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  1. the entire list is nothing I would agree with. Prince????
  2. To me the recording quality is not done well enough to tell much of anything
  3. so does anyone know how Gibson has been doing latley?I while back there was alot of posts regarding Gibson's CEO and how Gibson was not doing well.Its been quiet latley.any updates on that?
  4. My strat is the guitar I pick up the least.It might be months sometimes between use.I bought it thinking it would grow on me,but it so far really hasn't.I probably should sell mine too,but some reason it looks nice on my wall.
  5. I tried the computer thing and I don't like it at all.I do admit that there is alot of stuff on it I can't figure out,but thats another one of my gripes with it.I like to plug in ,turn the volume up,and le,t it rip.all the time and fiddling around with all that computer settings and all just take away from the playing time.And in the end,there is no comparison of simulated,immitated,modeling sound file bites to the real deal.
  6. If you are capable of moving a 55 gallon tank of water filled i wouldn't mess with you
  7. my wife bought a new 55 gallon fish aquarium and stand and is trying to decide where to set it up in the house.anyone else have one ?Does anything need to be done to make the floor more braced or is a 55 gallon tank not anything to worry about with the weight?Would I need to put a support post under it in the basement?I have a ranch house with normal flooring.
  8. The Guitar center near me would have better help if they were to recruit the workers from wal-mart. cocky teenagers with little knowledge and big attitudes
  9. Some of Hendrix stuff did sound like noise to me.some was pretty good.I do feel he is over rated,over discussed,and not worthy of paying so much attention to.His time has come and gone.Deserves his place in history books but on to new things.
  10. Just curious as to what others feel about this subject.I am recently trying one and am curious if others feel the same.
  11. I wouldn't sweat getting the boot over there.You don't need to look hard to find a better forum than that one in my opinion.
  12. I'm still waiting for Wisconsin to catch up to the rest and allow to carry protection.I don't want to ever have to use a gun on another,but I'd feel better knowing I'm protected the best I can be and I'd like to see the crime drop if that would happen due to allowing us to protect ourselves.
  13. I agree with you all.Another weird thing,or at least in the area in which I live,is,the old albums,High N Dry ,etc,are rarely found in any music stores .Some reason ,the older stuff must not sell as much as the poppy stuff so they don't stock it.I needed to re purchase High N Dry couple years back because my original was damaged.Was not easy to find
  14. Dogs have the life. I'd like to be a dog for a day and see what their life is like. I like dogs more than most humans.
  15. If I didn't have a nice amp,I'd definately look into that one
  16. pickguard on mon wed,and fri pickguard off tues,thurs,sat on sunday,half day on,half day off that will about cover it
  17. Thats one thing I am usually pretty good at,but I have my off days.Some days I just can't seem to tune or play for anything.I'm thinking everyone gets those?Some days i just play better than others.Sometimes I can't get my 2 hands coordinated and sometimes I can't get my brain and my hands to get on the same page.
  18. What is a Fender Starcaster?Is that something new Fender recently put out or has it been around a while.I saw a couple for sale in a pawn shop the other day and I never have seen or heard of it before.
  19. I just watched it last night.It was a well put together movie.Sort of made you feel like you were there.Followed a group of soldiers . http://thehurtlocker-movie.com/
  20. I don't care for that type of scfi movie.I am not planning on seeing it.my kids dragged me to see district 9 and I could hardly sit through it.I like more action movies or military type movies. The Hurt locker is a good one if you get the chance to see it.
  21. So much of the newer stuff now days is like fingernails on a chalk board to me.I don't know if thats a sign of getting old or for some reason,todays music for the most part cookie cutter,sams's choice stuff
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