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  1. Here's my latest addition. 1953 J50. Seller offered full refund if I didn't like it minus shipping Here's some of what I was told and what I see. Look it over and feel free to comment - From seller - Was oversprayed & shows 1 crack repair under the finish, the top, sides & neck are completely original finish (I looked inside and saw the cleats but could not see the repair on the outside with the naked eye. The flash made it show up. Overspray also on neck) 60's 2-line Kluson tuners perfect refret & repro tortoise'gard What I see - No cracks elsewhere. I looked it over good and took the lights and mirrors inside. looked clean Fret job looks great Repairs look old Guitar has that stuck in the attic for 40 years smell Neck is straight Action is good. I'm going to lower it a little, but there's plenty of saddle. Can't tell if the neck has been reset Don't know if bridge is original. It does shown signs of wear consistent with the guitar Had original nut, frets and broken saddle in case New nut and saddle look to be plastic. Bridge pins look to be original plastic ones. Had 2 old straps in case Had a newer case
  2. Dave F

    Saddle help!

    Depends on how you like your setup and your neck angle. Normally the bass side is higher than the treble so you would take a little more off the bass side. If you have the old saddle and the height was good on it, just trace it with a pencil over the new one. I would take string height measurements at the 12th with the old saddle and determine what I want to do with the new one.
  3. Just bought a new HB Pro last week (because I liked it not becuase it's a HB) for 1775 @ GC. Used ones without issues are going 1200-1400
  4. I've had three and sold three. I figure the next time I get an urge I'll just plug in my Boss effect pedal. I haven't had the urge in a few years.
  5. Dave F

    Case Help

    I agree. I have the same problem with my TeleSelect but the opposite end. I have to slide the headstock in before I lower the rest of the guitar or the end tuning key gets moved.
  6. I went to my local GC last weekend to check out their pres day sale. The HB Pro intrigued me due to the discount and the specs I read on Gibson.com I know no one considers it a real HB, but I tried one anyway. I loved the feel of the neck and the sound seemed booming and very balanced with the highs and lows. I'll be the first to admit that I do not have that great of an ear. I don't remember if I had my hearing aids on that day. I definitely did not want the floor model so the manager ordered me one from stock which only took a few days to get. I was very pleased when I picked it up. The visual quality was perfect. I took it home and checked it out. Everything was set perfect to factory specs, the neck angle was perfect. I adjusted the truss rod, lowered the saddle and lowered the nut grooves. Plays like butter and sound great. My only complaint would be the electronics. Way too much bass, but I don't plan on using it. At the same store, I played a new anniversary J200. Biggest dud I ever played. Set up was horrible, no sound at all. Neck angle off (my J200 is currently back at the factory getting the neck reset) I think my 60's Kay could out-sound it. This guitar is kept up in the rafters where they need a ladder to get to it. More expensive doesn't always mean better.
  7. I called about it but they would not ship. In store only.
  8. Juan,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I thought about waiting for the Banners but I think they may go the route of the Legends. 9K MSRP, 7K MAP 3-4K used. There's such a small demand for these type guitars the new ones get too expensive to build and the used ones don't hold their value. I'm still just kicking it around and have not made up my mind. Thanks

  9. Look at this Hummingbird. I'm just trying to get into older guitars and saw this and did a little research. The seller claims he bought it used in '69 and put it in the closet until now. The reference data I have - S/N falls between 70 to 75 "MADE IN USA" puts it in the 70's Block markers instead of parallelograms puts it between 73 to 83. He does not show the label which is another dater when they quit using the oval round orange ones. Take all into account and it's a 73 to 75 Value wise highest to lowest the ealy 60's, mid-late 60's then the 70's and 80's It does look to be in nice shape but I don't think they're too collectible, but the current price looks reasonible I contacted the seller about these issues plus some more info, but did not get a response http://www.ebay.com/...984.m1426.l2649
  10. The Taylor is next on my list to go along with the Martin D28EP and Takamine. I hit my monthly limit on Ebay so I'll give them a run on CL then if needed Ebay.
  11. Thanks for the feedback. Good info. The biggest thing that scares me away from the legend is the dramatic drop in price from a new one to the used one. Not a good ratio and that's usually a sign that overall the owners are not that happy with them. You will always find some players that will love them and swear by them but I seem to have a habit of getting rid of the ones I do not connect to.
  12. I'm familar with the Ebay one. I found one a few hundred less.
  13. I had one last week via Craigs List. I was selling a '40's Martin Uke for $1000. Got a text from California stating he wanted to buy it and would pay shipping. I checked with PayPal and you can send them an invoice so you do not need to give out any personal information. Once I asked him for his email, phone number and home address the dance started. He wanted to deposit $1875 into my account (again wanted my account info) and I was to pay a moving company $875 for some other stuff he was moving. I cut it off at that point. I did sell the uke face to face this week.
  14. I'm open to and keeping my eyes open for an old one as long as it's in decent shape and not a lot of repaired cracks. I'm seeing the used legend going for 3k-4k. Most of the old ones seem to be 4k-6k unless it has a lot of repairs or needs some. My other concern with the old ones is how much I'll have to put into it for neck reset, frets, etc. I don't think I would buy an old one without seeing it unless the seller had a great reputation. I did meet a real nice guy this past week who bought my '40's Martin Ukulele. He has a '38 L00 he's thinking about selling. If it's in as good of shape as he described, and I believe him, I would buy it on the spot.
  15. I've been selling off some of the herd (5 in the past two weeks) and looking for just a couple replacements. Currently I'm considering a used JB (on Gibson Trading Post) or a used J45 1942 Legend. Unfortunately there's none locally so I would be buying it without ever trying one. Please give some opinions.
  16. From s/n it's a 2006. I would take this up to the Les Paul forum and let the experts evaluate it for you.
  17. Where do I sign up? Do we get discounts on Gibsons?
  18. Here's the one I just sold. It was in mint condition with the stock '57's pups and not nicked up around the head with a hipshot rubbing off the Custom decal. http://www.ebay.com/itm/121067366100?ssPageName=STRK:MESOX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1559.l2649
  19. I just sold a similar one made in '08. This is an '04 Guitar Center special '68 reissue. The first two s/n digits are the year. Should have the thin 60's neck Naturally the locking tuners and hipshot are add ons. I believe it originally came with '57 Humbuckers The pickups are personal preferences but I think it devalues a re-issue. Don' know what you're paying, but I wouldn't go over $1600 Otherwise it looks real.
  20. I just sold off three, have three more for sale, ordered one new one and I'm looking at a nice used legend. I think I need an intervention.
  21. Yeah, I think some people think they lock the tuning keys but they are designed to just lock the strings to the post without wraps. Most of them have an 18:1 ratio which holds a little better than the 14:1. I replaced a couple of my guitars and I love them.
  22. I like them for the ease of changing strings.
  23. Sorry, I can't give an opinion bout that one.
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