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  1. We have joined the club in Oz - We now officially have Swine Flu. It has dominated my life for the past week' date=' because of the work I do.


    Just wondering if any of you folk have been affected.


    The media have gone beserk here, but I think we are just about through the worst of the panic stage here.


    How is it in your country? Do you know anyone who has it?




    I don't know anyone that has or had it. I work in a correctional institution,around many germs,no one has it there either

  2. I'm ditching some old gear and I'm kind of caught in a dilemma.

    Which one is the keeper.

    Charvel #4 .



    Peavey Vandenberg Signature.



    Both play and sound great. Just different.



    Sounds like it doesn't really matter to you.I'd just flip a coin.

    But if you want my input,I asked my magic 8 ball and it recommended selling the Charvel

  3. The SG's versatility is underrated.


    I agree.i always hear so many stating the strat is the most versatile guitar out there.i don't agree with that statement.The strat,in my opinion,doesn't pull of the humbucking sound/tone like a Gibson.I have a humbucker in the bridge of my strat and it doesn't come close to the sound of a gibson and to me,sounds like a strat no matter what you do with it

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