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  1. I was in a local Best Buy the other day and they had a new Hummingbird hanging on the wall in a condition that would have made 99% of you guys weep out loud.


    It was marked at $1900 or so and I'm thinking of asking them their rock bottom price on it because no guitar should be made to suffer like that.


    I was actually sad when I left the acoustic room.

    I called about it but they would not ship. In store only.

  2. Look at this Hummingbird. I'm just trying to get into older guitars and saw this and did a little research.

    The seller claims he bought it used in '69 and put it in the closet until now.

    The reference data I have -

    S/N falls between 70 to 75

    "MADE IN USA" puts it in the 70's

    Block markers instead of parallelograms puts it between 73 to 83.

    He does not show the label which is another dater when they quit using the oval round orange ones.

    Take all into account and it's a 73 to 75

    Value wise highest to lowest the ealy 60's, mid-late 60's then the 70's and 80's

    It does look to be in nice shape but I don't think they're too collectible, but the current price looks reasonible

    I contacted the seller about these issues plus some more info, but did not get a response


  3. Hey, just sell the Taylor and buy both.


    It would be an easy choice for me because I own a Banner J-50 (I will generally always take the original over a reissue) so it would be the JB all the way. I am dying to get my hands on one of those instruments.


    The Taylor is next on my list to go along with the Martin D28EP and Takamine. I hit my monthly limit on Ebay so I'll give them a run on CL then if needed Ebay.

  4. Dave I lusted for a legend for a very long time and finally got to play one about a month ago maybe my expectations were too high but I was unimpressed. It was a good guitar but not great as I wanted. I owned a JB model and the nut was too big for me. But it was an amazing sounding guitar. The one on the trading post is a great deal and I'm amazed its still there. If I can reccomend another guitar it would be a Kopp K35 they are outstanding and it really brings out something special. Just my two cents

    Thanks for the feedback. Good info.

    The biggest thing that scares me away from the legend is the dramatic drop in price from a new one to the used one.

    Not a good ratio and that's usually a sign that overall the owners are not that happy with them.

    You will always find some players that will love them and swear by them but I seem to have a habit of getting rid of the ones I do not connect to.

  5. I had one last week via Craigs List. I was selling a '40's Martin Uke for $1000. Got a text from California stating he wanted to buy it and would pay shipping. I checked with PayPal and you can send them an invoice so you do not need to give out any personal information. Once I asked him for his email, phone number and home address the dance started. He wanted to deposit $1875 into my account (again wanted my account info) and I was to pay a moving company $875 for some other stuff he was moving. I cut it off at that point. I did sell the uke face to face this week.

  6. For a used slope have you looked at old ones? You can get some nice slopes for that money.

    I'm open to and keeping my eyes open for an old one as long as it's in decent shape and not a lot of repaired cracks.

    I'm seeing the used legend going for 3k-4k.

    Most of the old ones seem to be 4k-6k unless it has a lot of repairs or needs some.

    My other concern with the old ones is how much I'll have to put into it for neck reset, frets, etc.

    I don't think I would buy an old one without seeing it unless the seller had a great reputation.

    I did meet a real nice guy this past week who bought my '40's Martin Ukulele. He has a '38 L00 he's thinking about selling.

    If it's in as good of shape as he described, and I believe him, I would buy it on the spot.



  7. I've been selling off some of the herd (5 in the past two weeks) and looking for just a couple replacements.

    Currently I'm considering a used JB (on Gibson Trading Post) or a used J45 1942 Legend.

    Unfortunately there's none locally so I would be buying it without ever trying one.

    Please give some opinions.

  8. I just sold a similar one made in '08.

    This is an '04 Guitar Center special '68 reissue.

    The first two s/n digits are the year.

    Should have the thin 60's neck

    Naturally the locking tuners and hipshot are add ons.

    I believe it originally came with '57 Humbuckers

    The pickups are personal preferences but I think it devalues a re-issue.

    Don' know what you're paying, but I wouldn't go over $1600

    Otherwise it looks real.

  9. Yeah thats what I thought about locking tuners till I got a 2008 Standard that comes with them...


    Basically they just clamp the string in place rather than wrapping it around....


    Yeah, I think some people think they lock the tuning keys but they are designed to just lock the strings to the post without wraps.

    Most of them have an 18:1 ratio which holds a little better than the 14:1. I replaced a couple of my guitars and I love them.

  10. Thanks for those Tom,


    That is the case that was original to the guitar in question, a Euphonon. I have two of those actually. Mine are too big for the guitar. Does that one have a 17in l.b.? I think the two I have have an 18 or 18.5 l.b., probably a more appropriate case for a super 400. I was really hoping to find a 17in tweed which would probably have a narrower upper bout than those purple geibs.


    I've watched many of your videos on vimeo by the way and admire your collection.

    Kind of pricey -


  11. hi there,

    i want buy my first and only one gibson. i play blues/rock-blues. what do you suggest?


    lp custom shop custom used 68 reissue (pu 57, body one piece of mohogany, ebony fretboard but chambered)


    lp traditional '11 new


    this must be my baby for the rest of my life.. :rolleyes:


    thanks at all..please answer me soon..i want buy "her" sooooon.. [biggrin]


    May I suggest 10.6 pounds of sustain -


    hint, hint

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