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  1. I've owned two of their higher end models and sold both of them. Nice looking, easy playing, not to bad a sound, but I just did not care for them when compred to Gibson and Martin. Kept the first one for about 10 years and the 2nd one about three years but I don't think I would consider them overrated. Just a matter of taste. I agree with taking the right guitar to the right venue. I would have one if I was still playing worship music. Seems like for acoustics the preference is Gibson, Martin and Takamine. I've had a couple high end Takamine's too but felt the same about them as I did the Taylor's but I wouldn't say they're overrated either. If I was a younger man on a budget, I'd be buying Dean's. I like a lot of their designs. I really can't think of any guitar I think as overrated.
  2. The newer J45 I have is hands down the favorite one that my freinds tend to grab.
  3. Good catch. That Newport photo is definitely older than '69. If I remember correctly he started his TV series in '69 and looked a lot older than in that photo.
  4. Nice cross section there. I would try a short scale slope body to throw in the mix. See which nut size is more comfortable for you. The Dove & Martin you played were probably a narrower nut than the others that were medium. May want to find a wide one to try. Looks like you played mahogany, maple and rosewood. Regardless of how it played, which one sounded the best to your ears? I have or have played everything you listed. I would take the Hummingbird, but's that's my preference. Of the ones you list, I've found the J-200 to vary the most from one guitar to the next. I would try a few more before ruling it out. The other models seem more consistent. If they were all standard models Hummingbird - Square shoulder, short scale, mahogany b&s, med width nut Doves in Flight - Square shoulder, long scale, maple b&s, narrow nut J-200 - Jumbo body, long scale, maple b&s, med width nut HD 28-V - Dread, long scale, rosewood b&s, narrow nut Good luck! I'm still looking.
  5. This Gibson looks like it may be maple????
  6. Yea, the last one I bought had a inspection signoff 6 months after the stamped date.
  7. Just tie a short string around your tooth and the other to your pickin' hand and await the arrival if the J200
  8. Look at it as the 'one' solidbody that will replace all the others. Last year I played a few tele selects that just grabbed me. I bought one and did not have the intent to but decided to sell off my VG Strat, Tele B-bender and LP Custom and haven't regretted it for one day. Or just add to the herd and don't worry about it.
  9. Please don't step into that time machine, you're not certain where you'll land or if you can make it back. Instead, buy one of these. I have one and love it. http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Nuts,_saddles/Special_tools_for:_Nuts_and_saddles/Nut_Slotting_Gauge.html?actn=100101&xst=3&xsr=4630
  10. Dave F

    Where are you located?

  11. I posted some pics when I got it in April. Look further down the thread for some pics I took outside showing the walnut in a better light. http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/100852-new-family-member/page__p__1363986__fromsearch__1&do=findComment&comment=1363986 I haven't played an AJ Rosewood. I do have a J45 Rosewood and a couple rosewood Martin's. The sound is definitely different but the volume, ringing and vibration is what impresses me the most. I physically feel this guitar a lot more than anything I've ever played and I do not strum/pick very hard. From my perspective the AJ Walnut seems brighter and has more of a piano sound.
  12. I guess with only 30 of them made they're a little hard to find or perhaps the guy overpaid for it. I see that a lot when they pay too much and think that will determine the used price.
  13. I own one of these. It's a great guitar. Here's the specs Bought it earlier this year as NOS for $2250 Finish: Honeyburst Body Wood: AAA Sitka Spruce Top & Walnut Back and Sides Fretboard: Rosewood Fretboard w/ MOP Gladiator Inlay Neck: Mahogany Neck (Rounded Profile) Nut Width: 1 23/32" Scale Length: 25.4" Case: Gibson Custom Shop Acoustic Case Other: Gold Vintage Openback Tuners Extras: Certificate of Authenticity & Documentation Included
  14. Sorry, I've got my own demons. I cannot help you.
  15. She was 'it' in her day. I saw her on a Chris Issac special last year. If you watch another video from this show of 'Pick Me Up on Your Way Down' you'll see Merle Travis pickin' in the background
  16. I really liked it. Brought back some old memories. Thanks
  17. http://www.stewmac.com/freeinfo/a-scalelength
  18. Take my opinion with a grain of salt. The Greater Cincinnati area is a depressed area for getting your hands on different types of acoustics. I think we still order Silvertones from the Sears & Roebuck catalog. I recently bought an AJ with walnut b&s. It's one of my favorites to grab. I agree that the tone is somewhere between the rosewood and mahogany. What I like about mine is the volume and when you play the guitar the entire body vibrates like nothing else I've played. Friends of mine who have played it agree. But again, with my limited exposure I do not know if it's the wood, design or combination of both. This has renewed my interest in getting a JB.
  19. U P D A T E Well I took a lot of the advice given. I sold off the Taylor and Takamine, plus a few more. I did buy a vintage J50. I'm still on the fence about it. I was patiently waiting for the JT models to be announced this summer but it sounds like that will be very limited. (Love the book & CD) I do not think the Forum Guitar will ever happen. I'm back on the JB kick. I think I can get a new one within a few hundred of the used ones being offered. To me, it's worth a few hundred more for a new one in case there's neck angle issues plu I just like new guitars. I can return it with no hard feelings or send it back to the factory for a reset. Gibson did a great reset on my J200 I've already been through this issue and it's hard communicating with used sellers and their opinion of good action is not always in line with mine and the majority cannot measure the string height and available saddle. I was told they no longer make the JB as a production model and can only be special ordered whenever they start taking special orders. I have an attractive offer from a 5-star dealer that I may pull the trigger on this week. He needs to feed me back one more piece of info 1st.
  20. I'd be happy with that fix.
  21. When I sold my uke on CL, I had the guy meet me at work which was convenient for him plus the guys in the office got a lunchtime treat listening to him testing it out. He was very talented.
  22. I used my cell phone number and let emails go via craigslist to my email. Spell out some of your numbers to prevent auto scammers. I did not want someone getting my home number and tracking down my address. I still got a couple scam calls and a couple scam text. State clearly local only, Cash only anddo not invite them to your house. I just sold a vintage Martin uke and an automobile that way. No problems. Local and cash.
  23. I bought one off the Gibson Trading Post last year. Beautiful guitar, played great but I just don't plug in anymore so I recently sold it to guy in Texas.
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