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  1. http://web.archive.org/web/20040816181148/http://www.gibson.com/acoustics/1994/1934_Smeck.html
  2. I thought his luthier told him he was going to remove the neck and that would allow access to the rod for removal and replacement. I'm anxious to see how that works out.
  3. I like locking tuners and have them on most of my electrics. I'd put them on whether I was having problems or not. Unless it's extreme, which it sounds like it's not, I usually ignore little things for the first year or so. I think it takes a little while for new guitars to settle in. BTW, love that model and finish. What pickups are on it? Most of my friends seem to be swapping out these new Burstbuckers.
  4. That’s mind boggling. I’d love to see all those J200’s lined up. It would take me a couple weeks just to sample them.
  5. A few years back I unknowingly had a hack replace the binding on a '66 Gretsch CG. I had to threaten legal action to get the guitar back after 19 months and it was a mess. There was gobs of super glue all around the binding.. Terry Steding of Cook Instrument Repair was able to remove the excess glue get it all trimmed up and touch it up. He did a great job and has a good local reputation around the Cincinnati area. His price was very reasonable.
  6. I have a few examples and agree that you must judge each guitar on it's own merits and your personal preferences. Even though these are all very nice guitars, I do prefer some over others. Here's a few of mine - 1942-43 J45 vs 2010 J45 Legend >>>>>>>>>> The newer Legend wins 1942 LG1 vs 2013 LG2 (RI of the LG1) >>>>>>>>> The older LG1 wins 1982 BRW HD28 vs 2011 D41 Special >>>>>>>>>>> The D41 Special
  7. Favorite acoustic - Martin D41 Special Favorite electric - Gibson Chet Atkins Country Gentleman The one that got away - Don't recall any
  8. I've had two standard maple J200's. The first was a dud and the second was stellar. I wish I had kept the 2nd one. A couple years ago I thinned the herd and sold off most of my standard currently in production models figuring if I ever regretted it bad enough I could always get another one. I currently have a J200 RW and a J200 Koa.
  9. Not my favorite but my first electric is a Teisco copy of the Swinger.
  10. 27 Gibsons 8 Martins 7 Various models then a slew of ukes and mandolins
  11. Too bad, but the price he quoted for the replacement looks pretty good. Plus , if he has to replace the fretboard (most likely), here's your opportunity to do a little customizing.
  12. Looks like they were going for today's interpretation of a '30's burst. Close to these.
  13. I wonder if a saddle resting on top of the bridge would have lessening effect of the sound? If not, I think I could make a bone saddle that would fit in the right hand slot with a twist to accommodate a lefty.
  14. My previous link got broke while I was doing some housekeeping Here's my '04 with my '66. Sorry for the Gretsch content (not really)
  15. I had a CEC and a SST. Nice guitars. I paid about $1000 each and sold them for about the same. That was a few years ago. The Price Guide book list the CE and CEC 1200-1600. The SST at 975-2000. The Country Gentleman 2100-2800. These are the standard models. This book is usually a little high. Reverb is a good source for seeing what they actually sold. If you look on EBay you will see prices all over the place but those are just sitting there because they’re overpriced. Especially the Japanese market.
  16. When you started this thread I thought I might want a gig bag for my Super 400. I contacted Pro Bag and heard back today. That was only a few business days. Here’s my quote. Leather Super 400 Guitar gig bag with square pocket $395.- Extra upper pocket $19.- Third Shoulder Strap $35.- Shipping $33.- Good Luck on your search.
  17. I like this Dove version I'm a big EP fan. I have the Martin D28EP with the leather cover.
  18. What's nice is you can try the rethreading which is only a 30-45 minute job and if it doesn't work you can plug it and do the replacement.
  19. I would think it depends on the neck. This Super 400 has a very thin neck in that area and it seems okay.
  20. I had this done to a older Gibson I have but it was broke off right at the washer. It was taken about 1/2" deeper.
  21. I usually take some lessons in a totally different music style. The challenge intrigues me and usually improves my skills in the other styles.
  22. This is the kind of stuff I learn by listening to Tom B. , John T. and Willi.
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