I tried to pay him, his email was not active with Paypal. We got that fixed.

    A couple days later the USPS drops it off at my door. No box, tape around the case. Case was not in great shape but the tape did no damage.9Am5UrR.jpg

    After I opened it, I thought I got the wrong guitar

    Nicks, scratches, fret wear and a nice top crack along the fret board


    I immediately started  the return process. He was polite and agreed. Then he asked if I would consider keeping it with a partial refund.

    I then did a more thorough inspection. Crack is secure, truss rod (dual action) worked, fret wear could easily be removed plus there are a few high frets, fret board was clean, neck angle was only slightly off and not in need of a reset, nut slots need recut. Did not play bad as is.

    I offered $375 and he agreed.

    What do you think?

  4. 2 hours ago, Murph said:

    Just a comment. I never learned how to mess with tabs. Don't know how they work. Wasn't meaning any dis-respect, whatever it takes to learn a tune is fine with me.

    However, there was no way in hell you were gonna put a music stand with lyrics on a stage for a paying gig in Phoenix in the 70's / 80's. This would have meant you didn't know your songs and weren't "ready". I realize these days even the pro's use iPads and those fake monitors with lyrics. It just didn't happen back then. Not in the markets I played.


    My first decent lead playing lesson was in the mid sixties with a play along LP with tabs by the Ventures. Still remember it. 

  5. IMHO

    way overpriced. These Norlin models usually go 800-1400. Also, because of the build during this era it is recommended you try it before you buy it or make sure they have a liberal return policy. It’s in UK, is that where you’re located? If not, returning would be very difficult. Better to change you’re year on your birth certificate or use your mom or dads year. 

  6. That one I got from Scotland went smooth. Shipping was not expensive, no special tariffs since it was returning home to its origin and it arrived very quickly. Seller just wrapped the case in bubble wrap and I instructed him to not lock the case and be sure to mark country of origin as USA. That mahogany one and the rosewood Honky Tonk satisfy my modern J45 appetite. 



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