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  1. I sent in my faulty es 339 and last night I received my new 339 and the truss rod does turn and work on this guitar. It doesn 't have any broken knobs. The finish is ok,not as nice as the first one but acceptable for the price paid I guess.THis one had actual checked off points from the inspection process .I don't recall seeing that paperwork with the first guitar I received. I guess itt may have been there but I don't remember seeing it. I played it some last night and it played as nice as the first one. The first one may have been slightly better in the woods resonance and the finish was little nicer on the first one but possibly might just be the way it is with Epi's?,kinda rolling he dice if you get one thats alot better than others or alot worse than others. I'll look things over more thoroughly today.

  2. Got that about 10 years ago or so. Super nice resonator. No longer produced.





    I like the decorative designs on it. Etching or whatever it is called.Looks cool.


    How does the Rogue play?


    It has alot of pretty decent reviews.


    I was leary about it at first but it has alot of good reviews and there are a few you tube videos of it and it sounds nice on those too.


    I own a Rogue mandolin which was also very inexpensive ,and although I am no professional mandolin player by any means,I like that too.


    Rogue is an interesting company,at least to me. There stuff is usually always inexpensive compared to other brands of similiar type items and I really never hear much bad of them.


    I am sure there is better out there,but for the money you can't really lose. If I really get into playing the resonator alot and my playing it takes off,I may look for a more higher build guitar but then again,maybe the Rogue will do just fine too. I always loved the sound of a resonator playing blues.just raw and primitive and goes perfect for blues,deltablues type stuff.


    Everyone feel free to rate my post here a green reputation#-o

  3. http://4henry.gibson.com/index.php?/forum/3-talk-to-henry-j/



    Does anyone visit or activley participate in the above talk to henry j forum?


    I haven't been there in a while but when I recently purchased a new Epiphone and had some issues and some questions I stopped there and posted a question.That question worked and was posted .I never did receive a reply from Henry or anyone and now I am unable to post anything there. I don't know if I violated something in error or if it just isn't working. I don't think I did anything wrong. I notice that there is another recent post asking where henry is and why he doesn't visi the site so I guess I am wondering whats up with that website? Is it still active? Does Henry not participate in discussions there any longer? Does the site work for you ,can you post there?

  4. Congratulations! I ordered a blond one a couple of days ago and can't wait for it to arrive. In my old age, I have a Dot, but have wanted the smaller-bodied version for awhile. HNY!


    I am back to without one for now. I am sending it out tomorrow and supposedly they are sending me a different one out tomorrow as well. The truss rod issue turned out to be reason to exchange it.I have a dot also and also went for the smaller sized 339. I still have my dot for now and with any luck should get a working 339 within the next week.

  5. I received a beautiful Ultra-339 in Cherry on Christmas morning. It had everything except the 10' practice cable. Love the guitar. Wish it came with everything it was supposed to.



    Have you made any adjustments on your truss rod yet at all?

    Just curious if your truss rod turned easily and freely?

    The truss rod won't turn on my 339 I just got couple days ago.

    I may have to return the guitar.

    Wish I could free it up and turn it because I love everything else on this particular guitar alot

  6. So I got my Epiphone 339 couple days back. Other than a broken plastic tone knob its great with only one other issue-"The truss rod will not turn at all."

    I put on a new set of strings and went thru the guitar and no other issues exist. I really like the pickups. I like the way it feels,plays,everything about it,except the fact that I cannot turn the truss rod. It actually is ok for now but I know at some point I will need to make an adjustment and that truss rod will need to turn in order to do it.I did try a little penetrating oil on the nut overnight to see if maybe some clear coat or something got on there and was keeping it seized up but it didn't help one bit.

    With it being he holidays now I will have o wait a couple days until I can talk to someone about what happens next.Its a shame.I really like this guitar in all areas if only the truss rod would turn. If I exchange it I hope the next one is equal to this one in other areas.Also hate to be without it for a couple weeks after playing it for a bit.


    Situation just kinda sucks right now and I'll have to wait few days to see even how it will be resolved. What I am wondering now is,"What would cause a truss rod to not turn on a brand new guitar and how common is it?"

  7. Received my new cherry red Epi 339 today. Looks awsome. I like the pickups which is a first for me for a modern day epi.I also like the single coil taps and the way the neck feels. It has a nice sound. Its a nice guitar overall. It needs to be set up .It haas some fret buzz. Measured the relief and truss rod needs to be loosened 1/4 turn and see if it does it. Took off the truss rod cover and put the allen wrench in there and the truss rod is so tight I am afraid to try and turn it. I had this before with an epi. Last time I think it was teporarily seized from being little gummed up from something during the manufacturing process,maybe polishing compound,sawdust or something. Last time I very carefully put some penetrating oil directly on the truss rod nut ,left the guitar stand upright overnight while it loosened and it turned easily the next morning .I am going to try that method this time again hoping that does it. Only other issue I could find was also small but shouldn't have occurredvery nice looking and playing guitar. either. That is a chipped/broken tone knob. I figure i will try and directly email gibson/epiphone and explain it and see if they will just send me a new on for it.

