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  1. I have no doubt it will not be gibson quality,but hoping I can live with it until I can find a good price on or afford a gibson 335 or 339.
  2. faded?They recommend not using it on faded models
  3. The stuff is great.I tried everything to clean a cloudy area I kept getting on my gibsons where my forearm rests over the guitar body.Nothing helped.Then,I bought the virtuoso cleaner and polish,and it took it right off and cleaned it up beautiful.Doesn't take much of the polish to do it either so a bottle will last real long time.Get some.I garantee you will approve of theresults
  4. guitars should be fine.I wouldn't suggest hanging people by their neck tho.
  5. I was just wondering how a blind guy can be looking for anything?
  6. guitar_randy


    On my SG Standard as I was putting new strings on today I noticed the nut which holds the tuner to the headstock are lose on all the tuners.Lose enough to be turned by hand.How lose /tight are these nuts supposed to be?Would a lose nut on the tuners cause the tuners to slip out of tune or is the only purpose for that is to secure the tuner to the headstock and doesn't affect the tuner staying in tune?
  7. Money how much of a slice does slash get?
  8. guitar_randy

    epi dot?

    I really want a Gibson 335 or the 339,but not enough $ for a while so I am looking to try an epi dot until I can afford the actual Gibson.Any of you own both the epi dot and the Gibson 335?If so,is it trremendous difference between the 2?I am used to Gibsons as thats what I use.I have a les paul and 2 sg's
  9. Heres a recording I made today with my Gibson SG Standard http://soundclick.com/share?songid=6157714
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