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  1. He put one on at my local guitar shop about a year ago. Definitely worth it. Besides the goofy videos, this guy has written a gazillion instructional books. Here's a sampling http://elderly.com/search/elderly?terms=greg+koch
  2. M's hidden price is currently $2,736, just recently went up plus just went up about a year ago. I've bought from him in the past also. Great to deal with, I wish he carried Gibson. I recently found a decent one 10 yrs old on ebay for $1800. Love it. The 000-28EC value falls too much, so I did not want to buy a new one.
  3. You seem like a honest guy & I believe you but we still need to see it.
  4. I also thought the Colosi pins added to the great look
  5. Within the last year, Radio Shack still sold the ones you're describing. This is the desktop version. http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2103597 I saw the smaller pocket size one in the store
  6. Just in. roadhog96 has been disqualified. He's not holding an LP '68. The competition continues.
  7. looks like the loudest competion over
  8. Here's a couple shots of my J200. I liked this burst. It did not get too dark and the color went out toward the edges further.
  9. I'm partial to the SJ, that's why I bought one earlier this year. I was getting too many natural finishes and liked this finish. I really do not care for the Martin 'burst. I think all the Gibson 'burst look better than the Martins.
  10. I bought my '05 Gibson Country Gentleman in '07 as NOS. I went in the store and played it several times over those two years. Saved a about nine hundred dollars for the wait From the same store, I bought my '08 Martin D28 Elvis Presley in '11 as NOS. Again I played it a few times in the store over that time. I saved over a thousand dollars waiting on this one.
  11. Noticed he didn't go up the frets on the Gibson, must need set up a little better. Mine aren't quite as nice looking or have the fancier woods, but I have a D41 Special and J200. They defintely have different sounds and both have their places with me. It'd be hard to choose between them. Straight out balanced sound, I would have to go to my 000-28.
  12. When I first saw this, the body reminded me of my 1970 Ovation. But after further review, I think my Ovation looks more like a Gibson than this one. I bought this in '70 when I couldn't afford a Gibson.
  13. This buyer has 5 of these on EBay. Sounds too good to be true. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Gibson-J-200-Standard-Acoustic-Electric-VIntage-Sunburst-/110947227962?pt=Guitar&hash=item19d4f8593a
  14. I may still have the receipt if it helps ya'.
  15. I agree. Just bought my J200 this past March for $3000 out the door. Good used ones go for about $2400.
  16. I bought a new 2008 '68 LP RI @ GC in 2008 for $2800. If i wanted to sell it, I'd be lucky to get $2400. Hope that helps your decision. If you really like it you may be able to take it back & renegotiate.
  17. That's why I like looking. They're very pricey. He does put one on EBay every now and then. There's been a few I probably would have traded my entire lot for.
  18. I like looking at http://www.garysguitars.com/ stock. He has some real beauties. He has a great reputation locally and got a little national attention as being the favorite hangout of Peter Framptom when he's around the Cincinnati area. Peter's had a home here for quite a few years but I think he recently moved.
  19. Song sounded great! I also have a J200 and get about the same sound I heard you play. I have a few Martins and they seem to sound a little stronger and mellower on the treble end. The best overall sound I get is from the D41 Special that has the forward bracing. There's definitely a difference. My wife is not a musical instrument person, but whenever I play the D41 she comments on how much better it sounds.
  20. Lefty Frizzell’s Bigsby/Gibson SJ-200 I'm showin' my age http://www.retrofret.com/Press/Bigsby_SJ-200_8.htm
  21. No, I like doing my own work. I bought the ivory saddle from David Walther http://www.guitarpartsandmore.com/?nav=products&cat=1&sub=8 Then some new pins from Bob Colosi http://www.guitarsaddles.com/
  22. I had that problem with an Ovation I have plus I didn't like the sharpness of the edge. I put a John Pearse Arm Rest on it and love it. It feels great and I think it makes the guitar look good. It also helps the guitar ring out better since my arm isn't resting on the sound board. I've been hesitant to put it on my Martins or Gibsons since I don't know what to expect if I wanted to take it off. It has a narrow double face tape that sticks to the outer edge on top og the binding. http://www.jpstrings.com/armrest.htm
  23. I would change strings and make sure the saddle is seated in the slot. Every time I get a new guitar I fit a new saddle to it and store away the original. I have a J200 I got about 4 months ago and all the strings sound good and loud. I have noticed some movement with the strings getting just a little higher but I usually wait a few years for a new guitar to settle down. I'm not sure if the belly is rising or the neck is pulling up. Either way it's very minimal and I love it so far.
  24. I've bought more new than used. Over the years I have a few places I know I can get great prices with no hassle like Maury's, Elderly's and Music Outlet. I've bought locally from GC but it was too much of a hassle. From what I read that varies from one locale to another to judge your's on your own. I have one local music shop thtat has matched anything I've found and taken my by my word. That means a lot. I've gotten at least 40% off all the GIbson's Martin's and Fender's and 65% off the Takamine. Taylor's have been the worse to deal on. As far as used guitars, I know that most shops in trade-ins try to to buy them for at the most 65% of what they're going to list them for and that depends a lot on what you're trading in on. You need to haggle when trading in also, it's like trading in your car on a new one. If you just try to sell it to them straight out they try to to get it for less. This gives them a lot a wiggle room.
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