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  1. Did you tell her she rolls like a groupie?
  2. usually just through a micro cube,so not too loud.But I do play my old vinatge Marshall 1987X at near full volume in my basement from time to time.Its loud in the house,but outside it is not too loud actually.
  3. I've been interested in the 339 since it was first introduced.I figured it was a temporary gas pain,but its still there.I may go for one of those next myself.
  4. If installed correctly they should stay secure to the wall.just like anything else mounted to the wall,ei,mirrors,clocks,decor.
  5. case will no doubt offer better protection .keeping them out of a case is pretty much a convenience thing and you need to pay attention to things ,such as where the guitar will be,are little kids around who could be horseplaying and damage it or how huimid is it,how much sunlight gets exposed to it,etc. I use mine alot and have most of them out in the open in my living room,hanging on the wall with string swing guitar hangers.I dust them and clean them regularily.I also use them frequently.If I am going to be gone for a while or people coming over ,I will take them down and put them in their cases.I have a rack made that the cases rest on horizontally. Cases are no doubt best protection,but if you trust those around you and keep eye on things ,its nice to have them readily available and in the open kind of.
  6. These fans appear to be very happy to meet Heaven And hell Sabbath!
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHlopjHepEw&feature=related
  8. Reading the description of the movie Salt it almost sounds like a porn flick. http://www.marcustheatres.com/Movie/MovieDetail/63413/
  9. Gibson Les Paul Standard epiphone Les Paul Standard Notice the Gibson Logo on The Gibson guitar and the epiphone Logo on the Epiphone guitar.You can also distinguish other physical differences by comparing the photos if you look closely. Some people,when selling their used Epiphone will list it as a Gibson Epiphone Les Paul. Its just a way to mess with the buyers head and use th gibson name to make the guitar sound more valuable than it is to people like yourself,who may not be too familiar with them or know the difference. epiphone is owned by Gibson buy is not the same guitar.An epiphone which is not altered in any way will have the Epiphone logo on the headstock(top of the guitar) and is the easiest way for you to identify it.Same with Gibson.Some people do tey and alster guitars of either Epiphone or other brands to make them appear as if they were an actual Gibson,to sell them for more,often times in places such as craigslist or ebay,so if this is a concern,you should either post the phoo of the guitar here,so people can help you determine if it is authentic ,or send a photo to gibson customer service by going on the Gibson.com website and getting the email address. More info on both guitars can also be found at places such as guitarcenter.com,gibson.com,musiciansfriend.com. Good luck and hope it works out for you.
  10. I haven't been too active on any forums lately as I try to have an actual life now and then,but I just discovered the new forum where you can communicate directly to the CEO Henry.I was looking to register there but the registration seemed real invasive to me and I also didn't see it state anyplace that they keep your info private. Anyone join that forum and start receiving alot of spam emails or telemarketing phone calls soon thereafter?
  11. This is definately an off topic thread here but I am guessing someone here probably is knowledgeable with this. Looking into a wool coat like Dillinger wore.I am finding alot of coats with different wool content.Some are 100% wool content,some are 80% wool/20%polyester,or radon or other manmade fiber.First off,I ewas assuming that 100% wool or higher percentage of wool would be superior,but I may be wrong.By looking at prices ,I can't tell whats more of a demand as they go high and low for 1005 wool as well as for a blend.Coat I am looking at is 65% wool and remainder poly and rayon I think. Anyone here know about wool vs wool blends ,whats superior and why and reasons,I'd be interested in being informed and would appreciate any input.I have tried google and other searches and was unable to find the info I seek.
  12. I don't care for anything with Ozzy.I like the old Black sabbath music from when he was in it,if it weren't for his whiney voice.If only Dio would have been in with Sabbath back then
  13. Not a huge fan ,but don't hate his stuff.If it comes on the radio I might leave the station on.lol Music is music.as far as a skilled guitar player with great chops and memorable riffs,Neil Young doesn't come to my mind,but as far as his songs, and how the parts fit in with the song,it seems to work out.I guess you just have to like that type of style,which is unique indeed.
  14. How dare a company advertise to promote sales! What kind of crazy concept is that?
  15. It doesn't do anything for me really
  16. I've looked into it before and lots of people told me to use old rugs.They didn't work well at all.
  17. I think people can post a reply or an opinion,even if not in favor or in agreement with the original post,and keep it tactful and respectful if they try.Its ok to disagree and have an opinion,but their thoughts could be conveyed without dissing the others posts,opinions,etc
  18. I guess it came out actually in 2009,but its my favorite newer metal album out there now: The devil you know by heaven and hell
  19. Mine hang on the wall as their home. I take off the hnagers and play them ,which is much more convienent than when they are cased.Looks nice on the wall as well. I have one off the wall right now as i am using it,but come sundown I will hang it by its neck.
  20. I just purchased the heaven and hell live at the radio city music hall dvd and watched it last night.I am also an Iommi fan,always have been.I am not much for Ozzy or ozzy's vocals,but the music Iommi made on his own,with others and with Dio is all great stuff.
  21. Hard to say whats really going on in this case.I've seen both types of situations.i've seen women being treated as she describes,and also I've seen woman playing it up. pretty much who is telling the truth and who is lying.
  22. They have some tunes i don't mind,mainly their older stuff.Some of it really went poppy and kinda felt like they were selling out,like dude looks like a lady,cryin,ragdoll
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