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  1. How is it that company like Epiphone makes a guitar with binding and all the bells and whistles for little money compared to Gibson makes guitar of similiar type for so much more?I am not defending epiphone,I don't really care for epis,I have one and played many,but how is it they put binding and all the so called time consuming procedures to their guitars and the price doesn't sky rocket,where Gibson states that the guitars which have binding,etc are labor intensive and because of this the prices must go up?
  2. The thing that is confusing with all this vintage vs newer made stuff is,if vintage was built and made so superior,why does the company change the way its made frm the way it was in the vintage years? IF stuff was so much better back then,why did they change it and also why don't they then go back to the way it was done then with all their models?
  3. The Angus Young pickup came today already.I installed it and played on it already.I at first thought there was not alot of difference from my 498t pickup which was in there stock,but the more I have been testing it,the more I notice there really is.There is so much more control with it now simply by using the volume/tone knobs.Didn't have that much control with the 498t.I think there is touch of vintage vibe in it and similiar in output as the 498t,just more usable tone.I am guess that the 57 classic may have been probably little too mellow for what I want out of this guitar.I am content now I think.Time will tell as I keep jamming away on it.
  4. I think they are kinda ugly,and if it were for looksI'd probably not have one.SustainThroaty heavy thick tone
  5. guitar_randy

    My LP

    Was playing my SG today and was thinking it was sounding nice,then plugged my Les Paul in and holy shnikey's,powerhouse it is
  6. The only negative thing I really can say about the 61 reissue is the way the neck joint is constructed to the guitar body.I just feel its little too weak.I like the standard.I am however contemplating ,swapping the 498t bridge pickup in my standard to the 57 classic.I don't think the 498t is poor or bad sounding,just may favor the tone of the 57 classic to it,still undecided
  7. I hope it is nothing more than a rumor personally.Both guitars have certain different features which come people like certain one,and don't like certain other ones,Why would they want to guess at what people most want and make just one model sg rather than keep both the standard and the 61RI,and if they still wish they could always make their hybrid sg in addtion to the models currently made.I'd be sad to see the standard or 61 go to be honest
  8. I've heard rumors floating around that Gibsson plans to do away with both the sg standard and the 61 reissue and to combine different characteristics from both to make a new model.
  9. How close in tone are the 490t pickups compared to the 57 classics.It states they are similiar.How similiar?Is there a distinct difference or would there be a big tone change swapping the 490t for a 57 classic?
  10. No,but its a bery noticeable differene.The stuff is awsome and does do as they claim.I had cloudy areas building up on my sg standard and my les paul studio.No other polishes would clear it up.The virtuoso cleaner and polish worked immediatley,and you only need to use small amount.I think its great stuff.You will not be dissapointed with it if you try it
  11. guitar_randy


    Anyone know of a link that has a video showing the different sounds of the different Gibson pickups.I'd like to hear the difference in comparison to the 498t,490t,57 classics,and burstbuckers. So far,all the videos I came across seemed like the 57's and burstbuckers have little to no bottom end.Alot of highs or very much treble,but no range.It could be the amp,recording,don't know,but it has my curiosity up now.
  12. I was told that there isn't a huge difference between the 498t and the classic 57's and probably not worth switching. Are they fairly similiar,just the 498t little hotter?
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