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  1. https://www.4shared.com/video/OpBQsSETfi/20181006_192030.html and https://www.4shared.com/video/eZXiJDMbfi/20181006_192824.html
  2. What was lat year Gibson used rosewood on the fretboard instead of whatever is all used currently?
  3. What was lat year Gibson used rosewood on the fretboard instead of whatever is all used currently?
  4. Thats not the 550c. The 550c has block inlays on the fretboard and a coil tap switch. I have an ebony colored 550c from 1979. Made in ajapan. I am not sure on what they are valued at.
  5. Ihave the steinberger spirit deluxe and since new the tuners operate very poorly. They are difficult to turn and are very hard to turn. Is there a simple solution to remedy this so they operate better, more smoothly? Thanks
  6. Most people look older as they get older. Glad not everyone gives up and stops doing their thing claiming they are too old to do it.
  7. FIrst was the rumor from Jim Breuer that Brian Johnson was kicked to the curb,yadda yadda yadda. Truth came out Breuer put his foot in his mouth Now this rumor and it too will be debunked in time. Don't believe everything you read. Bands like AC/DC ,who keep private seem to be targeted by gossip and rumor spreading idiots as of lately
  8. I saw them in Chicago. Show was awesome. I wish I could see them again.
  9. Really looks sharp either way. No right or wrong but if I was pressed to choose one or the other I might first try it a while with it on
  10. http://www.acdc.com/tour This is what I was waiting for!
  11. This will bring a new meaning to the guitar player who is know as a "shredder"
  12. My preferences in tone from most favored to least were A,C, B in last place.
  13. I have a 2013 Firebird that I bought brand new back then and I love it. I didn't know what I'd think of the Steinberg tuners at first but I like them too. Awsome guitar. I think I play it probably more than my Les Pauls or Sg's actually. I wish I could find a video of how they are made . I am interested in how they make the necks. There seem to be numerous videos on all other Gibson models but never come across a Firebird in the making.
  14. Anyone hear anything on this or more info on it? Any links with details? http://www.stageco.com/reference/acdc-rock-or-bust-world-tour-/576
  15. Anyone hear anything on this or more info on it? Any links with details? http://www.stageco.com/reference/acdc-rock-or-bust-world-tour-/576
  16. Nearly finished ,just needs a clear coat and some finishing touches/tweaks yet. Decided on this over a Hercules stand with the plastic parts that can fail and leave guitar falling to floor. Didn't want that so built this over the weekend. http://www.4shared.c...a/P1010158.html http://www.4shared.c...e/P1010157.html http://www.4shared.c...e/P1010156.html http://www.4shared.c...a/P1010155.html http://www.4shared.c...e/P1010154.html http://www.4shared.c...a/P1010153.html http://www.4shared.c...a/P1010152.html http://www.4shared.c...a/P1010151.html http://www.4shared.c...e/P1010150.html http://www.4shared.c...a/P1010149.html http://www.4shared.c...a/P1010148.html http://www.4shared.c...a/P1010147.html http://www.4shared.c...e/P1010146.html http://www.4shared.c...e/P1010145.html http://www.4shared.c...e/P1010144.html http://www.4shared.c...e/P1010143.html http://www.4shared.com/download/V34hnDB7ba/P1010181.JPG?sbsr=39927ee22749cde6641b60d4e3c223cc6c9ca940de0deb26&lgfp=3000 http://www.4shared.com/download/2AGcglQzba/P1010180.JPG?sbsr=922fceb063259841835dd5967e6f35c1278f5b552f769e74&lgfp=3000 http://www.4shared.com/download/AXNY9iw3ce/P1010179.JPG?sbsr=b3696071d4a194f27a1d4ad7f37b21152dc1669ec221641a&lgfp=3000 