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  1. Thanks to enablers like Tom and John, I got the vintage fever. Went through a few until I got a '42 LG1 then I understood the magic and I'll be more selective in the future. That guitar caused an immediate exit of a few other vintage ones I had. I just don't get many opportunities to get hold of any except gambling on the internet. I try to make sure to get a good enough deal to allow for repairs and also a good enough deal to be able to move it on without taking a loss if I don't like it. My current project is a 1952 J-45 that's being repaired. 

  2. 11 minutes ago, zombywoof said:

    My dislike of abalone on guitars does help keep me out of trouble.  But I just realized that my original thin the herd pledge was two out for every one in.    As I have now divested myself of six guitars and only snagged one that means I am yet entitled to two more guitars.  That, of course, is in numbers.  If I kept the value even I am royally screwed.  The one thing I really do feel the need to do though is to buy something newish.  There is a certain comfort that comes with lack of age which I found  with my former one and only Bozeman -made Gibson.   I kind of would like to get that feeling back.

    What can I interest you in?

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  3. 3 hours ago, Sacdubro said:

    Looks like it may be a J45 Deluxe Rosewood ?


    I agree. It's listed as ebony board. It is tempting.





    Body Shape
    Sitka spruce
    Traditional hand-scalloped X-bracing
    Multi-colored rope top, single-ply back


    Slim Taper
    Scale Length
    24.75" / 628.65mm
    Fingerboard Material
    Fingerboard Radius
    Number Of Frets
    Nut Material
    Nut Width
    1.72" / 43.81mm
    Mother-of-pearl split diamond with brass border
    Compound Dovetail Neck-to-body


    Tuner Plating
    Traditional belly up
    Saddle Material
    Tuning Machines
    Grover Rotomatic w/ kidney buttons
    Tear drop with gold border
    Truss Rod Cover
    Bridge Pins


    Under Saddle Pickup
    LR Baggs™ VTC
    1 Volume, 1 Tone


    0.053, 0.042, 0.032, 0.024, 0.016, 0.012
    Gibson Hardshell
    Includes Gibson Accessory Kit



  4. If you’re looking for the carrying convenience of a backpack strap, a lot of the smaller cases will fit into a gig bag made for a larger guitar. For example, I bought a Gibson acoustic    gig bag and put my Gibson Les Paul hard case in it. A perfect fit and makes it very easy to tote around.  
    If you already have a hard case for it just take it ( it can be empty) to somewhere like GC and try some gig bags over it. They also make covers for cases but they’re usually more customized. 
    If you’re set on getting a gig bag get a nice one with hard foam surrounding the guitar. 

  5. Great looking guitar! I feel for you, I'm going through the same process.

    Here's the recently departed. I've only taken in  four


    • '40's Banner J45
    • '53 ES 150
    • '94 Centennial 1934 Jumbo RI
    • '04 Dwight Yoakam Honky Tonk Duece
    • '07 CJ165 RW
    • '10 Jackson Browne 
    • '11 Kristofferson SJ
    • '12 J200 Custom RW
    • '13 LG-2 Banner RI (All Hog)
    • Vintage AJ 1999
    • 1955 ES150 Vintage
    • 1966 Gretsch Chet Atkins Country Gentleman
    • Kalamazoo KG-31 1938
    • Martin OMPA1 Plus
    • Martin 12 string
    • Martin Elvis Presley

  6. 10 hours ago, Leonard McCoy said:

    The brass bars came out fantastic, the buttons are the problem. I'd first file down the mold marks and, since the buttons are entirely black, it would probably suffice for a convincing aging job to make the surface less shiny (scuff sanding).

    I did one strip and it does look a lot nicer

    Tuners button aging


    Tuners button aging


  7. I always like tinkering around and I needed a decent set of era correct tuners for my 1942 LG-1. I found one set that was missing one gear and shaft and needs the buttons replaced. I started scanning the net for information about these era tuners. Willi has a great post over on UMGF


    After shopping around I noticed the slotted head tuners from that era were more available and they looked the same except for the string hole in the shaft.

    I picked up a set that looked in decent shape to try out. Here's some photos. 

    I bought brass bar stock to size and a special tap for the screw holes. Made the shafts to match an original one then did an aging on the brass, replaced the buttons then assembled them. I'll do a few more sets to get better at it.

    I followed Dan Erlewine's instructions on the buttons but I'm not totally happy with the results. I'll make some kind of jig then redo them.



    Button stem replacement


    Button stem replacement



    Button stem replacement

    Button stem replacement


    Button stem replacement


    Button stem replacement


    Button stem replacement


    Button stem replacement

  8. 42 minutes ago, aliasphobias said:

    Looks like a '70s case to these eyes. Not being a huge fan of that era guitar, can't say much about the cases. Nice guitar! Pretty case! No money changed hands..gotta love that!!

    I did a little googling and I agree. Looks like late 70’s or early ‘80’s

  9. 3 minutes ago, Sgt. Pepper said:

    So what did you pick it up for? I saw a number like $3500 in one post.

    I'm no expert but that case can't be from '53 can it?

    Traded for 3500 value

    I'm no expert on cases either.

  10. 6 minutes ago, j45nick said:

    I haven't seen that particular case before. Does it have a Lifton brand on it somewhere, or did the seller just assume it is a Lifton?

    No badges or tags. Every Lifton I've had had a badge. This guy was not very knowledgeable about guitars but he was a very nice talented guy that knows how to use them. A local artist a little older than myself. We had quite a few common friends.  Wants me to do some setup work for him and he's wanting to buy a CJ165 I have. 

  11. 7 minutes ago, Tlgptru said:

     Actually i wanna learn its specs. I mean neck profile, chambered or weight relief etc...

    Yours looks identical to my 2014 model. I bought it because my '68 Custom RI was getting too heavy for me. I believe they have varying chambered versions, mine is just a little lighter.  Weighing yours should tell you if it's chambered. I think the standards all have the slim necks but I'm not sure. Post this on the Gibson USA  forum , there's a lot of experts up there.

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