    Otherwise so far I reall enjoy it. I think its a very nice looking and playing guitar. Sounds great. No pickup mods or anything needed. good to go stock as it is.I like that they put neck binding on it and the tuning keys seem nicer as well than the chrome grovers. The quality assurance should have caught the small issues but its not the end of the world. I hope the truss rod turns easily tomorrow morining. They reeally ought to do something to be certain this doesn't happen though in my opinion. Its a little irrtating .They must kind of rush through steps in some areas so they overlook a few things.

    Overall I think its a real nice guitar for the $


    i just found out also today that my wife suprised me and ordered a resonator for me too.Its on backorder,due in early February. Its an inexpensive Rogue ,but it gets good reviews and I always wanted one. THere are you tube videos of it and it sounds decent


  8. I can recall whe nI got my Dot,the E sticker was peeling or lifting up a bit on its won.I tried to hold it back down a couple times with some common paper glue stick glue. Worked for a short time but the E was stubborn and lifted up again. I pulled it all the way off,cleaned any of the glue residue of the pickguard with a small amount of rubbing alcohol and q tip and its been off since. The guitar plays the same with the E on or off. I still have the E,its just not on the Dot.

    The pickups: I found them a bit muddy.They weren't horrible but I knew i could get it more to my liking with little effort and money.I was correct. I swapped the stock pickups for a set of GFS vintage 59 pickups from guitarfetish.com. THey have that paf type tone I wanted and are no longer muddy sounding to me. To each his own on all of it. Its all about what YOU like.

  9. Randy...


    Yeah... and sometimes I probably should use a bit more punctuation on those compound, complex sentences - at minimum to make parsing them a bit simpler.


    I think that's another "thing" about forums and how we're not "face to face."


    I'll bet a nickel that you'd have caught on easily if we were sitting together having coffee or some other libation.





    Probably correct there. Alot of clarity is lost by a written message and I think often times things are misunderstood or assumptions made which are not perceived the way the poster intended.

  10. Pippy... Actually it's written in American English.


    I have to write 2-3,000 words a day for a general audience assumed to have a roughly sixth grade reading ability. When I have the opportunity to write for what one hopes is a more literate audience, I do so.


    Do I talk that way all the time? Only among those who have the capacity to understand it. Frankly it's far more concise and expressive among those who "get it."


    Around a cattle branding fire my spoken grammar is simplified, but the vocabulary switches into a professional jargon that's far more difficult for city folks than a "foreign" language. In other venues, it depends.


    At our Saturday "family Christmas," yes, I speak that way. In fact, "we" speak that way. The adults included a railroad conductor, a civil engineer, a retired cop, a military/medical stores clerk now a stay-at-home mommy, an institutional cook, a grocery store clerk, a former nurse/journalist and a journalist.


    Allusions... at times even on a guitar board such as this, some of us may make the unwarranted assumption that certain things are "known" when they are not. Such writing adds flavors to discussion not otherwise possible - but ain't going to catch the attention of some folks.


    For what it's worth, I have two "mottos" framed over my work desk. One is in Latin and Greek, one in early Italian. The only person who pretty well "got" them is an old cowboy friend nearly my own age. And when I say cowboy, I mean literally hat, boots and spurs used daily on horseback when he ain't in town. The Italian one is especially famous, and is a thought I suggest should be read by today's generation of younger journalists: Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate.


    <huge grin>





    Its just not what I am accustomed to i guess and I find myself reading it over a few times before it starts to sink in.

  11. Please, please don't take this wrong because to me, BB is THE blues picker of the post WWII era.


    But as has been alluded to, he also was getting into picking in an era of great change of how guitar itself was perceived as a "lead" instrument as well as rhythm and rhythm-lead.


    What he plays is magical as technique and concepts of the era and of previous music and concepts also washed through his head.


    But I think it's also an error to see any musician as deriving their technique as though they had been in a musical vacuum until bursting fully-formed in a given style.


    That's true, to me at least, whether discussing Segovia, BB or Chet or anybody younger.









    Do you walk around talking like that or just write like that?


    I had to read that 3 -4 times to understand what you are saying and I still don't really know if I understand it



    Don't take this wrong.Not meant as any type of disrespect,just confused

  12. Some excellent info over there, the personalities of a lot of members keeps me from visiting often. I've heard they've cleaned out a few of the bad ones though so maybe I'll check it out some more.


    Its funny you say that. I actually used to not like it there much and not go there much but it seems they have been weeding out and banning the trouble makers and trolls and I have been noticing a difference for the better.

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