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  1. After letting it set for the day, the low action was buzzing and fretting out around the 10th fret.

    I reduced the relief from .030" to .003" and the high E was on the frets..

    I stripped it down, cleaned it up, buffed out the pick scratches (there were a lot of them below the neck in front of the pickguard), buffed out a few more scuffs marks, buffed out the marks on the headstock from leaving a tuner on it and oiled the fretboard and bridge.

    I measured the existing saddle and found one from a SJ200 I used to have that looked close to what I wanted.  I never modify an original saddle, I mark it and make a new one if needed but I'll use them in other guitars if the fit the need.

    Put it back together with new strings and it came out very nice. At the 12th, base E is .065" and high E is .040"

    DIF 2


    DIF 2


    DIF 2



  2. Deals done. Very good shape. Needs a little buffing out, truss road adjustment and a new saddle. I was surprised how low the action was and it did not buzz.  The high E string was only .020" above the 12th fret. The neck has a little too much relief. The neck angle looks very good. I think the the saddle will need to be a lot higher.  The narrow nut is not noticeable. It has more girth and feels better than my Super 400 which has a narrow nut.

    Gibson DIF



    Gibson DIF



    Gibson DIF



    Gibson DIF




  3. Considering trading my JB and a little cash for a DIF Limited. I figure of the three Smeck models I have, I like this one the least.  The JB is one of the early ones signed by JB. I will check out the DIF tomorrow. 
    Let the discussion begin. 

  4. 7 hours ago, j45nick said:

    There have been several runs of OJ's in recent years. A couple of people here may still have them.

    I have one of the '34 Jumbo 1994 Centennial Guitar of the month. Very nice guitar at a reasonable price if you can find one. Long scale, 1.75 nut, custom inlays and V shape neck. I've had a couple AJ's and the Jumbo seems to be basically the same guitar so they moved on. Everytime I think about selling it I look at the prices of the new ones. This is a stock photo, it has more of a sunset burst.




  5. 22 minutes ago, zombywoof said:


    The infamous Kay K1160.  Who removed the painted blocks on the board?  

    I wore them off then painted my name on the fret board. A few years back I replaced the neck (shown below) but it did not look right. I then had the original board planed and refretted. I need to get the blocks back on it. 




  6. We moved about a year ago and I now have a very nicely situated music room. Only half of one wall is an exterior wall with a window. I was able to close off the vent during the heating season,  leave one side of the double doors open and the temperature and humidity varies very little using a large room. humidifier. The furnace does have a humidifier but keeping the entire house at 45% during the winter is too much. During the summer months I use a large dehumidifier that does a great job keeping the entire level controlled without doing anything special.

  7. 38 minutes ago, JWG4927 said:

    Hilarious, DaveF. Must be from the British part of Kentucky   

    almost as good as the bloke a while back who commented on a song by saying except for the singing and playing, it was excellent.

    and I was just going to say "nice shirt"

    I didn't mean any disrespect. I think Jinder is very talented. I like his writing, playing, advice, guitars and his voice. From all accounts on this forum he seems like a real nice guy and I wish him a lot of success. I thought the words of the song were very heartfelt and beautifully written. Sometimes when you have the possibility of a great song you need to explore different format ( tempo, arrangements, ....) options  and play around with it and try it out in front of different venues. Maybe he did! I just thought the production of this song sounded like something you would of heard back in the late 70's or early 80's . It just sounded dated to me. Absolutely nothing wrong with the performer. Maybe I'm the one that's out dated 🙂  

    p.s. I did download it.

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  8. They're definitely great guitars and if you have the opportunity, try as many as you can even if they're a friends guitar that's not for sale. Knowing what to look for was very difficult.

    I've went through a few (maybe not as many as Sal 🙂  ) before I found a keeper.

    As far as J45's (and versions) here's what I went through and maybe I'm not done

    two modern J45 standards - both gone 

    J45 Custom RW - gone

    1954 J50 - gone

    J45 True Vintage - gone

    original 1940's Banner J45 - gone

    Kris Kristofferson SJ - still have

    Dwight Yoakam Honky Tonk Deuce - stil have

    J45 Legend

    The Legend won out over all the others, I look at the other two I have as artist signed collectables.

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