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  1. Has anyone here do that fender amp test drive to get the free t -shirt?
  2. What am I missing? They still seem pricey to me when I look them up at various musical supply stores.
  3. I know this may sound easier than it really is to do,but if you can hold back from replying to post from such a person,he/she will probably not be mentally stimulated enough to continue the trolling.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkxphrmB22Q
  5. cool.What did you use to record it?
  6. I will trade you this for a masterbilt acoustic or other decent acoustic guitar http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2154/1902420027_e2e818faca_o.jpg
  7. Epi masterbilts.They are pretty cheap on ebay if you want to take that risk otherwise not much more new
  8. I think it electronic technological advancement in general, not only cell phones that get people to behave this way.Look at all the crap that occurs on a computer everyday.All the spam,all the nonsense joke emails,sex offenses,etc.We all did fine before that too,now we send emails to the point where the us postal service is hurting for funds.
  9. Overall I'd say no,but some things with Gibson or some models sure are highly over rated and bragged over,ie,all the Reissue LP's,R this,R that,and all those historics.I guess they have there place,but they are or appear to be veiwed as something more than they really are.
  10. I have an opinion,but I know from experience that these political post always end up getting ugly,as will this one.The debating could go on and on.It just escalates
  11. I had a good amount of record albums,8 track tapes,cassette tape, but I have since got rid of them . they don't mean anything to me to keep them and technology with sound systemss have improved so much I don't look back.
  12. What was used in the bridge position of an sg standard before switching to the 498t and what year was the change? Thanks
  13. overdrive,sometimes clean.Don't care for distortion
  14. Just play it thru a nice quality tube amp.Maybe replace the bridge pickup.Other than that its fine stock
  15. Is there a website which does a good job at describing the different body sizes of acoustics,ie concert,grand concert,auditorium,etc? Mine is a concert sized but I'm curious whats the difference between that and some of these others?
  16. Its pretty much just a money making gimic
  17. I wonder if I should boil my 498t pickups for a better sound? =D>/ I like the sound of new strings.
  18. I'm puzzled that you are puzzled. what is confusing?
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