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  1. If they can't contribute to playing the blues it might give you the blues which would ultimatley aid in playing the blues in the future as you would have a reference to pull from.
  2. pistachio or almond or what we talkin here?
  3. Anyone get the May issue of the Musicians friend catalog? In the section towards the front where it has Gibsons,in the Les Paul section,it shows a Gibson Les Paul model which ,in the photo shows the guitar with f holes.In the write up description it doesn't mention it and it also does not state it is a semi or hollow body guitar. I tried to look it up and find it on the online musicans friend catalog and on Gibson website but cannot find it there. Anyone know what this is? Is it a semi hollow Les Paul shape guitar or is it a solid bodt Les Paul with painted on f holes for design? I know painted on f holes for design would be strange in my opinion but who knows with Henry.
  4. I agree. gary is a great guitar player and plays with alot of taste and pumps out some nice tone. I am interested in when and where this was that he played with REO? Last I knew they weren't speaking and there was also a lame video on you tube with Gary playing in some Illinois bar with some bar band and it didn't make him come across as he usually plays. Gary still looks like he isn't too good of shape physically but I am very glad to see him on stage with his guitar jamming. Guys that can play like that shouldn't give it up. I never was a fan of kevin Cronin but I wold loe to see Gary back in with REO and play some tours while they are still able
  5. Your seeing this from where exactly?
  6. I agree. Epi semi hollows were always something to work with and with the pickup improvements they really sepped things up. I have an Epi Dot which I got prior to the pickup improvements. Its a really nice guitar but I swapped out the pickups and it really came to life. I still should sitch out the pickup selctor switch on that one yet. Then in December of 2012 I got a new Epi 339 pro and that thing was ready to go right out of the box. Pickups were great. Left em in. Still like them and no plans to swap em out. I like the single coil tapping aas well. Its one very versitle guitar and really great deal for the money I think. I sincerely think Epi really has something with there semi hollows they make/sell. THey are a great deal for getting a great guitar for very reasonable price and I think they are Epiphones best thing they have going right now. Riffer. You won't regret getting that Epi. If you do, I'll eat my shorts.
  7. I hate to break it to ya stu-bud,bud that there Firebird is not a girl. I can tell because I can see that thang has balls. Nice group of guitars there you got lounging on the sofa. Get them off there lazy keesters and put them to work using their wires that vibrate and make some music
  8. The Mustang is just a larger beginners amp IMHO
  9. No.Not full bore metal tones. Classic rock tones-AC/DC,GNR,Nugent,Sabbath,old aerosmith,old def leppard,bad company,scorps,etc I can't get anything authentic sounding.
  10. I have a 2013 bird. I like the pickups . They have the humbucker sound but are a little bit more honky sounding ,like a fender or p90. I don't think they are too hot sounding at all. I do get a little ringing sound from them though that can be heard with the amp volume up and the pickup volume up higher. I don't know how to describe it. I never heard it before on any other of my guitars. it doesn't sound like typical feedback sound or not a buzz or hum,but kind of a ring. It doesn't bother me though and doesn't interfere with anything. It can be heard like I say with the volumes up higher when I am not playing it or plucking or strumming. Other wise the pickups seem quite capable or doing what a regular humbucker does but they also can sound a little honky like a fender tele or p90. Not single coil sounding though,just that honky type tone with the humbucker snarl at the same time if that makes any sense.
  11. I got a 2013 model in December for xmas and I just love it. The only issue I am still sifting out is the tuners seem to slip out of tune,but it must be something I did because it seemed ok before I changed the strings. I still can't see anything I did wrong though,so not figured out yet. But once I get that figured out,that thing is awesome.
  12. I have a new Fender Mustang 3. Not hugely impressed with it. I can get a couple mediocre tones but nothing outstanding or nothing tube like. I got a little while yet for the 30 day return at guitar center should I go that route and wondering if anyone has any expeince with the peavey valveking 112 or the 212? I can get one of either of those used for not too much if I was to return the mustang. I need to learn more on the peavey valveking 112 and 212. Is there anything with either of these 2 amps that is notorious for? Do they obtain nice classic rock tones? Any known issues with them or any known qualities they have to be praised? I need to decide between the stang or something like a valveking. The stang does more different sounds I am thinking due to the modeling but not a lot of good tones so would I be better going to a valveking or is that a piece of crap and mustang is better?
