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    1963 J45

    Locally for sale asking $3500 The luthier I use fixed this up for one of his customers and they want to sale it. He took off the warped plastic bridge, made a new one and put a new maple bridge plate https://www.zeilerknightrepairs.com/?fbclid=IwAR2YnGqd12BW1nDe1J_4xY5cRdUEVe1WV7mvXCuuTWVF-yeOhnaSSRwfIeg Jamonn Zeiler does great work. He's currently in business with Ben Knight who is also doing great work. Both are working performers. Ben is the son of Chris Knight
  2. Dave F

    Music Room

    No tremors in this area. I'll keep a watch for the dust. We've only been in this house for about a year.
  3. Dave F

    Music Room

    Locally on Facebook Marketplace
  4. Dave F

    Music Room

    I have some concerns also. If I designed it correctly an L00 thru a Super 400 should cradle without hitting the tail pin. I covered the bottom planks and top rack with 1/4" thick felt. I'm planning on keeping a close eye on the bottoms and add some cushioning if needed. The tree stands and wall hangers are all covered with cloth or felt. The pew I used had a good back but the seat was plywood. The back was cut into 3 planks and the center support was lowered. The upper end of the back had a nice rounded edge so it was used for the top piece. I changed a couple things on the fly.
  5. Dave F

    Music Room

    Starting hanging stuff. Wife came down to take a look. She asked if the room will hold all of them. I told her no problem, in fact I have room for a few more. She said she doesn't think so 🙂 Those guitar trees are very sturdy but I think it looks cluttered. I'm planning on getting a couple more pews and converting them and getting rid of the trees and give the Martins a more proper home 😉 Anytime
  6. Dave F

    Music Room

    They’re all coming out.
  7. Finally getting going on the music room. I tried to get one of those old heavy carved church pews like one of our members (bayou bengal) has but could not find one locally for a decent price. I think I may have room for a few more.
  8. Dove’s gone. Anyone here get it?
  9. For a comparison here’s some I measured a few years ago
  10. Like most of the previous comments , there’s room for all brands in my house. I have 9 Martins and 23 Gibson’s. I’ve never sold off a Martin. I’ve sold off many Gibson’s looking for a keeper. I feel the Gibson’s are more comfortable and offer more variety. When I played out, I preferred Taylor and Takamine. I’ve had a few of each but now I only have one Takamine. My all time favorite is my D41Special. It’s far from being the most valuable. First guitar my Mom got me was a little Kay in ‘62. I still have it and it would be the last to go. I do put sentimental over monetary value.
  11. Local FB Marketplace No affiliation, no interest https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2521903561236102/
  12. A couple Gibbys on local CL No affiliation, no interest https://cincinnati.craigslist.org/msg/d/bethel-gibson-dove-for-sale-or-trade/6989206077.html https://cincinnati.craigslist.org/msg/d/bethel-gibson-hummingbird-for-sale-or/6989220239.html
  13. nice looking, wish I knew enough to give an opinion
  14. I don’t know if they’re all the same but all of the newer TV’s I’ve seen have been rosewood. Gibson.com states RW too. I think the standard is maple.
  15. SJ200 Vintage. More variation than the square shouldered Dove. Just my opinion. Both are variations in tonewoods.
  16. As Dan side for the drop=in or through saddles. If you measure the string height at the 12th fret and figure how much you want to lower the action, twice that amount needs to be removed from the saddle. Since the 12th fret is in the center between the nut and saddle, any lowering at either end will lower the height at the 12th fret by half the amount. They sell tools to measure measure the height. They also sell tools to hold the saddle square to the sanding surface and accurately remove whatever amount you want.
  17. Could this be adapted? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Just-In-Case-Brown-Leather-Gibson-Style-Replacement-Guitar-Case-Handle-CP64/323861114296?epid=1500191713&hash=item4b67a06db8:g:ff8AAOSwFx5cEgtr
  18. Living in KY and considering myself a hillbilly I cannot comment on it.
  19. I like the small body L00 I like the L5 neck (it’s a special ‘D’ shape) I had a custom L00, no fret markers with an L5 shaped neck made. For me, it’s pretty darn close. If it had the Gibson sunburst, I think it would be there.
  20. These Waverly’s dropped right in
  21. You're very seldom if ever are going to be up on the 15th, I would just sand it down. Without a cutaway those upper frets are just there for looks. If you're close to me, I have a heavy duty aluminum block with the 12" radius about 20" long
  22. I've always been able to get 40% off list with a few 5 Star dealers. Harder to do with the big box stores unless you can get a manager that will deal with you. I've gotten more if the guitar has been setting around for over a year.
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