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  1. Hi.

    I am looking into changing out all the electronics in my epiphone dot.

    When it comes to the pickups,I would like something similiar to gibson classic 57's.

    I am looking into aftermarket or copy pickups of the paf style as an option due to the lower cost.If anyone has any links which has sound clips/samples of a gibson or epiphone guitar with paf copy style humbucking pickups played through a tube amp with no other effects such as chorus,flanger,delay,etc,just guitar straight into amp sound,could you please pass them along as I would like to hear the different sounds these different pickups give.

    I am looking into dimarzio pafs,gfs pickups,wilkinsons pickups or other which is based off the paf type sound.


  2. Thanks all.Its weird.I did very little to cahse tone set up wise before recording this one.Its just my Giggy SG standard recorded for the rythym and lead parts,run into my digitech rp100 ,set at texas bluse,and run straight into my pa system.Recorded with mic at pa speaker into my fostex digital multi tracker.For the bass,I used my epiphone eb-o into a fender rumble 100 amp,recorded thru the line out directly into multi tracker.For the drums I just used the drum maching in the rp100.The drums are the hardest part to get to turn out well actually.

  3. The reason they say not to use it on faded/satin guitars is that it will make them shiny. If that's what you're trying to do' date=' then it's no problem. But if you're some poor sucker who just wants to clean up his used satin finish Highway 1 Strat, you're going to wind up with a nice shiny Fender.


    Their warning should be "don't use them on faded finishes if you [i']want[/i] to keep them faded".




    I'd like to see photos of the faded after using the polish if/when you get them


  4. What do guys think of putting Virtuoso polish/cleaner on a LP Faded? I saw some pics on other sites and they look pretty sweet.


    The stuff is great.I tried everything to clean a cloudy area I kept getting on my gibsons where my forearm rests over the guitar body.Nothing helped.Then,I bought the virtuoso cleaner and polish,and it took it right off and cleaned it up beautiful.Doesn't take much of the polish to do it either so a bottle will last real long time.Get some.I garantee you will approve of theresults

  5. On my SG Standard as I was putting new strings on today I noticed the nut which holds the tuner to the headstock are lose on all the tuners.Lose enough to be turned by hand.How lose /tight are these nuts supposed to be?Would a lose nut on the tuners cause the tuners to slip out of tune or is the only purpose for that is to secure the tuner to the headstock and doesn't affect the tuner staying in tune?

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