  13. I could beef on it little more but I get nervous if I do that I will all of a sudden hear a snap and find out I just broke one. How much cranking can those things really take. I would think you aren't suppose to have to crank on them that much,they would probably break .
  14. It seemed like if I was to tighten any more I was afraid I'd snap it off. Its got to be something though because it seemed to hold tune better with the original strings before I put new ones on. I really thought I did a good job putting them on but somethings not working well
  15. Anyone else have a guitar with Steinberger tuners on it ? Do it hold in tune well or slip out often? I have a 2013 Gibson firebird. It has the Steinberger tuners and the strings it came with when I got it new seemed to hold in tune fairly well but I changed the strings ,a while back already now and they seem to be going out of tune often. As far as I can tell I did everything just as I am supposed to when I put the new strings on and it just seems to not hold tune long at all. I put Ernie ball 10's on it. Anyone else have this guitar or tuners like this and how are they for you?
  16. Well i ordered and received the mustang 3 ,version 2 from guitar center. It arrived last night. I tinkered with some of the prests last night and tonight afer work some again. I have off tomorrow so I will get more in depth then. I have 30 days to decide if I will keep the amp. So far ,not far into it but not really sure what I think. It gets kinda loud,but seems to lose its sound before going too far. It sems to have decent low end and the speaker seems decent. The tones,this is where I am undecided. I definatley don't get tube tones at all. It sounds like what it is,simulated stuff. But not to say I am slamming it all the way here.I will give it a run and a chance. But I will right off the get go say it does not have tube like tone. SOme stuff sounds ok and some better than others. Some sounds like dung. No way it owuld pass for tube sound in my opinion. My wife even commented that it sounds fake. She likes my bugera v5 sound better ,lol I like that it can give a wide array of sounds. We'll have to see which of those can be of use. Now for the headache of trying to figure out how to operate its functions without enrolling in a tech class to get there.lol I'll update as I go. GIve the honest opinion as I go. So far-undecided.
  17. Man,its a brain yanker. The fender seems ok for the mellow stuff but kinda falls short the metal area. The Peavey plows the fender over in the metal area and not sure how it is with the mellow stuff as just like there is not much out there for metal on the stang there is not much out there for mellow stuff with the peavey in you tube land. So far nothing is really jumping at me like its a must have or a great amp.
  18. One last question on this mustang amp. How well does it do metal tones. I don't play that stuff no wheres as much as the classic rock or blues stuff but if I get a modeling amp I kinda would like it to give me the options there too. I know peavey vypyr videos demonstrate a lot of metal tones but not finding much on the stang for that. Ones I do find seem to be all the same metal tone. Is this amp pretty limited with metal tones or anyone know a good video which demonstrates whatit can do there?
  19. The journey is not over yet. I am still not a whole lot closer at figuring out what I am going to do with this purchase.Rome wasn't built in a day as some say. I guess if were built by me there might be a tent erected by now.
  20. I still am giving it a chance. Not for gigging but for playing with at home,recording and stuff. Yea,your right,I am just in the sorting out phase. My mind isn't really set on what I am going to get. I already have amps right now. I am not starting out fresh,just adding to my armory. This will not be my main amp. It will just be another one.
  21. Some people don't have much patience and for all that presets and programming and whatever else is all involved with computer amps. We just like to play. I ain't gone and give up yet but I don't find much enjoyment spending a lot of time adjusting an amp. I just like to play it. If its overly complicated ,its not for me. I guess the technology is in a constant advancement so maybe it will keep improving. But even though modeling stuff is getting better and better sounding,it still sounds like modeling stuff no matter how much time is spent tweaking on it. I am sure the main parts on the mustang amp isn't something that couldn't be figured out if I would have it in my house where I would sit and mess with it for a while ,but new to it and trying to dial stuff in at a guitar store gets overwhelming some. I was trying 3 mustang amps out for an hour and I still only could do very minimal adjusting anything to where I sort of knew what I was doing. oNl the other hand ,I might purchase a modeling amp and totally hate it because more time is spent dialing it in then playing it, don't really know yet I guess. That's the road I am on right now and going down. At this point,who knows how things will go. I guess we'll see. I'm not going to fell pressured to need to change to modeling technology though if I decide I don't care for it. We'll see I guess.
  22. I just don't know.maybe I should just buy a smallest vypyr and smallest mustang and drive myself and everyone around fookin nuts
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