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  1. Nice, I think they would be very desirable to someone who collected some of the electric 1994 Centennial guitars .
  2. first thing I would do is capo the first, retune it if needed then check up the neck. If all is good, remove capo and check if the open string is out. That will tell you if you have a nut issue. Sometimes the backdraft of the nut slot is not enough and the string is resting behind the nut/neck point. If that's not it, try another string , sometimes even new ones are sometimes thinned out in areas . Then if you need to, move on to the saddle. You may need a compensated saddle or if you all ready have one it needs a different comp. There's probably a half other issues it could be but these are the most common. Good luck
  3. I would never doubt those two. I have a 42 LG1 with a FON 7704H.
  4. Hopefully Tom Barnwell will pipe in. Nice looking guitar. Must be an early ‘42 with no banner. I would guess it’s fairly rare. How are you dating it as a ‘42 and identifying it as a J45? Looks to be in great shape. I would definitely seek out some of the experts on this forum of which I am not.
  5. Personally I would pony up a couple hundred more and get one without the crack. They’re hard to sell off without taking a hit. I think this one is going to sit for a while at that price.
  6. Earlier this year I fell into a deal on an AJ for $285! It had a few issues I was able to fix, bought a new case and sold it a couple weeks later for $1600. Knowing how to or what it would take to correct minor issues can land you some great deals. Pawn shops on EBay are a great source. They usually don’t care as long as they make money. I see AJ’s between 1200-1800 quite often.
  7. I had a '51 for a while but sold it. I was looking for a birth year ('52) guitar and this one was a '51 model that was sold in '52 within a month of my birthday. bought from the original owner's family. It still had the receipt in the case. It had the Gibson thump with no sustain. Some like that about the ladder bracing. Many like the ladder bracing when a pu is added. I find the small body x-bracing more to my liking but I seldom plug-in nowadays. Still looking for that great birth year guitar. I also recently had a '52 ES-150 but I didn't bond with it. I think it's going to take a J45, J185, J200, 000-28 or D28. Here's some of my small bodies. LG2/L1/L00/NLRWLC/CJ165RW.
  8. I keep a Gibson C1 and C400 around to bang on but lately I just pick up a uke.
  9. At 6/32” I’d be getting out the slide.
  10. As Brad mentioned https://www.allparts.com/products/pc-0739-p-90-pickup-cover-set-with-ears
  11. Here's the one I had. Solid carved Spruce top, even the braces were part of the carve, maple back and sides. Still had the Lifton case in great condition. It looks like they used great material but the workmanship was not always the greatest. I doubt if you can find one without a loose neck. The dovetails joints were very loose, they relied on the glue. It was great sounding guitar. I was going to have the neck joint rebuilt and rest and steam press the neck straight. I loved the look and sound. If you ever look for one, check out the neck joint and neck bow. No truss rods.
  12. I took it to my Luthier to get a couple things fixed. He fell in love with it and talked me out of it. He added a pu and uses it for gigging. It was a closet queen, looked brand new.
  13. I have turned the individual saddles around to move the range. I don't know if this helps the direction you're needing to move.
  14. Bob said he was hooked on the F-chord for this album. Personally, I have not listened to the album but I'm imagining all the songs have an F-chord? Most of the tablatures I see include the F-chord
  15. I'm in agreement with all the comments. Although age-wise it may be vintage, but not as a collectible vintage. Regardless if the '2' is a non issues at this stage of its life, it does affect value. Personally I would value it between 800-1000 then subtract any needed repairs. The neck and crack repairs could get up into the 500-600 range, then when you're done you still have an $800 guitar. If it talks to you go for it, but I would suggest trying out other options as suggested. If you want to stay in the 800-1000 range a used J15. The 1000-1400 range a J45. Other brands that are vintage guitars such a Harmony can be had fairly reasonably. I picked up a Kalamazoo for $250. A Harmony Cremona for $350. Some of our members are really big into the older other brands. As with anything, do your homework, analyze the condition in relationship to it's value and repair cost and listen to your ears. Just on what you showed us, I would pass on this one unless I could get it for $400. Have fun with the search! Dave
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