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  1. Repair shop called today. Gibson notified them it shipped today.
  2. One on the Trading Post right now http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/99690-90s-gibson-acoustic-guitars/
  3. Did, no response Did, they're checking with the factory Yes Me too. Dealer covered shipping I will
  4. I took my 2012 SJ200 to my local Gibson repair shop becuse the neck angle was off. It was off when I ordered it about 11 months prior, but I thought I would wait a few seasons to see if the belly would come down. I made a temporary saddle as low as possible to get it where I could play it, but not very comfortably. It still had very high action. The neck was straight. They sent it back to Gibson for evaluation. It's been 2-1/2 months and no word. What's the usual turnaround time?
  5. Just listened to the new Emmy Lou Harris and Rodney Crowell CD Old Yellow Moon A few of the tracks are really good but too many are 'fun' songs that I don't care for. They are two of my favorite artist but I wish they would have stuck with the great harmonies they do together. I would have thrown in a few more classics and a few more of Rodney's songs.
  6. Just for kicks I weighed some of mine. They're were all within 4 oz with the lightest being a brand new Humminbird with electronics weighing in at 4lb 2oz
  7. Back in the day I had to tune my E to the beginning of Day Tripper and go from there
  8. My 60's Kay. Sentimental reasons. Between my Martin and Gibson it would be my D41 special.
  9. I know what you mean. If CAMELEYE drops his prices anymore http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/98937-sj-and-j-45-also-l-00tv-now-lower-pricing/ I don't think I'll be able to contain myself!
  10. 1. 1989 CE (sold) 2. 1991 SST (sold) 3. 2005 CG 4. 2008 LP Custom (sold) 5. 2012 J200 (waiting to come back from factory - neck reset) 6. 1953 J50 (new) 7. 2012 HB Pro (new) 8. 2013 HB (new) I'm actually downsizing. Besides the 3 above, I've sold a few Martins. My new motto, sell 2 for every new one.
  11. Dave F

    '53 J50

    The guy's name is RIck Kinman. He's the guitar player for a local band called KY Myle. If you google him you may get his uncle who also plays around town with local legend Scotty Anderson.
  12. Dave F

    '53 J50

    The FON prefix is 'Y'. It has the taller scalloped bracing. The pickguard has been replaced with the same size. The luthier showed me what to look for on the neck and this was was definitely the original neck. It has not had or needs a neck reset. It has had the frets replaced. One crack on the back has been repaired. The bridge looks original but has been reglued. Inside inspection shows everything clean.
  13. Dave F

    '53 J50

    I bought it from a guitar broker in Florida with a 14 day return policy. As soon as I got it, I took it to a luthier who happens to be vintage Gibson freak. It was not exactly as described, but it was all good and well worth the price. He had it listed as a '56, but the FON has it dated as a '53. The neck being a 20 fret raised concern but the luthier said he would bet his house it was the original neck. Just another example of a Gibson not matching the specs as quite a few forum members have noted.
  14. Dave F

    '53 J50

    I took this '53 J50 to my weekly guitar lesson tonight & shot a video on my iPhone of my teacher trying it out.
  15. Do you mean 64ths or are you playin' a slide guitar?
  16. Ditto on the lower and lighter as I get older
  17. My 2nd guitar that I learned to play on (1st one only lasted a couple days before it became an El Kabong prop for my older brothers). I wore it out, gave it to my younger brother who took it with him while in the service and then returned it to me. I recently put a new neck on it to make it playable again. Original price - Top Value stamps New neck, saddle, nut, tuners - $65
  18. There's a new one of these a my local GC on clearance for $23xx. I've spoke to them and they were willing to let it out the door for $2290 http://stores.guitarcenter.com/Florence
  19. Not a short scale, but http://lexington.craigslist.org/msg/3579750872.html
  20. I agree with the signature model statement for least value. I just bought a HB Pro (I know it's not a hummingbird) and I'm really impressed with it. Look up the specs at Gibson.com. Looks plain except for the inlaids, sounds/plays great, OHSC. $1779 at GC (It's their exclusive) and used ones for 1200-1400. Not a bad drop for a new guitar in that range. You're basically paying for the warranty.
  21. This is what we call 'Church Lillies'. They pop up only on holidays. I'm not making fun of you, I'm falling into the same routine.
  22. Just my preference, I prefer low action - As long as the guitar doesn't have a neck angle issue, I put a capo if possible on the 12th and 1st - using the strings as a straight edge I adjust truss rod so the gap at the 6th is between .002" to .005" - I check the radius on the saddle to make sure it matches the upper frets - I sand down or replace the saddle so at the 12th fret I have .050" gap on the treble and .060" on the bass - If needed the nut slots are sawed lower to get a .020" gap at every string Just my preference
  23. I played Praise Music for 10 years but everthing was an orchestrated arrangement and loved it. I played with some very talented musicians. At one point we had 4 retired band directors in the group. Was the first time I got to play with horns. The band director would show us off and let us improvise our solos. During that time I also acquired an appreciation for Southern Gospel. I still love my old rock and classic country.
  24. Code Letter and Year Z 1952 Y 1953 X 1954 W 1955 V 1956 U 1957 T 1958 S 1959 R 1960 Q 1961
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