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  1. Don't know if it'll help, but check this past topic. http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/94547-locking-tuners-for-lp-classic-custom/page__p__1286959__fromsearch__1&do=findComment&comment=1286959
  2. Sounds like a great forum to release this book. Looking forward to it.
  3. There was a topic a while back that may help you. I don't know what you have now but I put some locking grovers on my 2005 Chet Country Gentleman and 2008 Gibson LP Custom with no modifications. Grover's website has all the dimensions you need to tell if they're a straight swap out. I like them so far. http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/94547-locking-tuners-for-lp-classic-custom/page__p__1286959__fromsearch__1&do=findComment&comment=1286959
  4. It would be nice if someone with better skills and more knowledge of historical guitars than I have start another thread and set up the options on an opinion poll. I could take a stab at it but would probably miss too much.
  5. Dave F

    Ugly Burst

    I would call this a banjo burst
  6. Dave F

    Ugly Burst

    This one has more than two colors
  7. I know beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, bust this is one of the ugliest burst I've ever seen. Looks like someone added the dark color to the edges of a natural. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Gibson-USA-guitar-Vintage-1955-southern-jumbo-SJ-acoustic-/170978105168?pt=Guitar&hash=item27cf16d750
  8. you may want to also check the bow of you neck. If you do all the adjustment with the saddle you may wind up with a higher action than you're after.
  9. Just for reference, I've bought a new j200 this past year for $3000.
  10. Dave F

    This normal?

    I remember the post you're talking about. They showed that the bridges are normally thicker on the bass side. Sounds like yours is they way it's supposed to be.
  11. I bought a guitar via the trading post from gratedmb21 . It was at a great price and the guitar exceeded my expectations. As long as the member has a good reputation I think I would trust it more than Ebay.
  12. I've got an Elvis, Eric, Chet (3) and a Les. Makes it easy when I talk to them, I don't have to make up names like Lucille, Trigger or Blackie.
  13. Was sent back to the factory for evaluation.
  14. Went back and checked it. Needs neck reset, fret job and truss rod needs modified to get a little more out of it. Absolutely no cracks. I made them an offer but GC did not want to budge on price so I passed on it.
  15. I had the salesperson do a mirror inspection inside with the understanding that I will do one when I stop back this coming tuesday. He said the entire inside looked great. No cracks (even under the pickguard) and all the bracing looked good. He adjusted the trussrod and said it helped but the action is still a little high. When I go back I will - - mirror inspect the inside looking for cracks and checking the braces. - tap on the top to hear if any braces sound loose loose - measure the action and saddle height to see if there's room for adjustment - bring up the replaced pickguard and try to get the price down - play it some more and try to make a decision. Thanks for all the input, I'll post an update later in the week.
  16. I would think their quality control could take a gage and check the top of the frets to the top of the bridge which are supposed to be even within reason.
  17. I bought this Anuenue Oahu Koa III Tenor last year, got the bug then found and old Martin http://www.anuenue-uke.com/html_version/#frame_ukulele_18
  18. The neck had a bow. I held the E string down at the 1st and 12th and the gap at the 6th was about .020" The strings were about .150" high at the 12th When I sighted the top of the frets to the bridge it looked about .06" high, but with the bow it was difficult to be sure
  19. I can't believe it went for $1550
  20. The shop called me and said they were sending it back to Gibson for evaluation and they feel it defintely needs a neck reset.
  21. I stopped by a local GC today. They had a 1957 J50 for $3499. I looked it over and besides maybe a neck reset, I could not see any modifications. No cracks but the guitar has seen plenty of use. It sounded good but was a little difficult to play. The action was high at the 12th fret. The neck had a slight bow that needs to be adjusted out as long as the truss rod works. The bridge looked a little high but hard to tell with the neck bow. I talked a little to the sales person and let him know that I wasn't buying until I did a little research. He said he could go $3200 for it. They have a 72 hour return policy on vintage guitars. I've been looking and can buy these everyday for 1800-2200 but they all have issues like cracks, replaced parts, etc. My thought is if this is all original ( I'm depending on your opinion) and the condition of the finish, maybe it's worth $2800. Let me know your opinions. Thanks
  22. I just started this past year and have the same problem. I've bought a few books and need to utilize the top string a little better. I love playing it late at night when everything's quiet. Here's my 30-40's Martin T1
  23. I'll retract my opinions until the edited version is available.
  24. first of all it's great to write a song and put it out there like that. I've never had the nerve to do that plus you're asking for opinions. I agree with duluthdan. The entire song seemed monotone, the music, verses and singing and needs something else or a hook like Dan mentioned. It definitely needs to be higher and a tad quicker. I have a dear friend who writes a lot of songs and gets me to work on them with him. I think it would help to get someone else to either play along, or sing along to see if it livens it up.
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