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  1. I know beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, bust this is one of the ugliest burst I've ever seen. Looks like someone added the dark color to the edges of a natural. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Gibson-USA-guitar-Vintage-1955-southern-jumbo-SJ-acoustic-/170978105168?pt=Guitar&hash=item27cf16d750
  2. you may want to also check the bow of you neck. If you do all the adjustment with the saddle you may wind up with a higher action than you're after.
  3. Just for reference, I've bought a new j200 this past year for $3000.
  4. Dave F

    This normal?

    I remember the post you're talking about. They showed that the bridges are normally thicker on the bass side. Sounds like yours is they way it's supposed to be.
  5. I bought a guitar via the trading post from gratedmb21 . It was at a great price and the guitar exceeded my expectations. As long as the member has a good reputation I think I would trust it more than Ebay.
  6. I've got an Elvis, Eric, Chet (3) and a Les. Makes it easy when I talk to them, I don't have to make up names like Lucille, Trigger or Blackie.
  7. Was sent back to the factory for evaluation.
  8. Went back and checked it. Needs neck reset, fret job and truss rod needs modified to get a little more out of it. Absolutely no cracks. I made them an offer but GC did not want to budge on price so I passed on it.
  9. I had the salesperson do a mirror inspection inside with the understanding that I will do one when I stop back this coming tuesday. He said the entire inside looked great. No cracks (even under the pickguard) and all the bracing looked good. He adjusted the trussrod and said it helped but the action is still a little high. When I go back I will - - mirror inspect the inside looking for cracks and checking the braces. - tap on the top to hear if any braces sound loose loose - measure the action and saddle height to see if there's room for adjustment - bring up the replaced pickguard and try to get the price down - play it some more and try to make a decision. Thanks for all the input, I'll post an update later in the week.
  10. I would think their quality control could take a gage and check the top of the frets to the top of the bridge which are supposed to be even within reason.
  11. I bought this Anuenue Oahu Koa III Tenor last year, got the bug then found and old Martin http://www.anuenue-uke.com/html_version/#frame_ukulele_18
  12. The neck had a bow. I held the E string down at the 1st and 12th and the gap at the 6th was about .020" The strings were about .150" high at the 12th When I sighted the top of the frets to the bridge it looked about .06" high, but with the bow it was difficult to be sure
  13. I can't believe it went for $1550
  14. The shop called me and said they were sending it back to Gibson for evaluation and they feel it defintely needs a neck reset.
  15. I stopped by a local GC today. They had a 1957 J50 for $3499. I looked it over and besides maybe a neck reset, I could not see any modifications. No cracks but the guitar has seen plenty of use. It sounded good but was a little difficult to play. The action was high at the 12th fret. The neck had a slight bow that needs to be adjusted out as long as the truss rod works. The bridge looked a little high but hard to tell with the neck bow. I talked a little to the sales person and let him know that I wasn't buying until I did a little research. He said he could go $3200 for it. They have a 72 hour return policy on vintage guitars. I've been looking and can buy these everyday for 1800-2200 but they all have issues like cracks, replaced parts, etc. My thought is if this is all original ( I'm depending on your opinion) and the condition of the finish, maybe it's worth $2800. Let me know your opinions. Thanks
  16. I just started this past year and have the same problem. I've bought a few books and need to utilize the top string a little better. I love playing it late at night when everything's quiet. Here's my 30-40's Martin T1
  17. I'll retract my opinions until the edited version is available.
  18. first of all it's great to write a song and put it out there like that. I've never had the nerve to do that plus you're asking for opinions. I agree with duluthdan. The entire song seemed monotone, the music, verses and singing and needs something else or a hook like Dan mentioned. It definitely needs to be higher and a tad quicker. I have a dear friend who writes a lot of songs and gets me to work on them with him. I think it would help to get someone else to either play along, or sing along to see if it livens it up.
  19. I bought a J200 last March, ordered through my local music shop. The neck angle was off but I thought I could correct it with the saddle and being fresh from the factory maybe it needed some time to settle. I took a saddle (not the original) down all the way to the bridge it it barely brought it down within spec. This past week I gave it a once over and the guitar has not changed a bit. I put the original saddle in and took it back to the dealer who is an authorized Gibson shop. I'll see what happens. I do a lot of business with this shop, so I'm hoping for the best.
  20. I was mainly an electric guy for years and started switching over to acoustics about 12 years ago. Unfortunately I cannot make an absolute decision based on a few test runs and rather get a guitar I think may be the one and keep it a year or so to give it chance. I'm really having a problem deciding on what acoustic I'll like. None of them have grabbed me. My Gibson Chet Atkins Country Gentleman blows me away and is the absolute semi-hollow body that I love and will not get rid of. My Fender Tele Select is the same way. It took me quite a few electrics (Strats, Teles, LP's) to find this one. I have a beautiful Gibson LP Custom that I will be selling off. Now with the acoustic - I've tried a lot of them, bought a few of them. None have blown me away. The Martin D41 Special has been the best so far, but it still doesn't blow me away. The J200 was the biggest disappointment and just put it in the shop last week to see if they can get it right. I hope to give it another chance. So I'm living on both sides of the track trying to decide which side I want ot live on.
  21. Are you sure you're not just a lefty that likes to wear tee's with the print backwards?
  22. Your wife must love you.
  23. I played a new SJ200 Custom this past friday that had rosewood B&S. I play very lightly, so this guitar was too subdued for me. Did not try it hooked up.
  24. Yesterday I went to my local GC (Florence KY) and played a new J200 Custom. Beautiful guitar but I was totally unimpressed with the sound. I have a J200 standard. Is there that much difference in the maple and rosewood? The custom sounded dead. After I went home I pulled out my standard which IMO sounds 10x better and played it for a while. I bought this J200 last spring but haven't played it much. When I got it (ordered through my local music store) the action at the 12th was higher that the usually high stuff from the factory. I checked the bow in the neck using the pushing down the strings at the 1st and 12th and checking the gap at the 5th. Was about .005" which most of mine are set. (unbeknownst to me the strings were actually hitting the higher 7th fret and did not have a straight line to the twelfth) Then I worked in a new saddle to get the the action down. It got it down barely in spec before I ran out of saddle. I prefer real low action but was not there. Being fresh from the factory ( I recieved it within 2 weeks of the sign off at the factory) I thought I'd let it settle for a while and see if anything moves. I've been checking it all year and it hasn't been moving around. Last night I thought I'd check a few things and here's what I found. With string tension (using custom light elixers) - - Straight edge on the frets showed fairly flat with the 7-8-9 frets a little high and a slight bow (.005") between the 1 and 7 - When I laid the straight edge along the frets and took it up the the bridge, the top of the bridge varies .040"-.060" above the frets when it's supposed to be even WIth strings removed - -7th fret on upwards are fairly even, but the headstock tapers away and there's a .04" gap at the 1st fret - the top of the bridge is even with the higher frets - I looked inside the guitar and reached in and felt around, the braces seem solid After this I decided it was beyond my expertise, restrung it while putting the original saddle and pins back end. The guitar checked the same as when I received it. ( I measured everything when it was new) I took it back to the dealer today to get it checked out. They have an independent onsight authorized repair shop on site. I trust the store very much but have some reservation about the repair shop based on a couple things they've done for me in the past. I don't understand the big difference with and without tension. Any insight on this subject? My gut feeling is a neck reset and fret dressing or perhaps a new neck or new guitar. The guitar sounds and looks good so I'm okay with a repair as long as they do an excellent job. There's not even a pick scratch on this one yet.
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