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  1. My least favorite is the B string. Seems that all my guitars with the compensated saddle should not be compensated and visa versa and none of them are interchangable.
  2. Sounds nice. I'd come over and listen to ya if you promise not to play any cover songs. I'd hate to turn you in the the Music Gestapo
  3. My dad, then Elvis, then Lonnie Mack, then the Ventures, then Johnny Rivers (it was actually Chuck Berry but I didn't know it at the time) then the Beatles, then John Foggerty, then ......
  4. You don't play many gigs in the states, do you? Aye?
  5. Some of those requested songs should allow us to send the artist a bill for having to play his lame song
  6. Had a new SG in the late 60's that got knocked over on stage and broke off the head. After an expert repair I never noticed it. Good luck!
  7. I think that if all these 'original' artist truly believe this paying theory, they should look back at their own careers as struggling or amateur artist and calculate how many times they covered songs and did not pay fees and make a nice contribution to the estates of all the artist that molded them. Like SRV? pay his estate and then pay Lonnie Mack, then pay Chuck Berry, then pay Django Reinhardt and so on. Otherwise is this just a lot of BS to squeeze a few pennies from the everyday guy just going out and enjoying his hobby. Amateur artist should be exempt from this.
  8. Dave F


    I had red one I bought used in '82. Loved it and was my main electric for years. Just sold it (about gave it way) last year to a fellow worker for his kid. I put a Wilkinson Whammy on it and some solid stops for the floating trem to stop on. The thing never went out of tune.
  9. My new 2013 I just bought from a 5-star dealer does not have Hummingbird on the cover Gibson's sight does not show one either http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Acoustic-Instruments/Square-Shoulder/Gibson-Acoustic/Hummingbird/Neck-and-Headstock.aspx
  10. I've sold 5 guitars and a ukulele in the past two months. Made a profit on all but one that I broke even on.
  11. Looks identical to the new one bought that I PM'd you about. The $500 difference for a new one is borderline to me in this price range.
  12. Just ordered the CD. Lookin' forward to it.
  13. If you bought it new, I would see if warranty would cover it.
  14. Is anyone familar with this builder? http://www.jzeilerguitars.com/guitars.html He's currently building a lot of 24 LOO models that are a tribute to Duane Allman.
  15. I like the statement "The neck appears to never have been broken or repaired surprisingly" Then he shows a half a dozen photos of the cracked and glued neck at the body
  16. Check this out http://www.ebay.com/itm/Gibson-case-lock-latch-fits-Les-Paul-L-5-es-335-SG-175-Super-400-L5-Flying-V-TKL-/400426760237?pt=Guitar_Accessories&hash=item5d3b4b782d I don't think it's s difficult as you think.
  17. I like the burst. Would have put a different pickguard.
  18. I bought a Gibson SST last year off the forum from gratedmb21 A real straight up guy. The guitar was 23 yers old and looked like it just came out of the box. To help keep cost down, I paid with a USPS money order. This guarantees him the money and gave me the comfort of a guarantee against mail fraud. If you get scammed and file a claim, you get your money back and they get charged with a federal crime. I have a lot of freinds that use this method when buying firearms. Like anything, you can still get burned I suppose.
  19. Repair shop called today. Gibson notified them it shipped today.
  20. One on the Trading Post right now http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/99690-90s-gibson-acoustic-guitars/
  21. Did, no response Did, they're checking with the factory Yes Me too. Dealer covered shipping I will
  22. I took my 2012 SJ200 to my local Gibson repair shop becuse the neck angle was off. It was off when I ordered it about 11 months prior, but I thought I would wait a few seasons to see if the belly would come down. I made a temporary saddle as low as possible to get it where I could play it, but not very comfortably. It still had very high action. The neck was straight. They sent it back to Gibson for evaluation. It's been 2-1/2 months and no word. What's the usual turnaround time?
  23. Just listened to the new Emmy Lou Harris and Rodney Crowell CD Old Yellow Moon A few of the tracks are really good but too many are 'fun' songs that I don't care for. They are two of my favorite artist but I wish they would have stuck with the great harmonies they do together. I would have thrown in a few more classics and a few more of Rodney's songs.
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