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  1. After seeing your J200 I ordered some replacement buttons to try out first. Here's some before, during and after picts of my HB and J45. I'm still debating the J200. I like the look of your tulip buttons.
  2. I've been very impressed with the AJ I recently bought. I have no guitar or have played any that vibrates as much as this one. My D41-Special is the only other one I have that vibrates, but nothng like this one. I realize they are both advanced x-bracing. I've only picked up one other AJ but it did not compare. Friends have played it and agreed. You feel the entire body vibrating as you play and it's very loud. Is this common with AJ's or does the walnut body contribute more to this?
  3. Did the new turners use the exsisting holes plus another or did they coverup the old hole?
  4. I like it alot. I may have to do it to mine. I was thinking about doing it to my J45 too.
  5. Should be able to get a new HB for about $150 less than you're looking at.
  6. Great news John! I've played this CD quite a few times and it's my favorite of the year so far.
  7. An ovation I just sold came with a pack of shims.
  8. I don't glue the saddle to the bridge. I glue bone to bone to give me a taller saddle to work with. I very seldom do that. I normally just make a new one. I keep a lot of blanks with the top radius ready to finish off
  9. I would check the neck bow first. I usually set mine between .000" to .005" before I make a saddle and I set my action very, very low. I have a few saddles for some of my guitars that tend to move with the seasons. Sometimes humidity will change them a little bit so I just give the old truss rod a 1/4 turn and everythings okay. They do sell bone material for shims that they recommend you glue to the existing saddle.
  10. Sounds like a title to one of Johnny Cash's songs
  11. The weight thing was on another thread a while back and I weighed my acoustics. They were all within 4oz and I'll be damned if I can tell a difference. Now the LP Custom I just sold was 10lb 6oz. I could tell the difference there. It was breaking my shoulder.
  12. I'm not the expert around here, but I would post this up on the Acoustic Forum. Those guys can really I.D. if for you. With my limited knowledge here's my two cents but there's too much I do not know- The tuners have been replaced. These are newer tuners not the era of the guitar and you can see the old holes. There looks to be a few more numbers inked on the block. From the reference I have the D prefix dates it to 1938. The pickguard looks like something from the late 50's and there appears to be cracks beneath it. The decal logo should narrow it down also. The belly up bridge. I'm not sure when they appeared. Good luck.
  13. I have both and like them both. There are some noticable differences. They both have the slim 60's rounded neck profile. The HB Pro has a 1.6875" nut width. If you have large hands you will really notice the crowding of the fingers on the first few frets. It also has a 25 1/2” scale . The HB Standard has a 1.725" nut width which is a little more roomier. it also has a 24-3/4” scale which I think is more comfortable string tension.
  14. I just bought a new one from a five star dealer last month for $2,398. It's quickly becoming one of my favorites. Very comfortable and a nice balanced sound. I'm mostly fingerpickin' lately so I don't know how that fits into your style. I agree with the others that if you can get to a five star dealer that carries what your looking for try them out. I'm not in that situation so if I want to try something out I usually have to buy it. Most of your good dealers will accept returns withing 14 days as long as it's returned in new condition and you absorb the shipping which is okay with me. Good luck and congratulations on your retirement.
  15. I'm back in the black. I sold three this weekend so for this year I've sold 7 and bought 5. All upgrades in my opinion with a little bit still in the kitty.
  16. Dave F

    Old vs new

    Ditto. Or at least NOS. I've been finding some very good deals on very nice guitars with the NOS lately.
  17. I'm afraid I've been going a little overboard lately. In the past three months I've sold 4 plus two almost out the door and I've bought five. The latest today, a NOS ('09) J45 with some finish issue on the top. It played and sound so well, still had the factory warranty at price I couldn't pass up.
  18. Love that burst. Not to much and just enough.
  19. I try (don't always succeed) to buy used where I can at least get my money back and buy new figuring I will loose 4 to 5 hundred if I sell it too soon. If it doesn't past those numbers I usually pass on it. I bought a new J200 last year 3000 out the door from my local dealer. My hope is if I needed to sale it right now I might get 2400. My guitars are not investments like some of the ones I see on the forum. My biggest problem is getting the guitars in my hands before I buy it. There just doesn't seem to be anything local. Lately I've been trying to deal with dealers that have a liberal return so that way I'm only out the shipping. If I find my dream guitar I would probably loose all sense of control and pay double. Good luck with your decision
  20. Thats the strangest head break I've ever seen. The few that I have seen were right above the nut and more ragged. This one looks like someone sawed off and switched tops with another guitar. I also think if it was mine, I would try to get it looking better.
  21. How about a J-50 Elvis Presley. I think I saw a picture of JT playin' the original.
  22. Seems like he always had to have something in his hands
  23. I've been hooked on the Elixir Custom Light Nanoweb. Easy to play, sound good and for the amount of playing time I do, they last forever. To get a another opinion, I gave a set to a freind of mine who is either playing gigs or giving guitar lessons every night. He normally changes his strings every week due to corrosion. The Elixir's went three weeks with no corrosion, but the wound strings were showing signs of wear. He liked the sound, but he does plug in his acoustics. Check out Maury's website. He does a good revue of strings. As is everything, it depends on how you like them and if you like the way they sound.
  24. I've only played it a little, I still need to set it up to my liking and switch the strings. My first impression is the mid tones overpower the highs and the lows and it has great volume. Here's the specs. Finish: Honeyburst Body Wood: AAA Sitka Spruce Top & Walnut Back and Sides Fretboard: Rosewood Fretboard w/ MOP Gladiator Inlay Neck: Mahogany Neck (Rounded Profile) Nut Width: 1 23/32" Scale Length: 25.4" Case: Gibson Custom Shop Acoustic Case Other: Gold Vintage Openback Tuners It is one of a run of 30 This one was NOS I bought from Route 66 Classic Guitars Jim and Janine were great and easy to negotiate and work with. Here's a couple more pics
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