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  1. What about the acoustics used in the early big bands? The L5 and Super 400. All the vintage arch top guitars I’ve owned were maple.
  2. I agree with all above. Try as many as you can before buying and if none are available buy from reputable dealer with a liberal return policy. I had a couple birds but they didn't do much for me. I recently picked up a Dove and like it but I seem to be partial to maple and rosewood. Enjoy the hunt!
  3. For a reference, here's an excerpt from the Vintage Guitar Price Guide 2020
  4. Is that just the angle of the picture or is that 12 fretter 10" thick?
  5. Then Maybe You’re Not Amazed
  6. Not a lot of difference to my ear which isn't saying much. I don't have the best hearing so differences must be drastic for me to notice. I went on a quest for a few years trying to find a rosewood Gibson that sounded as good as my D41. Even my D28's didn't match up. I like a guitar that rings out. Here's what I've been through. J45 Custom RW - Sounded like it was full of wet socks. Did not keep it long. CJ-165 RW - too quiet but a very comfortable guitar to play '34 Jumbo RI Centennial RW - At first it didn't impress me but after keeping it locked up for a year or so with humidipaks it started sounding like a nice AJ. Close to the Martin but not quite there. AJ RW - It was too close to the Jumbo. Moved it on. Stage Deluxe RW - It's got the sound I want. 12 fret and wide nut is a bit limiting for me. I need larger hands. Nick Lucas Mystic Rosewood - Has the sound and very comfortable. Deep body, long scale. Dwight Yoakam Honky Tonk Deuce - A little lacking on the sound. Quiet for RW. Very comfortable with the rolled fingerboard. From this venture I think I need either a deep body or long scale to get the sound I'm looking for. For comfort sake I think I need a 14 fret NL RW.
  7. I think I can live with my DYHTD (rosewood) and KKSJ, I think. But that new one does look nice.
  8. From what I read, the oval white label was 1947-1955 and all numbers were preceded by the letter A.
  9. Looks like some one taped over the serial number and just wrote that. It’s not the same hand writing as the rest of the label.
  10. Inch wise I’m guessing they align the holes 7/16” from the straight section and let them fall in line.
  11. If the holes I’ve used this method on, I’ve only removed and reinserted the screws a couple times and never had an issue. If I did , I would just add a drop again. This is probably more like using loctite to keep a screw in place in metal.
  12. The best way I could measure it was by measuring the gear diameter (10mm), measure the depth of the edge to the gear and add 5mm. I set the verniers to the result then held it up to the post for a reference. Shown in order are 4th, 5th then 6th.
  13. I’ve never had problems removing the screws afterwards.
  14. I’ve repaired a few tuning key holes. I just put a drop of wood glue on the tip of the screw and screw it in.
  15. Shadows through the sound hole look like 5780
  16. Didn’t catch that one.
  17. I don't see anything about the bracing, they just refer it to the LG2 This is from GC site The old troubadour wanted to be sure young Arlo got off on the right foot, so Woody gave him a real guitar with a 22-3/4"-scale V-shaped neck and small body Arlo Guthrie could handle--the classic L-00 style. The tone on this Gibson LG-2 is super-friendly and mellow from a solid Sitka spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides. A touch of class comes in the form of triple top and back binding and a tortoise pickguard. The Gibson Arlo Guthrie guitar comes with a hardshell case. Features Solid Sitka spruce top Solid mahogany back and sides Mahogany V-shape neck Rosewood fretboard Historic ladder bracing 22-3/4" scale Gotoh tuners Gloss finish Hardshell Gibson guitar case included
  18. Vintage Guitar Price Guide has a range of $1300-$1675 and they're usually high so I think the seller is reaching a little.
  19. https://cincinnati.craigslist.org/msg/d/camp-dennison-gibson-lg2-3-4-arlo/7068886200.html
  20. This was a double post and everyone responded on the other one.
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