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  1. https://www.4shared.com/video/OpBQsSETfi/20181006_192030.html and https://www.4shared.com/video/eZXiJDMbfi/20181006_192824.html
  2. What was lat year Gibson used rosewood on the fretboard instead of whatever is all used currently?
  3. What was lat year Gibson used rosewood on the fretboard instead of whatever is all used currently?
  4. Thats not the 550c. The 550c has block inlays on the fretboard and a coil tap switch. I have an ebony colored 550c from 1979. Made in ajapan. I am not sure on what they are valued at.
  5. Ihave the steinberger spirit deluxe and since new the tuners operate very poorly. They are difficult to turn and are very hard to turn. Is there a simple solution to remedy this so they operate better, more smoothly? Thanks
  6. Most people look older as they get older. Glad not everyone gives up and stops doing their thing claiming they are too old to do it.
  7. FIrst was the rumor from Jim Breuer that Brian Johnson was kicked to the curb,yadda yadda yadda. Truth came out Breuer put his foot in his mouth Now this rumor and it too will be debunked in time. Don't believe everything you read. Bands like AC/DC ,who keep private seem to be targeted by gossip and rumor spreading idiots as of lately
  8. I saw them in Chicago. Show was awesome. I wish I could see them again.
  9. I own a couple Gibson Les Pauls and I don't own an Epi Les Paul but I was just wondering if Epiphone Les Pauls have the bodies weight relieved like Gibsons or if they are solid wood or what the deal is in that regards with them? I always hear so much debate and discussions about Gibsons and the weight relieved vs non weight relieved but never came across any discussions regarding the Epiphone brand Les Pausl and if they are weight relieved or not and if so if they use same methods as Gibson. Anyone know at all?
  10. Whats with that? Do people think I said or did something wrong or bad? I have no clue.

  11. Have you made any adjustments on your truss rod yet at all? Just curious if your truss rod turned easily and freely? The truss rod won't turn on my 339 I just got couple days ago. I may have to return the guitar. Wish I could free it up and turn it because I love everything else on this particular guitar alot
  12. Just received my brand new epi 339 pro today.Had all that except the 10 foot cable
  13. So on guitar center website they list an epiphone 335 pro and the old epiphone dot. I know the more expensive 335 pro has upgraded pickups but is there anything else that is different between the 335 pro and the dot besides the pickups?
  14. Did Studios at one time come with binding on the front of the body?
  15. As it came new/stock and after I did a little customizing .Can't see that I also replaced the bridge pickup to 57 classic plus
  16. Its one of those things.I'm sure some people would like its tone from these pickups,I'm just particular with what I want it to sound like.I never had anyone else look at it at all.I'm sure they are working as they are supposed to.I'm one of those guys that doesn't really like to take guitars in to have a tech mess with it.I somewhat don't trust them and I'm certain they won't treat it like I would myself.Alot of techs too don't really know much,at least where I am from.Last time I talked to a tech on the phone about pickups for a different guitar with 498t I wanted to replace,the tech told me the 498t is a ceramic pickup.I knew then and there I am wasting my time talking to him.Had a few other eperiences too ,similiar stuff ,talking with techs.I'm sure there are good ones out there as well,I just don't want to take the chance with one. Thats why I like to learn as much as I can ,posting alot on forums.There again,I need to realize I have no clue as to the knowledge the other party has with guitars,so I like to get alot of opinions and see if they all kind of lead me to a certain direction.
  17. Thats probably why I didn't get any results while trying it.
  18. You appear to be one of thise D*ckheads that like to be an a** and start sh*t for no apparent reason. I'm asking everyone else but you Otton from Equador=;
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