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  1. Everyone basically does,but many have a sound they look up to and becomes a mix in their sound.
  2. Thats kinda cool.When I was younger I had little more respect for the Nuge.The Nuge was pretty cool in his younger days
  3. The wider neck I would think would be something to get used to
  4. Awsome photos.Its cool to see it that way,truss rod,different layers of wood,etc.very cool.What a thick ,beefy chunck of wood a lp is
  5. Hey ,thats a well made post.Very good info in there. thanks
  6. I'd probably get a good amount of people who would disagree with me on this but I believe many of the best guitar players are those who just are somewhat a natural.People who pick it up by ear and can play with such feeling and groove without really knowing any music theory or scales.When it comes down to it ,music is just something which sounds pleasing to your ears,makes you tap your foot and sing along.There are very good players who are very technical and very good players who know little to nothing as far as scales or reading music.I tend to believe in most cases those who have it in their hearts,who pick it up by ear and have incredible rythym and melody,but no nothing of music theory,are among the best players out there.
  7. which ones do we have to pick from?
  8. Its something with my computer ,constantly keeps causing the area I am typing to jump into previously typed sentences.I thought I had it corrected and solved,but must just have been in remission.
  9. My computer keyboard is again doing that thing where in middle of typing it will on its own jump in the middle of a prvious sentence .I go back and correct it,start typing agin,and it does it again,over and over.I thought I had it solved with a setting of my mouse,but it latley started to do it again.It becomes very annoying and I can't find out what causes it.Sometimes it gets so frustrating to constantly have to correct the errors it causes that I some of the typos remain.
  10. Thanks for that. Good memories. Awsome album that was. That dude can make some pleasing sounds on that guitar
  11. I've seen a few you tube videos of a guy jamming on one.Before that I have never heard of them.They appear to be well made,nice sounding ,and quality crafted guitar.I am betting they are expensive though as well.
  12. Nope,not you,the moderators. The way in which they don't treat people there equally naturally causes alot of tension between some of the ones they treat well vs the ones they do not.I don't think they even know they do it.They just have poor moderators,who are not fair and have very poor management skills.That place is the ideal example a forum being too heavily moderated.I go to a handful of forums,and none of them are run that poor. The Gibson forum doesn't need any more moderators.The last thing I'd want to have in here is that feeling of walking on eggshells.
  13. Homz get my vote 2nd choice would be Murph
  14. Fear us ,no.I don't want my kids to be afraid of me.I want them to feel they can come to me with anything. They should fear doing wrong,but should not fear me
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