http://www.4shared.com/download/B5I3VB3Jba/P1010178.JPG?sbsr=89cd83c93a41828394fd461a5d3ce31d771abf9fe5d66473&lgfp=3000 http://www.4shared.com/download/-vifgXQ5ba/P1010177.JPG?sbsr=f1d13232597a9b62e5202711f6e9dc3212b365f2ce5987ab&lgfp=3000 http://www.4shared.com/download/75akpd8Bba/P1010176.JPG?sbsr=64845b8a96816f9a076fa478b23a1280780b146b2a7b5455&lgfp=3000 http://www.4shared.com/download/YwcFMtHHba/P1010175.JPG?sbsr=ed74ac469bd4784a51a10bf6074f07702b1df726ddd06019&lgfp=3000 http://www.4shared.com/download/JYTHD6rpba/P1010174.JPG?sbsr=4b897496ef65ec4296eba7b4ea1cc5ce39389a8704787d56&lgfp=3000 http://www.4shared.com/download/3VPbC5j_ba/P1010173.JPG?sbsr=13029eb9df61a457e79785591740dcef68100a380bf84ade&lgfp=3000 http://www.4shared.com/download/1N_n6-Swba/P1010172.JPG?sbsr=20d0e4599884a7c6793d6b5a1c0964526a5eee0c510f4664&lgfp=3000 http://www.4shared.com/download/fka4dJ3yce/P1010171.JPG?sbsr=155713cd462832f1f39de906cf7034fd2779eca2c76edb82&lgfp=3000 http://www.4shared.com/download/NxeuhG-Pce/P1010170.JPG?sbsr=490b523a4f276dab4e6ee62654d4ddb51746a3665a35846b&lgfp=3000 http://www.4shared.com/download/JWBU-fLhba/P1010169.JPG?sbsr=10ea947797714f0fb83bd7185bb99ec57eedef919e67fb70&lgfp=3000 http://www.4shared.com/download/E8H2HlxGba/P1010168.JPG?sbsr=27023ec45f2de763a9a7bbba7c20299c6bf34acba580039d&lgfp=3000 http://www.4shared.com/download/iy_24ohwce/P1010167.JPG?sbsr=2bbade48ecbdef33251b6de29fa3b90823dc4a6e78305832&lgfp=3000 http://www.4shared.com/download/NJ6ZQDMcba/P1010166.JPG?sbsr=fd661164d805beb73a629a61179031e67a97bb2ee88002c2&lgfp=3000 http://www.4shared.com/download/NKkgRb7cba/P1010165.JPG?sbsr=02ec8203a28b597aabd98989947850db4e141547b6936dfb&lgfp=3000
  17. An addict isn't so bad. I'd rather be called and addict than to be called a ****.
  18. I'm just curious why some member list "my gear list" with anywhere from 10 to 50-60 different pieces of gear under each of their messages they post? Not ridiculing or complaining about them, just don't understand what that's for and wondering? Is that for people that frequently trade stuff or something?
  19. redo 2nd chance last chance last call another go replay pete,repete &repeaters refurbish new2u back4mo revised revamp the makeovers take 2 refresh rerun reform rehash echo ditto the knock offs the upgrades the sound squad the tone clones the tone tribe the electrified ensemble of doom
  20. Must be a hit or miss thing. Couple years ago I ordered new epi 339 pro and it had a truss rod issue. I sent it in and it was replaced with a new one and that one had no issues. If you get one with no issues they are nice guitars. Just check it over thoroughly when you get it.
  21. I've actually been contemplating lately going from 10's to 9's. I use Ernie Ball 10's on all my guitars except my Gretsch double jet which is set up for 12's. A week ago I needed to change strings on my Gibson Les Paul Trad pro 2. It had 10's on it . I decided to put on a set of daddario 9's I had from long ago and wow, what a difference in playability Bends so much easier,less finger fatigue. And I am thinking tone may even be better due to better control I seem to have and bends and vibrato seem to come across with a better tone, like I say I think is because of beter control . I am thinking of going to 9's on all of them when I use the bulk packs up of 10's I have stocked up. Billy Gibbons uses real light gauge , I think 7's. BB King used light gauge. Tony Iommi obviously does. I saw Billy Gibbons interview just other day and he was saying he looked into it and found many of the blues player of long ago who people assumed used heavy strings actually used thin ones. I am thinking the bigger is better theory may not apply to guitar strings so much and may actually be more true the other way around
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