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  1. This is the model I use. Perfect for home and small venues like coffe shops. Also, Maury's a great guy to deal with. http://www.maurysmusic.com/inc/sdetail/ultrasound_ag_30_amp/626/661
  2. Nice job! I did play the hell out of this guitar for a few years. The fretboard and frets were sanded down a few times to get rid of the grooves.
  3. Thanks, I'll think about getting a new neck, even if I go with the upgrades.
  4. Are these in the same line of ACT-1 guitars they sell at Target? All kidding aside, I thinks it's great that with his popularity he puts his name on affordable instruments for the young kids. Last week I saw his acoustic signature model on sell at Traget for $45. Great Christmas present for some young kid. I don't keep up with some of the newer music, but from what I've heard of his, it's not too bad. He's real popular now with him being a coach on The Voice, plus you can hear his music all over TV in commercials. He seems like a genuine nice guy with the younger people on TV.
  5. I've been pondering fixing up or having fixed up the first guitar my Mom bought in the early 60's with Top Value stamps. It's the main one along with an electric from Checkers I got for Christmas a couple years later in '64 that I did my learnin'. Remember, I was only about 10 years old so I was watching Ernest Tubb and Porter Wagoner on TV and the names on the fret boards really impressed me. Unfortunately, I didn't put the Chet style markers back in the proper position when I did my custom paint job. From what I remember. the fretboard had painted black squares trying to emulate the 40's Gibson Century of Progress pictured below. I know this Kay guitar is at the best worth $50, but I'm doing this for sentimental purposes. I'd like to get it where I love to play it. Here's my idea - - Take off the bolt on neck, mill off the fretboard, put on a curly maple fret board with black inlay markers, add a bone nut - Put some decent tuners on the head - Put a bone saddle in the bridge The scale length measures about 24.5" but with the movable bridge I can stay at a standard length. I'd like someone else to do the neck work (fretboard and nut) and I'll come up with the tuners and saddle. I'd like to do it all, but I know how I am and I'll never get to it. Any suggestions on where to get the neck done or any other ideas? I really don't want to pretty up rest of the guitar.
  6. Yea, this shop is local to me. He has fantastic guitars if you visit his website, but prices are always sky high. I only window shop there. I believe you can only visit his shop by appointment. They did a write-up on him in the CIncinnati newspaper because of his association with Peter Frampton who used to live around here until his divorice a year or so ago. If I ever see one I'm serious about, I'll give him a call and see if he deals.
  7. I would think position 3 could be fatal if there's no support in that area.
  8. I have an '05. I cannot see that it was made to be removed for cleaning.
  9. I'm with you, but when I'm buying a used guitar I have no problem if there's one in position 5.
  10. Looks like a work instruction for hide glue
  11. Dave F

    J45 Banner

    It doesn't seem that bulky and the stem is plastic so it's harmless. I bought mine through work from MSC Industrial Supply. http://www1.mscdirect.com/cgi/NNSRIT2?PMAKA=06551402&PMPXNO=1758995&cm_re=ItemDetail-_-ResultListing-_-SearchResults
  12. Not sure how loud you need, but I've been impressed with the UltraSound I bought a few years ago.
  13. Dave F

    J45 Banner

    Thanks for the input. I did contact him and he does not want to show it until the auction runs it's course due to being too busy. He's already mentioned lowering the price a few hundred but if from what I'm hearing on the forum, it may still be too much with the crack and bridge. I'd like to thank the suggestions for inspecting inside the guitar. What shoudl I be looking for? I do use a mirror to check the guitars I have that is very handy. It has a built in light that follows the mirror and a knob that will swivel the mirror. The video below is not that great but will give you an idea on how it works. Hard to hold the phone with one hand and the mirror with the other.
  14. Just my opinion, but I'd rather pay a few more bucks for the color version since I imagine there will be quite a few guitars in the book. Black and white of a burst may loose something.
  15. This is local for me. I'm thinking about contacting to see if I can review it first. Take a look and give me your opinions. Thanks http://www.ebay.com/itm/1946-1947-Gibson-J-45-J-45-J-50-Script-logo-guitar-Dylan-/140898408162?_trksid=p2047675.m2109&_trkparms=aid%3D555003%26algo%3DPW.CAT%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D142%26meid%3D4397019520070514209%26pid%3D100010%26prg%3D1076%26rk%3D5%26sd%3D281040738576%26
  16. I'm still looking. Acoustic-wise I do not have one that I'm crazy about. I'm willing to trade off any of them if I see one I think will fill the void. I'm still on that journey. Electric-wise my Fender Tele Select. Love it.
  17. I was lucky enough to see him in concert in the '80's and he nailed it. I felt like I was in the studio with him. One of the best I've been to.
  18. If you go to Bob, consider some dyed pins. Here's what I put on my J200
  19. I own one of the Elvis D28 Martin with the leather cover. I find myself looking at it more than I play it.
  20. I believe it was either 2099 or 2199 specs Features Sitka spruce top Indian rosewood back and sides Mahogany comfort contour neck Ebony fingerboard Mother of pearl dot fingerboard inlays Mother of pearl Gibson headstock logo Abalone "Flower" headstock inlay Ebony bridge Bone string nut Grover Rotomatic tuning machines L.R. Baggs Element electronics system Hardshell case included
  21. I was shocked today. My local GC has a J45 Custom with the Vine inlaid on the head at 42% off list. This price is good through Christmas. Great looking and sounding. They said they would order me a new one in if I didn't want the floor model. I'm debating.
  22. I like your comparison. I've felt the same about getting a beater that I'm not worried about when I take it out into the elements. A couple weeks ago, my local music store (Willis Music) had their warehouse sale. I picked up a new Takamine TF250SMC with a few issues for $700. After a little work (strings, neck adjustment, rub out scratches and steam out a couple nicks) I had the guitar in almost pristine condition and it plays great. I think I'll try your comparison method with the Takamine, J200 and D41Special.
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