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  1. Thanks, but i'm not sure i wanna move away from the P90 design, at least with the neck pup. I'll keep it in mind tho, thanks.
  2. I have a LP special Jr with P90's. I like the bridge, but the neck is too middy to really get the tone i want. I want a less middy tone that cleans up really nice and gets very clear and remains full without being tinny. Sorta like a great start neck pickup. I have tried everything as far as modding so don't bother mentioning treble bleed, different pot values, different or no tone cap, etc. I even pulled it apart and unwound 1k worth of windings. Helped a bit but not much. I haven't tried magnets because they are A5 which is about as bright as any. So has anyone had the same dilemma and
  3. Man, i have been salivating over this since i saw the flyer and you people aren't making it any easier to refrain. There are 2 issues however that might keep me from spending a whole lotta $ i really shouldn't spend. 1-I really like rosewood boards due to the sound (yeah, i know but I DO hear it) and hesitate if it's anything else. 2- i really wish it had a bound board. But even without those i'm still burning to go check them out. I can look at 100's and 100's of guitars before one just grabs me like this.
  4. Bone because 1-if cut well it stays in tune very well, just as good as the man made stuff. 2-it *can* sound better than most materials. You're going to get a hoard of people telling you bone or any material makes no difference once the string is fretted because the vibrating string length is from the fret you've chosen to the bridge. Not true. It IS true that it might make little or no difference, but if it does (which depends on several factors) it can be subtle or quite obvious. I've been making them for decades so I've see a lot of results from nothing to wow. At it's best it will deepen th
  5. I don't wanna come off as offensive because this really isn't meant that way. But i'm not looking for suggestions as to what might work. I'm hoping to get real experience from someone in the same boat and found a pickup or definite fix because i'm just too jaded on buying pickups that i end up tossing in a parts drawer forever or modding things that aren't easily reversible. That will likely kill this thread unless someone who wanted the same thing as me has found a cheap alternative. I'm kinda surprised in my search that few if any seem to be looking for the same thing. As dull and muddy as P
  6. Yeah, thats been suggested to me before but i really don't wanna do that. I'm thinking maybe gibson has a hotter version of the bridge pickup i could put in the bridge. The reason is that if you raise a P90 extremely close too the strings they get very bright, much more so than other pickups. Thats how i get my neck sounding ok right now, but it's too hot like that and overpowers the bridge even tho i unwound it to 7 k. But if i got a hotter bridge... Only problem is i don't really want the bridge to be hotter.
  7. I've thought of it, but from my experience doing that it seems A5 is as bright as any of them. So i see no reason to.
  8. I have a LP special P90 and i love the stock bridge pup, but the neck is much too dark and wooly when i turn down for rhythm tone. I have a treble bypass on the volume and tried many values and all that, thats not it. It's just that P90's seem to be unable to get a clear articulate jangly sort of clean tone for hendrixy type rhythms. Tried a wilkinson that i had in the parts drawer, no good. Tried unwinding it to 7k, still no good. Unwound the stock pickup also to 7k from 8, nope. Tried all the adjustment tricks. lowering it, raising the poles well above the cover with the overall height both
  9. Have a '11 just like the OP's cept vintage cherry gloss. I've bought a number of Gibsons and Gibson style guitars over the years and i end up selling them pretty quickly cuz i'm a fender guy and they just don't feel comfy and the sound just doesn't have the same almost acoustic like quality when you turn them down like a Fender. Enter the LP Jr special. I bonded and big time. I wouldn't sell this guitar if i live to 100. the P90's are just the most incredible pickups, and the flat top plus tummy cut make it almost as comfortable as a strat, much more than a tele. If you are a Fender guy w
  10. I'm really stuck trying to make a decision here, being there are so many different TOM's available. I'm a firm believer in the bridge being crucial to tone, and my fenders all have callaham trems or hardtails. But the callahams are expensive and i DO know at times they can be trebly on some guitars. So I've also looked at tonepros, pigtail, faber and ABM, the latter being the only other i know of besides callaham to mill thier bridges out of a solid piece of brass rather than casting them. But i'm not sure whether i'd like the tone of brass or not. They are cheaper than cally but more than oth
  11. I say don't get caught up in buying a older model because it's old. This whole vintage craze is not only 99% internet BS, but people are now buying guitars that are somewhat old that are mediocre or outright junk. I've been playing and owning tons of guitars since about 1970 and today they are making them far better than even 20 years ago. Look at the post i made a while back where i posted a shot of the P90 LP special i recently got. I'm not easy to please, trust me on this. I'm a tone hound to a sick degree, and i am not easily pleased. That guitar i posted a pic of is the first gibson i hav
  12. Odd....i wonder what they mean by "Traditional Weight Relief". I know weight relieved is when they chamber them, but "traditional"? I mean, generally that would mean the way they did it back in the day, but they never DID that back in the day AFAIK. So why TRADITIONAL?
  13. Thanks. Yeah, i know about the hawk line. I have a epi nighthawk custom reissue thats basically a copy of one of the gibson models in that series. I was quite enamored at first but eventually i felt that fender scale length and bridge on such a light guitar thats a gibson style build just doesn't quite work right to me. Getting the special REALLY made me realize just how much that was the case so i'm selling it. A friend has the blues hawk he bought in the early 90's. Neither of us like it but he keeps it because he figures it's b worth something one day. I dunno. The special is really just th
  14. So you are a NightHawk fanatic? ...I thought you'd said you buy and get rid of Gibsons because you always end up preferring your Fenders?


  15. I've been a dedicated fender guy for decades and every gibson or gibson style guitar i buy always gets sold quick and i just cannot bond with them. Then this changed that to a degree i never would have imagined. It's all i wanna play now.
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