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  1. I agree fully. The staff the Guitar Centers near me are ALWAYS bottom of the barrel for knowledge, being helpful, and really pretty much lack any and every quality you would expect from a sales employee at a place like this. This seems to be all across the board with Guitar Center, from rookie employee to store manager. They all are this way at the Guitar Centers near me, every time I am there. I can't really even put into words the disgust feeling I get from the staff in those stores. When people tell stories about these stores, they are really not exaggerating or talking them down to any degree of inaccuracy.
  2. I own a couple Gibson Les Pauls and I don't own an Epi Les Paul but I was just wondering if Epiphone Les Pauls have the bodies weight relieved like Gibsons or if they are solid wood or what the deal is in that regards with them? I always hear so much debate and discussions about Gibsons and the weight relieved vs non weight relieved but never came across any discussions regarding the Epiphone brand Les Pausl and if they are weight relieved or not and if so if they use same methods as Gibson. Anyone know at all?
  3. I'm a Gibson guy but I do have the Epi ES 339 and I like it quite a bit. Give one a try,
  4. I see now it says its made by tkl. So far no word from Martin other than an auto reply.
  5. Last night after work I got my Acoustic out. I got it last XMas Eve as a gift from my wife. Its a Martin Custom D. Its a real nice guitar and came with a Martin hardshell case. I store the guitar in the case whenever I am not playing it. So last night after work I get it out,open the case, start taking the guitar out from the case and I notice on the right side upper bout of the guitar has a small little black colored goo which was kind of sticky and gummy. I was able to carefully remove the goo from my guitar using a wet cloth. I then looked in the guitar case where this part of the guitar would set against and the that area of the case is odd. After looking more closely I am thinking this black goo must be some type of glue used under the foam in the guitar case which oozed thru the foam and got onto the guitar. Further inspection inside the case I found a few other small areas that were similar. I plan to contact Martin about this and see what they say but was wondering if anyone here has ever experienced this ? Anyone have a MArtin hardshell case and have this occur ? WHo actually manufactures the cases for Martin?
  6. They were on Austin city limits or ne of those programs on pbs tv channel while back. I was impressed as well and this is really not even my type of genre. It got me out to buy their cd. Its just something fresh and real sounding. It comes from a real place ,not one of those try to impress bands by selling themselves out.
  7. http://www.guitarfetish.com/Humbucker-Sized-Guitar-Pickups_c_26.html
  8. Anyone have any thoughts on the Martin Custom D. Appears to be a Martin all wood guitar mahagony back and side and spruce top made especially for guitar center /musicians friend. Some people who are MArtin fans say it is not a real MArtin while others say its just a Martin without the bling. I am considering one but can't find a store near me with one so I might see if they can get one in for me but before I do I am trying to learn as much as possible about it . Is there anything with it or the way its constructed that is going to not give hat Martin tone or is it just basically a d15 with satin finish?
  9. I have both,in Epiphone brand,but I have the 335 and the 339. The 339 to me is much more comfortable to play for longer periods due to its size. The 335 does have more of a woody,open,hollow body type sound than the 339 does. it is present in the 339 ,but much more in your face with the 335. Both are great guitars,even the Epiphone models. I think the hollow and semi hollow Epiphones are some top notch guitars and a real bargain for the $.
  10. I honestly cannot think of one concert I have attened where people actually sat during the show,especially the headlining act,seats or no seats.With mybad back I wish it wasn't the case but it comes to point where if I wanna see the band I have tostand because everyone in front of me is. Maybe its people emotions taking over or maybe its the alcohol kicking in but as soon as a popular band starts playing a familiar song everyone seems to stand up. You can't tell or expect everyone in front of you to sit down and if you want to see you need to stand so it ends up being what it is. like I say,as I get older and still like to see the band and my back hurts the longer I stand,I reallywish people would stay seated, but never once that I can recall ,has people stayed seated.
  11. Thats the last thing I have heard too that came from a source within the band
  12. I don't know the credibility of this story as it may or may not be the case but I find it offensive that a "Biographer " would print info such as this. If this is true and is the case it is info that should come from the band,not some guy titled a biographer. If this guy really wants Malcolm to be left alone and treated with respect he wouldn't be printing info that should be coming from the band themselves. I will wait to hear an official word from the band as far as this goes. No offense to original poster. I very much am interested in knowing what is going on and wish the best for Malcolm and the rest of the band but a biographer not expecting Malcolm to return is nothing more than hearsay as far as I am concerned.
  13. I suppose you are less likely to by pass or overlook his ads when he puts that stuff in there. I personally would feel a bit more nervous buying from a guy like this though. I am all business when I am doing business. I don't want distractions or anything to take away from the item I am considering buying. I want all attention on the transaction and details of it and I expect the seller to be of the same mindset
  14. Is there only one control knob? Is that just a volume and no tone adjustments? Never played one of those . I will pick an Epi if I come across a deal on it but other than that I don't go much to the lesser known guitars and names,tends to be reason they are inexpensive
  15. I understand where you at completely. Sorry hear. The bond with an animal is often stronger than you'd think and there is for sure a sense of loss. Sorry.
  16. They also work well for helping you fall asleep for those who like a light background sound with a tempo
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