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  1. Thanks Red! I've been lurking in the shadows for a few days waiting for this year's Christmas song from you! Well done! Merry Christmas to all!
  2. Greatness Buc!!! Thank you for the Sunday Smile! Bill
  3. Are you still going to attempt to salvage the other case with the ozonator?
  4. An old fave! The scores are in: Creativity - A Technical Execution - A Artistic Merit - A Great job Sal!!
  5. Yeah what E-minor7 said! That is an interesting prospect to me too.
  6. Yep. There's merit to just about any guitar, even Taylors! I feel bad when people bash any of them because the important thing is that someone gets the guitar they like and then PLAY it!!
  7. Its sometimes entertaining to watch folks duke it out over subjects like brand or tone. If only one brand was best or tone was an absolute then we would all know what guitar to buy. Keith's comments about putting fresh strings on their gibsons resonates with me. I am fortunate to be able to have a small collection of a couple of various brand guitars. Love them all for their own special characteristics but I have noticed that while I prefer Gibson strings on my Gibsons they tend to decay fast. Add to that my observation that, at least with my gibsons, they seem to be more sensitive to d
  8. Outstanding!!!! I have your Youtube channel bookmarked and visit it often. Thank you for posting your music. Bill
  9. Sell a few guitars, find a cure for GAS and organize my practice sessions some.
  10. Hi Smurf. I own a Sparrow. Check out my posts earlier in this thread. Its a great guitar. I don't think Gibson is making them at the moment. My daughter took my AJ and the Sparrow into her custody over the last year or so. She borrows one and then somehow it doesn't return! That's Ok with me as long as she is playing it! Merry Christmas to all on the forum. I enjoy lurking about, reading and learning from Y'all!
  11. WOW! Gorgeous and unique! I bet she sounds amazing!!
  12. Greatness Red! That had me smiling all the way through it! Thanks and Merry Christmas to you and all on the forum!!
  13. I don't humidify my electrics. They are solid body and the body wood is painted so not very reactive to humidity that i've noticed. Would be good to know though if others have had problems.
  14. I used them last year in all my acoustics. It was so dry here last winter I had to keep an eye on them daily. Probably filled them a couple times per week. All things considered I liked them. When the guitar is in the case with the lid closed I also included a damp sponge in a baggie which was placed under the neck.
  15. I think I understand the ping you are talking about. The high E on my D41 had a strange metallic ping or plink sorta sound that really stood out when playing the string open. Fretted there was no plink. I changed strings and brand of strings several times and it didn't go away. The constant was 12s. I took it to my luthier and he suspected the nut. We put the high E from a pack of 13s and the plink went away. He made a new nut cut for 12s and now the 12s are fine. No more plink/ping. May not be your problem but I am happy again with my D41!
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